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DIY speaker kits...what do you recommend?  

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I want to build my own speakers, both to save money and for the satisfaction factor. However, for simplicity, I think I'd like to go with a DIY kit for now. Building enclosures is not a problem, as my brother-in-law is a great woodworker with any tools necessary and a nice shop.

I've had my eyes on GR-Research stuff for some time now, so I'd like thoughts on those, but also I'd like to hear what other kits you'd recommend at different price points. The GR-Research A/V-2 or A/V-3 kits would be in the $350 range. Recommendations above, below, and within that range? http://www.gr-research.com/

Maybe buying individual parts and going off of plans online isn't any more complex?

At any rate...I would ultimately like to build a complete 5.1 or 7.1 setup (not sure yet if I'd build a sub or buy - is building a sub easier than speakers?), which would be used 70/30 TV/DVD. My music listening would be limited.

I want to end up with high quality speakers that will last a good many years.

Thanks a lot for any advice.
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Many price levels and high quality. Give the site a read!
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This is what I just ordered. Servo powered subs go alot lower and are alot flatter than other subs in the same price range. With useable output to 10HZ

Kits from ~$350-450, can either be sealed or vented. But vented enclosures sacrifice some lower end sound but you gain SPL.

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This is a great forum.I am in the process of building three for my LCR.

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Selahaudio.com. Really nice stuff.
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