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myhd has been operating well for several years but within last 2 months a problem has crept in. At record time I get error message; RenderAviFile Could not add audio compressor. I must have changed something in my system that has affected myhd but have no idea where to look. Anyone have an idea on this?
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I reinstalled MyHD and that cleared up this problem.
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Can someone please tell me why MyHD is the only HD tv tuner card that allows one to manually pause a recording and thereby edit out commercials? This feature should be on all tuners because it saves precious hard drive space by omitting commercials, and leaves you with a recording that can be archived without commercials. I don't get it?
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Originally Posted by a8vdeluxe View Post

Can someone please tell me why MyHD is the only HD tv tuner card that allows one to manually pause a recording and thereby edit out commercials? This feature should be on all tuners because it saves precious hard drive space by omitting commercials, and leaves you with a recording that can be archived without commercials. I don't get it?

I've done that just a very few times -- but I have since moved on to stripping commecials out of the captured .tp files (smashed together to one .ts file) automatically with VideoReDo. The resulting program stream .mpg file is half the size of the original captured transport stream file, yet no recoding is done -- the result is still Mpeg2 video and AC3 audio.
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Bob, I know nothing about editing after the fact. How long does it typically take to edit out commercials, how reliable is it, and are there any freeware alternatives? Your software is good if you are watching program after recorded, but does not allow on-the-fly editing while watching?

Still no explanation as to why this is the only tv card that allows live editing. VHS had this feature, (pause/record/pause/record/etc.) and that was stone age technology. Why don't current TV tuners perform this basic function?
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Uh...because it is a stone-age technique?

If you'd use this thread the way it's intended--to find answers to FAQ--you'd know that H2M is a freeware alternative for making commercial-free copies of recordings after the fact. It has a scanning function to detect 4:3 segments in 16:9 recordings, which decreases the time needed to set up such edits, and its actual processing time is a few minutes/hr of file (depending on your PC's speed).

Now, could you two please take this discussion to the MDP-130 thread where Post #1 of this thread says it belongs?
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I just bought a mdp-130 and am trying to get everything to work. This thread has been a great help. I started on a minimal computer, running both win-98 and win-xp. It was too minimal so I moved to a Gateway computer with plenty of power. I am running XP, a fresh install with SP3. I have turned OFF the firewall. The one constant in all my trials is I cannot get the remote to work. Nothing. Even if I go into the Irc-Config and try getting it to learn from another remote, still nothing. Does anybody have an idea of what might be wrong or do you think the receiver was just DOA? If it is DOA, anybody have any experience in how responsive the company is in responding to such problems? What is the best email address to contact them with, the sales@mitinc.co.kr address?
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C'mon youse guize. Please, please don't muddy up this sticky FAQ thread with dialog! Take it to the proper MDP-130 discussion thread.

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I am new to the HDPC thing but have done a great deal of reading, and have recently purchased a MyHD 120 card and daughter card (on e-bay auction). Like the rookie that I am I also purchased a MyHD cable (digital connection), but failed to get an install disk. Anyone have a suggestion for getting an install disk for the 120 and daughter cards or a place I can visit ?
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Did you try reading the initial post of this FAQ thread??? You made two errors in posting your question here: 1, It's answered already in the FAQ (Item A.2). 2, New questions don't belong here in this thread!
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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction on both fronts...Sorry, I honesty thought I had read all the FAQ's on both the MyHD 120 and 130 cards, and the 120 and 130 but must have missed the post about obtaining an install CD software. (I did see stuff about drivers but thought it was only part of the picture)..will go to place cited now...

Again, many thanks for the pointer and I regret negative impact from my question and its improper placement to any forum participants / administrators.
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Originally Posted by sengsational View Post

A few MyHD users have returned after a few days away from their PC's to find that for some unexplainable reasons, MyHD hit a rough patch, and quit doing all scheduled recording. In order to decrease the chances of going multiple days in some kind of funk, you could have a daily scheduled machine restart, or like I'm going to try, just restart MyHD and MyIRC on a scheduled basis.

At this point, consider this solution "alpha" level, because I just wrote this batch file tonight, and only unit tested it. For XP, don't schedule it to run under a second account; it won't work, and test it using a program icon (not from the command line).

What it does: If MyHD is up, it does NOT do anything to MyHD. If MyHD is not up, it starts it and stops it (with a kill). After that, if it finds MyIRC, it kills it and then starts it.

@echo off
echo looking for running MyHD >> automation.log
for /f "tokens=1" %%a in ('tlist.exe ^| find /i "MyHD.exe"') do set pid=%%a 

if not "%pid%"=="" GOTO ALREADYRUNNING

echo pid was blank [%pid%], so we can start and stop MyHD without harm.
echo Attempting to start MyHD >> automation.log
start "MyHD Start Stop" /D"c:\\program files\\MyHD\\" MyHD.exe
echo wait 30 seconds
ping -n 30>nul
for /f "tokens=1" %%b in ('tlist.exe ^| find /i "MyHD.exe"') do set pidb=%%b
kill.exe %pidb%
echo kill performed on MyHD pid %pidb% after momentarily running >> automation.log


echo Do nothing since it's already running on %pid% >> automation.log

echo Attempting restart of MyIRC >> automation.log
for /f "tokens=1" %%c in ('tlist.exe ^| find /i "MyIRC.exe"') do set pidc=%%c 
kill.exe %pidc%
start "MyIRC" /D"c:\\program files\\MyHD\\" MyIRC.exe
echo Restart of MyIRC completed. >> automation.log
I think "tlist.exe" and "kill.exe" came from the NT resource kit. If you dig around, you might find them out there somewhere.

Possible Improvement: This kills MyHD, so it doesn't get a chance to do it's writing to the registry as it closes. One of the things I noticed when my machine gets into a funk is that the past scheduled items (the ones it missed) remain in the registry. I'm hoping just starting MyHD will be enough to clear them, but I'm not sure when those missed schedules get fixed. So if I could figure out how to ask MyHD to end itself, rather than a kill, that would be optimal. I'll come back and edit this entry once I have more experience with it.


Edit: I just came back to my system after 2 weeks unattended...I didn't have a single missing show! YMMV.

How can I make this work in win xp. I am using windows schedualar to run the batch file which is in my documents. tlist and kill is also in my documents. myhd starts but not shut back down. Ang
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Question: Where can I get the latest drivers?

Latest version is
1.66.1 has been the latest official driver set for quite a while. There have been spot fixes since then scattered around. On 2/24/2010 MIT released, a final rollup driver set, which can be conveniently installed on top of 1.66.1 to bring you up to date.

See announcement from TPeterson for instructions and notes.


Digital Connection has done an excellent job supporting MyHD MDP-130 cards. They also have an archive of drivers posted on their website, along with release notes:


History of driver updates
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Ive taken the MyHD keyboard shortcuts list and spruced it up a little and attached it as a PDF file. Below is a graphic that represents the attached PDF file.


MyHD_Hot-Key.pdf 82.7353515625k . file
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I'm unable to download MyHD App Drv Update driver. The link here in the metafaq is to the MIT Korean site and when I click the save icon (3.5" floppy disk graphic) next to the text, nothing happens. Digital Connection evidently is not hosting the driver. Is it anywhere else?
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If you send me your email address, I will send you the file.
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Please continue your discussion on the main MyHD thread per the bolded instructions in the first post, link provided.

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I have enjoyed my HD TV card for years but now I had to move to a Comcast Digital box. I had been putting the CATV cable directing into the MY HD card. Now the CATV cable goes into the Comcast "box". I have also attached three cables, red, white and yellow. I called Comcast and the recording says it will be 40 to 60 minutes. Am I doing this correctly? Thank you.
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Just a post to try and keep this thread around.


It may not be sufficient, how can we ensure that it's contents are not lost?



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