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No Sub Woof Sound  

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All of my speakers check out except my sub-woofer. No sound from it and the test tones do not sound. I took the speaker to a Circuit City and they tested it for me and it was good. Bought a new cable but still no sound. That leaves just the amp, right? Any suggestions or repair ideas?? Love this new forum.
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can u hook it up to the computer and see if it plays test tones?

im guessing u have an AV reciever.. did u make sure to tell it that u have a sub attached in the menus? i know in mine i can choose LFE-->LFE L+R-->None .

make sure the reciever knows its attached.

is the sub power switch set to auto/on/off?
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I don't have the same settings but I did check and my settings are as follows:

LFE -10 (range 0 to -20)
SW - Yes/No (yes is on)
SW +6 (range 0 to +6)
Effect +10

The amp is a Sony with optical & coax sound inputs for Dolby , 5.1 & DTS.

Everything seems to check out.

UPDATE: It was the amplifier. The SW circuit is out. It was preceded by a loud hum which I thought was a grounding problem at first but when I would move it....the hum would go away. A technician says it will cost $179 to fix but Circuit City had a sale on a better model of Sony for $189......so a no-brainer. Set it up and everything works fine.
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