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Another curious poster here.

Brockoli, you mentioned you had BOC before the screen. How would you describe the difference?
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No pics yet?
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I'm looking for experineces of CRT Owners, and some screen shots if anyone has any
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just to let you know, I did receive the screen but I'm still waiting for my ae900u. The screen same nicely packed (double boxed) and the quality seems very good especially for the price. Didn't noticed any hot spots, but don't have projector yet so can't tell what effect will be. The screen is quiet and rolles smoothly. Remote control and control panel are very nice. Can post some pics right know but I wanted to wait for projector first. If you guys have to see it now then let me know.

BTW, this is my first 16:9 screen and it seems very wide to me. I got the 120' version and from 13feet and seems okay size wise. What I'm trying to say is IF YOU HAVE FLEXIBLE PROJECOTR (X2 zoom, lens shift etc.) THEN BUY THE BIGGEST SCREEN YOU CAN GET!. 120 is the maximum I could fit in my room but if I could I would go bigger. Before I used 4:3 and that's probably why this screen seems small/medium to me.

For the price so far I would recommend it; however, wait a little so I see how it will sctively perform.

Best Regards
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Screenshots! Anyone got some
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Lets' see some feedback on the performance levels!!!
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No news on this product??
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Hey, I got my screen yesterday. (92" Fixed White Screen) I assembled the screen and I just need to fix the screen on the wall. I will do that tonight . I will have some screenshots soon.

The only thing I can comment for now is:

*Screen quality seem to be good for the 5 minute of test that I did.
*Package is good
*The installation is a bit tricky.
*Frame is not heavy.

I tried to follow the instruction, 1 page with 4 pictures, not very well explained. Finally, I followed a mix of the instruction with my sense . It took 1/2 hour to assembled the screen.

The frame is in alluminium painted and it is very thick. The only problem is it easy to scratch it, so make sure you dont scratch the frame with your screw driver or something else. But for the price so far it's a good screen . I will do more test soon. I think for this price it's a good screen for a NON-DIY and want a good screen for the price.

I'll keep you updated.
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Updates? Screenshots?
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I bought the 106" fixed grey to go with with my Sanyo PLV-Z4. I thought I would post my impressions since everyone wants to know.

The assembly instructions are very weak but with a little logic and common sense you can get it done in about an hour. Build quality is decent enough.

If you have a tight space to work with, be warned that the 106" is actually 108.4". I see the web site has since been updated with the real dimmentions.

I have attached a few pictures with just basic calibration on the projector. It looks good but the screen is not quite as invisible as I had hoped.

Overall, it's a good screen for the price, just don't expect it is going to equal a high end screen at this price.
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Anyone buy the White screen for use with a CRT?
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What I'm really interested in is a comparsion of the EluneVision High Def Gray screen and the Optoma Graywolf. Is the EluneVision retroreflective? Are there noticeable sparklies on the gray screen surface? How wide is the viewing angle? Is there a noticeable drop in brightness/contrast for ceiling mounted projectors? Any feedback on these questions appreciated.
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Originally Posted by Tiddler@Home View Post

I received an EluneVision 120" Electric with white material. I plan to post a more detailed review in the next few days but here are a few quick comments. EastPorters took my order on the 28th of June and Purolator tried to deliver it on the 30th (I was not home). EastPorters cost of shipping $50, TigerDirect.ca wanted $389 for shipping a similarly sized screen. What gives?

Rollers is only about 1.5" in diameter. It moves very slowly up and down. I will time it for the detailed review but I'd say about a minute to full retract. No up-down limit adjustment. White material very susceptible to ambient light. The screen has gentle V waves. The edges curl slightly forward. In a darkened white walled room the image quality is good. I am seeing some, what I would call dusty window effect. I think it is the screen I'm seeing. It was hardly noticeable in the darkened room but this afternoon with some ambient light in the room it was quite noticeable. Considering the closest alternative would be more than twice the price I think it is good value for the money. I was using a homemade bungee cord suspended screen made from light grey Sportlight material. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=692101 I liked it better! I will probably keep this screen. I still have some light control mods to make to our living room. If it works out ok great if not it was so cheap I will take a chance on trying to modify it. It's starting to look like there might be some fairly easy solutions to he waves so I'm not too concerned about them. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=686526

Why didn't you get a fixed frame screen?
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Does anyone have any screenshots of this screen's performance in ambient light?

I really like the price point of this screen, especially for a fixed screen.

But, I will be watching sports during the day, and will have some ambient light. According to projector central's calculator, I need a 1.8 gain screen for my setup for ideal viewing.

Will 1.4 be enuf? That seems to be the question. It seems like eastporters has a very good return policy, which is intriguing me to just pull the trigger.

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One more question:

Is this screen material easily cleaned?
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cleaning question?
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Tiddler, I have a question. With those screen shots had you done any room modifications yet or were the walls and ceiling still white?
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Sorry for the late response. To be honest, I found the picture quality of my BOC DIY screen to be about the same as the Elunevision white pulldown. However, my DIY started developing ripples as the cloth sagged a bit after about a week. I will be trying my hand at another DIY screen at some point. I'm happy enough with the Elunevision screen, but I want to see what a grey screen will do for my Panny 900U.


Originally Posted by Duane T View Post

Another curious poster here.

Brockoli, you mentioned you had BOC before the screen. How would you describe the difference?
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I am looking at getting one of these screens, the 92" fixed frame screen fixed with a Infocus sp5000, would you go with the grey or white,l I will have total light control.Thanks
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Originally Posted by tiddler View Post

Here are a couple of shots with and without some ambient light.

Optoma HD72, factory settings, bright mode
EluneVision 120" White Screen

Thanks Tiddler! That's exactly what I was looking for.

How much amient light was that and what kind (i.e. daylight, lamps)?

I'm thinking of going a white 106 in with my Panny 900...
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Originally Posted by Smitty20 View Post

Thanks Tiddler! That's exactly what I was looking for.

How much amient light was that and what kind (i.e. daylight, lamps)?

I'm thinking of going a white 106 in with my Panny 900...

Smitty, how far from your 106" screen will you mount your Panny 900?
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Originally Posted by coolcoach2u View Post

Smitty, how far from your 106" screen will you mount your Panny 900?

It is on a bookshelf, at eye level, with about a 16' throw.
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Originally Posted by Smitty20 View Post

It is on a bookshelf, at eye level, with about a 16' throw.

Thanks Smitty. I am mounting my panny on a stand, which will also be 16 feet from the screen. I can't wait to get My Elune Vision Screen.
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After not getting my DIY screen completed over the past year, I decided to give this Elunevision screen a try. I ordered the 106" gray screen. I expect it in the next day or two and will provide some feedback once I get it set up and running. Hopefully it will be better than the BOC one I'm using now.
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I was planning on picking up the da lite hp screen but I may end up going this route more feedback would be great
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I'm considering an EluneVision fixed frame screen.

Can anybody comment on how the black aluminum handles light absorption? Is there any reflection or is it as effective as black velvet?

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I have an Elune Vision screen and think it is marvelous.
Here are some pics:

First, my old blackout cloth screen, which I will be replacing:

Okay, now onto the Elune Vision screen!


Additional Pieces (Corner clamps, tension clips, screws, Allens wrench):

Closeup view of Tension clips:

Closeup of 1 Tension clip sitting on frame (Yes the frame is aluminum and is black though it is more of a grey-black then a true dark black):

The Instructions sheet:

The screen material:

Corner assembled. That is the mounting bracket you see:

Closeup of frame and parts, those poles in the plastic baggie slip into edge of screen for tension clips to grab onto:
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Assembled on floor:

Assembled leaning against wall:

Assembled and mounted on theater wall:

In action (It's actually way brighter than this in person. I suck at taking in-action shots):

Bottom line. For the price, it's an amazing bargain. Better than my blackout cloth screen due to better blacks (I have the hi-def gray screen). I don't get the dirty window effect. Screen is perfectly taut and the texture never shows up unless the screen is all white (which almost never happens). My Sanyo Z2 lights this baby great. High definition is amazing on it. I was worried that the price would mean "you get what you pay for." I am a very picky person and even my father-in-law came over to see it. He paid over $3K for his Stewart 100 inch screen and said he thought my screen was amazing.

The only downer is the black, painted aluminum doesn't do a great job of light absorption, since it isn't draped in black cloth. This is a non-issue for me as I have my image mapped almost perfectly to end where the screen ends. The screen is a true 16:9 screen. Would I buy again? You better believe it!
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nice pictures,kej2u ! It is an encouragement to me since I am choosing a fixed screen. I like the price of Elunevision screen, now I have some idea about the image quality. jj
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What is the size of your new screen? I have been toying with getting a new "commercial" screen. My first one was a graywolf but a. it was too small (92") and b the texture really got to me so I replaced it with a 100" Bher silverscreen screen painted right on the wall. This is working very well however gain is VERY low and the seating arrangement is not working well for the flow of our living room. I thought about other diy options but I am just not that handy. I am thinking about either the 106" or the 120". I am using a Z3 myself, thats why I am curious as to the size of yours.
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