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My VANTAGE HD has ARRIVED!!!!! - Page 50

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wow, that's awesome. I had the same issue (noisy, then fan completely dead and unit shuts itself off), and they sent a replacement fan, and it runs fine. But if I had your skillz, I would've tried that instead.
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Very nice work Jellico. Congrats

I have also been thinking about changing my noisy fan but unfortunately my unit doesn't have that 12V fan header any more. I only have a 5V header so my choice of fans narrows down considerably.
Lately I've been thinking about using a 12v fan connected to the outside to an AC/DC 12V transformer. Not so elegant I know but would also work. I could even use one of those multi voltage units allowing me to regulate the speed/noise of the fan.

Anyway right now I can't try anything.
Had to send my unit back to Vantage UK because of SDI problems with the latest firmwares. Been waiting for fifteen days already.
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Calibre officially announced the new HDMI 1.3 expansion board for the Vantage It's supposed to be shown at CEDIA.
The board will have two inputs (fully 1.3 compliant) and can be seen here:

Don't know if new input board will make the HDMI output also 1.3 compliant but don't think so.

MSRP is $799 which is a little steep IMHO.
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Just posted a picture of the passive cooler (no fans ) for the new Vantage HD2.

Here is the link: http://www.calibreuk.com/images/hire...ive-cooler.jpg

I wonder if it would be possible to use it on the Vantage I.

Since my unit is at Calibre UK right now, I guess I'll ask them.

After all, heat dissipation should be similar since both units use the same chip.
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please give me a feedback about fanless version for the hd I

im realy disapointet about that, i have my second fan and starts again this horrible noise. thats would be realy great do change in fanless.

i wont pay another one only for the fan and turn off problem since beginning.
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What's the deal with the new Vantage 2? I read through the release document and about the only thing I found improved was 24p support, which I really hope they will add to our Vantages as well...

About the HDMI board - $800 is really really too much. I'd say it would have been ok-ish for 4 inputs, but not 2. Add the fact that the Vantage still won't output 24p and still have no game mode, and I'd much rather put that $800 towards a new HDMI-equipped surround receiver and connect my gaming consoles on that. Hate to sound negative but this is how I feel.

The fanless cooler was pretty funny looking, and (while not being an expert on the subject) it looks pretty inefficient too. However if that one is sufficient, there must be at least some suitable 3rd party heatsinks for graphics card. I'll have a look.
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I opened up the Vantage today to have a peek at the cooler being used. While it may not actually be a standard chipset cooler (found on motherboards on computers), it seems to have the same mounting points. As a test I dug out an old ABITchipset cooler I had lying around - fitted like a charm with no modifications. Now this cooler uses the same size fan as the standard Vantage one and as such it's no improvement.

After 30 minutes with Discovery HD the heatsink gets pretty hot, but I can still hold my fingers on it.

The latest firmware has overheat protection and because of this we're free to try out some fanless designs without any chance of damaging the chip. As I said in my last reply the heatsink in Vantage 2 doesn't seem to be that efficient, most coolers have way more surface area.

The chip measures 27x27mm and the 2 mounting points on the diagonal are 59mm apart. There's also quite a lot of space on the board for a larger heatsink, so I'll try to find one that is readily available and will fit without any modifications.

To be continued...
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From your picture you seem to be using the 5V header connected to the fan.
Be careful with the fan RPMs you get because usually PC fans are set for 12V and if connected to 5V will turn much slower or not at all.

You can see a picture of both 5 and 12V headers here: http://www.calibreuk.com/documents/faninstructions.pdf

Unfortunately my Vantage only has the 5V header.

Nice picture of the Vantage motherboard
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Ah, that's why I had to give it a little push to get it started - I just thought the cooler was past its prime Thanks for the tip. But even with 5V it seems up to the job.

Something like this may work:

I think I'd rather have one made of copper though.
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Jellico and all,

I have now installed a NorthQ 3850A. It's a twin brother of the Zalman VF-700 that Jellico used, so the installation looks the same. However I have opted not to let the fan run.

After 45 minutes with Discovery HD I can still hold my fingertips on the fins, but only just. Ambient temp is 25 degrees C and the top cover is off.

I will continue to let it run this evening and see how things goes. Does anyone know...
a) at what temp such chips will become unstable? 90 degrees C or thereabout?
b) at what temp you no longer can hold your fingertips on something over time?

Btw, installation was a snap. Did not have to fabricate anything.

Calibre is of course welcome to comment on this, although I suspect they will not encourage these modifications...
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Don't know the answers to your questions but apparently the chip has some kind of overheat protection built in.
According to Calibre here is one of the changes they made in the last firmware:
"Overheat shutdown temperatures increased to allow more operating temperature headroom in hot environments."

Anyway I would prefer to use it with fan, if silent.
The Denon 5910 DVD player has the same chip and uses no fan but the top cover has very big openings above the heathsink to let hot air move out.

On the other hand Calibre is now using a fanless solution (Vantage HD2) in the same case with the same chip in it.
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Originally Posted by PedroV View Post

On the other hand Calibre is now using a fanless solution (Vantage HD2) in the same case with the same chip in it.

Yes, and the Zalman/NorthQ heatsink looks much more effective than the one Calibre uses.

We'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed..
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So far so good. I've run the fanless VantageHD for two 4-hour passes chewing HD-content with no issues. The case gets warm but not overly so.

Can't say I miss the noise and rattle

Here's some photos I took before I put the cover back on.
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Can't say I miss the noise and rattle

What a relief it must be

Thanks for the photos.
Very nice and clean work.

You seem to be using screws with stand-offs to fix the cooler to the board.
Did those came included in the cooler package?
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I have an OPPO 970HD (dvd player) ( firmware is Batch: 4A-0111 which is the latest official version )

When I use it with 134D vantage hd firmware, the picture has a lot of noise (green an purple dot) in HDMI (576i).

When I use it with 133C vantage hd firmware, the picture is very good.

Does somebody have the same problem (or an idea to solve it) ?

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Originally Posted by PedroV View Post

You seem to be using screws with stand-offs to fix the cooler to the board.
Did those came included in the cooler package?

Everything was included, although I didn't follow the instructions to the dot. One thing worth mentioning is that the heatsink only covers 99+% of the Realta chip. The 4 corners are poking out a tiny tiny bit. I'm not too concerned, but if you are then the heatsink must be rotated 45 degrees clockwise (relative to the first photo). You will then have to make some mounting adapters.

If you would like to retain the cooling fan for peace of mind I would go for the Zalman version. It uses a better fan. The NorthQ fan in the slowest setting (using the included rheostat) makes a slight floppety-floppety sound.

Long term usage will determine if the mod was successful or not. If Calibre is willing to sell the new passive heatsink then that is a good option.
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Thanks for your explanation.

On a French forum, (link with photo below) there was someone who replaced the cooler but kept using the fan (a better one not the original) moving it to the rear fan opening, blowing the hot air out of the case.

Link: http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/d...d.php?id=40810

The original vs the replacement cooler compaired: http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/d...d.php?id=40808
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Pedro, that replacement heatsink looks very much like the best northbridge passive coolers you can buy. I think it's pretty safe to say that the Zalman/NorthQ outperforms it easily.
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You're right TorAtle, yours looks more efficient.
Heat dissipation area is much bigger.
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hi guys, some days ago I substituted the original fan with a heatsink from Zalman, that's my modded VHD.
I run it for several hours and the VHD never failed. the temperature is quite high but if we compare the heatsink of the new VHD II, surely the Zalman is better.
I can say the the mod is very simple, you must use only precautions in handling the heatsink and in wearing antistatic bracialets.
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Interesting! That's the northbridge heatsink I mentioned earlier in the thread. It weighs <60g while the Zalman/NorthQ VGA cooler is much heavier, around 250g I think.

Let ut know how it goes.
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Back onto the software side of things anyone know why the latest releases no longer have the flexwide option for the various zoom options.

Personally it is a shame they don't have at least two zoom options (one for 16x9 in a 4x3 window and one for 14x9 in a 4x3 window as created by a number of UK broadcasters as a solution/compromise for showing 16x9 material on a 4x3 channel.
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Originally Posted by TorAtle View Post

Interesting! That's the northbridge heatsink I mentioned earlier in the thread. It weighs <60g while the Zalman/NorthQ VGA cooler is much heavier, around 250g I think.

Let ut know how it goes.

yes it is. the contact surface of the realta chip is perfect for the Zalman heatsink and the small adjustable brackets match perfectly the holes on the VHD board. consider the I put the VHD on a shelve that is perimetrally closed and not so much ventilated, at the moment I had no switch off for the Chip overheating.
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I use v134D with 576i HDMI input ( oppo 970hd or pio 490) and I have a lot of issues.

Have you tried v134D with this resolution and what is your feedback please ?

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alex, which kind of issues?
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Originally Posted by sta View Post

alex, which kind of issues?

Hello STA

With oppo 970hd : very bad picture. A lot of noise. Only in hdmi 576i.

With pioneer 490 : picture is good but it is very difficult to set the parameters. For instance MPEG filter can not be deactivated nor set to a value different that default value.

It is really strange because issues depend on dvd player and exist only in 576i HDMI.

With 133C firmware, vantage works fine in all resolution and whatever dvd player.

Thank you.

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I have read some interesting news on the French HT forum (link below):

Apparently there will be some kind of upgrade program for the Vantage HD1 to allow 1080p24.
Unfortunately this upgrade will not be free and the Vantage will have to be returned to the factory.
I think and I'm guessing/hoping here that after the upgrade the Vantage will be turned into a full spec Vantage HD2 without the fan.
The outside case will be maintained.
The SDI and the HDMI add on cards will still work on the HD2 and upgraded HD1 (I'm not guessing here, I asked)
Price for this upgrade is not yet known (most likely by the end of the month), but with shipping both ways and all........

I don't know exactly what they will change at the factory but it appears clear that the HD1 will not be able to output 1080p24 without some kind of hardware mod.
Firmware upgrade alone will not be enough.

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Thanks for the info. I wonder what compontent(s) need replacement.
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Im about to order either the VHD or the VHD2, what are the main differences in the two. And can someone tell me when the VHD2 will be shipping? I need to pull the trigger on one or the other.
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basically the heatsink without fan and the output @24p
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