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A Center Channel Project  

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I was in need of a new center channel speaker and had some time over the holidays to do a little DIY. The cabinet is white oak which works well and makes
for very stable cabs. I took a few liberties with my design while holding to the
specified volume.
The finished product was quite pleasing to both the eye and ear. Plans for this and other projects can be found here ; http://www.partsexpress.com/projects...ure/index.html

speaker pics at : http://community.webshots.com/user/roserbd
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Very nice job indeed!

How long did it take you to complete that project? Kudos on the craftsmanship.
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About 2 weeks on and off , it took longer to get the x-over parts then put the box together.
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What speakers are you using for your mains? Overall, if you had to make this center all over again, would you? What might you do differently?

I'm seriously considering this as well, but I'd like to make the cabinet depth as small as possible.

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I'm currently working out my next set of mains. This speaker is strong enough
and powerful enough to be used as your mains also. I would simply move the
ports to the front or rear panel. You won't be sorry you built this speaker, it isn't
the cheapest out there but you reap the rewards for the buck spent.
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