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Speaker enclosures in kit form  

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I’m curious how many people would be interested in buying speaker cabinets in kit form? I’m sure that many people already have the tools to build their own cabinets and would not be interested. But, I’m also sure there are many people that would like to do their own project without having to own a table saw, a router, and a router jig. I am considering purchasing a CNC router, which would allow me to cut the wood for the cabinet kits to exacting standards. I am a CNC Programmer by trade so this would not be difficult for me. I’m just wondering if there would be a market for the kits. I’m thinking the price would be pretty reasonable. I’m not out to make a fortune, just help offset the cost of the router.
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What do you think?
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Are you talking about 'one size fits all' (2 or 3 different boxes) or 'to spec'? Would you cut holes for the drivers and rebate the holes for recessed drivers? If so, would you be interested in providing only baffles? Are you talking about box kits that would need to be assembled and glued? If so, could you provide biscuts and pre sloted sides?

I for one would be interested.
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I am talking about cutting each box just the way it was designed. Including cutting and rebating the driver openings, cutting the openings for the terminal cups, and ports. I would be interested in selling baffles by themselves, entire boxes ready to assemble, or finished boxes. What ever each person would want. I’m thinking a 1†thick 9†X 20†baffle with 3 rebated cutouts for drivers would cost about $12 + shipping. Biscuts would also be no problem if people would like them. I would also be able to do 1 off’s for anyone designing their own speakers.
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I think several people would be interested. Would you do veneering also ? You probably should look at several of the DIY kits available and design cabinets for them. But better constructed.. ie. look at madisound ..

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Until I take my little "woodworking" class and hone some skills, I'd be interested.
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