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Thanks Smudge981 for posting the TW-3 manual. I have a pr. of 3s on the way. Also own the TW-1A speakers. ~~~ Also a big shoutout to Mr. Jamie Hauser for his insite and vast knowledge of all things DCM. As has been mentioned here, you missed your calling. The 7 and 3 speaker rebuilds/refurbs are totally awesome. My first Hi-End loudspeaker was the original Time Windows back around 1977-78 bought for $750.00 or so. Been into separate componets ever since. Put quality gear on them and they just astound the senses with beautiful music. Thanks All, Window3Time
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Has anyone listened to the series "one" and II in regards to the CX-27. I am wondering if there is a huge difference in sound.

I can grab a pair for $45, and I believe they are series "one".

I have heard good reviews on this speaker and I have hardly heard anyone describe their CX-27s as being series IIs.

Are they both worth getting. Is one series better than the other..and if so is the series "one" worth $45?
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I have never seen a one or two. I have a Cx-31 and that is pretty much the same as the 27, it just looks different.

The series one is worth $45.00 for sure. I would say anything in the DCM line, especially while Steve was involved would be considered a steal at $45.00
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I have never seen a "one" either.

But I saw several posts back (in June) someone claiming they have CX-27 series II, which made me wonder.

I figured 45 was a good deal. I have the kx-12 series II and the original version. People do not seem to be too fond of that line..but I use them when I play my drums and they are great for that...LOUD and CLEAR.

Well I guess I will grab these CX-27s then.

Thanks for helping me make my decision.
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No problem. The 27's are a whole different beast than the kx line. They will be more accurate, better imaging and smaller. They however won't be as loud, or have as much bass.
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That is what I expect. I am looking forward to getting the imaging on these that everyone seems to like so much.

I know there wont be as much bass, but how would you personally describe the low end on these?
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It depends on how you place them. They can be a little boomy at times. Or a little muddy. If you move them away from walls and corners, the bass isnt as loud, but it is tighter and more accurate.
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Ok. Once again, that is pretty much what i expected after reading up on these.

I hope I like them as much as everyone else. I really dont need anymore speakers. I might use these as garage system. I am really just more curious about these than anything...and its a good deal..and I cant pass it up (especially after you reassured me).

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Depends on the quality of your main speakers, they may be far better suited as mains rather than garage speakers.

Quality is always better than quantity!
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True....that will be taken into consideration.
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Just try them out. The better amp you have, the better they will sound too. When you get into the timeframes and time windows they sound even better.
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Originally Posted by Window3Time View Post

Thanks Smudge981 for posting the TW-3 manual. I have a pr. of 3s on the way.

Welcome. Just let me know when you're ready to have me take those TW3s off your hands. Just had a pair slip out of my hands a couple of weeks ago.
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I'm starting to work on building the crossovers for my TW7 clones and I'm short a couple parts. I need two more of the large inductors. Values don't matter nor the length of the core because they will have to be rewound anyway and I can shorten the core if need be. The coil bobbin is approximately 1.25dia. x 1.3 length (see photo). They were mounted off board on some of the TimeFrame series as inductors for the woofers. Also I need two 10 lug terminal strips (see photo). I can purchase after market but I have two already and would like to match the originals. If any of our members here have any of these items and would like to sell them,sent me a PM please.

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Yeah snagged them on ebay, shipping to S.E Michigan about killed me. Arrived safely and sound beautiful in the audio cave. Even more refined than the 1As and those are awesome loudspeakers. Think I"d be affraid to hear the 7s. Yep these are keepers!

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Where are you in S.E. Michigan?
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man I wish I still had my old DCM speakers, was too young and stupid to know what I had
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If anyone is interested and lives near the Floral Park, NY area there are two sets of TimeWindows up for auction, local pick-up only. They list them both as just TimeWindows but the first set are original, but the second set (Item number: 170671936210) are actually the TW Three's. Possibly a good buy if nobody else catches it.
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Originally Posted by DCMlover View Post

Where are you in S.E. Michigan?

I would be interested too, being from S.E. Michigan also.
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Originally Posted by Jamie Hauser View Post
I would be interested too, being from S.E. Michigan also.
Me three. Seems a lot of people from that neck of the woods have an affinty to early DCM speakers.
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Michigan people are always "Michigan Proud" we buy things made in Michigan. That is why I drive a Dodge truck, listen to Kid Rock and Smokey Robinson and eat Traverse City cherries!
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In Redford Twp
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I won't hold that against you. :P
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Jamie been watching your projects and I"m just amazed of your knowledge with DCM, and the quality that you put into your rebuilds/upgrades. People like you, and Smudge, and DCMlover make this site happen.
Does anyone remember VSP-labs ??? Listening to my 3s with a rebuilt TN-200 at present, must be that Ann Arbor sound.
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Right on DCMlover, hear that loud an clear!
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Had friends that lived there growing up. Spent a good amount of time there!

Never heard of VSP labs. Using Rotel gear with my stuff, although I heard B&K mixes real good with DCM. Steve even chose B&K to build amps for some of his subs.
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Toledo...but I partied everywhere between there Ann Arbor, and Detroit. Was just in Novi not too long ago.
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I didn't know people actually lived in Toledo? I thought it was Just the halfway point between home and Cedar Point! ;P
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Hey its the home of the Mud Hens, need I say anymore. haha. ~~~ Can anybody tell me when the DCM-3"s first went into production??? and how many were produced??? I have pr. # 1872/73 . Really enjoying these beautys, glad I finally found a matched pair.

Thanks W3T
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Hey! We all had be born somewhere without our consent. As for the TW3s, I got mine in '91. I've known of one guy who got his in '90. I'm taking an educated guess that they came out sometime in the '80s although I've not found a date. Jamie may know since he pre-dates me
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More questions about TW3's:

1) What was the first SN 0000, 1000, or other? (seems that matched sets start with an even number).

2) What is the general impression on replacing the mylar caps in the crossovers? Some seem to say no need, some seem to say absolutely. If needed, at what age should it be done?

Thanks in advance!
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