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The Battlefield series is such a disaster when it comes to convenient gaming. All at once, Battlefield reaffirms the best things about PC gaming, and the worst. Vietnam is one of my favorite games ever, and BF2's advances in team/squad play were excellent.

But this franchise has also caused me SO MANY HEADACHES. Because of this series I'm tempted to forget about PC gaming forever and just by PS3 when it comes out. Among the list of issues:

- EA originally would not host the patches themselves (WTF !!!!)

- I doubt any game has had as many patches as Vietname and BF2 series with very little free content (new maps, etc)

- Patches very frequently would fail to run, hang, take forever, etc

- Generally good hardware for gaming would reults in 4 minute load times.

- 30 seconds to login

- Vietnam originally could not sort by PING in multiplay browser (WTF !!!)

Ultimately though with this series I got tired of flag pulling. Also the excessive use of vehicles and the difficulty of dealing with this armor as a ground troop. Running from flag to flag, with no real "front" to the battle, and in the meantime getting blown away by APC's and choppers just got too annoying. I like Vietnams greater emphasis on ground combat and the bush made for good ground cover.
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Well i do not know what kind of problems or were you guys get your patchs, but i have been playing this game for over 8 mths now and i have never had a problem ever, my load times starting from cliking on the icon and ending in a game in multiplayer is a taotal of 23 seconds

system config:
2 150 raptor x
asus A8n32 sli deluxe motherboard
2 XFX 7900 extreme oc pci express gtx's
2 gig's of corsair xms 3500 pro ddr 550
AMD x2 4400 dual core
windows xp professional x64 bit edition
comcast 12 meg cable service that runs on the new pci express ethernet x8 interface dual gigabyte and a core speed of 667 mhz now this makes a big difference in connection, the usb and onbaord do not even compare to the new pci-E ethernet
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