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Aerial 7B speakers

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I was wondering if anyone knew how far the Aerial 7B speakers needed to be palced away from the back and side walls for optimum imaging. I am linterested in these speakers, along with the CC3B and SR3, but I do not want to have to place them way out into the room. (I read that the 9B's have to be atleast 18-24" away from the back wall to get any sort of imaging. This is why I ask.)

Anyone have any info on these?
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Theres a couple Aerial people on the forum, hopefully one will pipe up.

You should also call Aerial...they would be able to give you the scoop on what you give up, by placing it too close to the walls (you will likely give up something).

High end speakers generally like breathing room, large amps, and optimal placement, but you can compromise a bit and still get impressive results.

But just understand your compromising ... they may have ways you can compensate for it.

Like an accoustically treated room could help.
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Just saw great deal here last weekend on Aerial's when I bought by Paradigm S8's.

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I own a pair of the model 9s, as well as the CC5, and CC3B. As far as the 7Bs go, yes you will get optimum performance if able to give more space, I have my 9s placed about 2.5 feet from side walls, and 3 feet from back walls, and they perform quite well at those distances FOR ME. It will take you a while to fine tune what works best in your environment though, and is worth all the time spent doing so.
As far as the CC3B goes, that as well as the CC5 have crossover settings on the back as Im sure you are aware and can be adjusted to fit your space or just about any space and perform quite well, that also takes a bit of adjustments, but location really isnt a factor.
Hope that helps "a lilttle" anyway.
good selection by the way, what do you intend on powering them with?
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ANthem AVM 30 and MCA50 for now.
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Just about any full-range tower speaker not specifically designed to use boundary reinforcement should be placed at least 2 feet away from side and back walls for optimal performance (bi-poles even further). There's nothing special about Aerials in this regard. If you are that concerned about room placement, you might consider going with limited-range bookshelfs (Aerial makes a good one) and a good subwoofer.

The 7Bs are very expensive high-end speakers. It would be a shame to invest that kind of money and then not get all of what you paid for.
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I still use the anthem avm20 for processor, I also have the anthem MCA50, but that is used to bi-amp center channel and for surrounds and rear. I got a huge improvement in pure sound when I switched the L/R power to Bryston, the difference in ALL aspects of music reproduction is HUGE. I was very close to going with mark levinson, but the differences were so subtle (although in a good way) it wasnt immediately evident the diff. in sound, but anthem power is inherently "forward" in nature, and is more so combined w/anthem processor. But the bryston being nuetral, and the aerials being nuetral, it is an awesome combo. I do intend to power rest of system w/bryston but unfortunately Ive spent quite a bit on the speakers and a new projector that if I do it now Im sure Ill get h@@ll from the wife and have to remodel the bathroom or something to make up for it! This spring though, I will be using all bryston gear as I am that impressed w/the quality and sound. If you do go w/ the aerials I can say this, they will sound good no matter where you put them. But as you experiment and get what works for your room down, there is a huge improvement, also break in on these speakers was a bit longer than other speakers I have owned in the past, I honestly didnt start getting the most out of them until after about 150hrs of continuous play. But boy do they open up! Good luck
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SO I should look at getting a new AMP to compliment these speakers? How big of a roll does tghe AVM 30 play in the overall sound quality of these speakers? Also, somone on anther forum suggested sunfire amps as he said they were "warm and powerful" amps...
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The anthem does play a part. It is somewhat forward as well. I think it really depends on the sound you like, the aerials are a nuetral speaker and IMO perform much better w/ the nuetral bryston amp, but those are my tastes, you may like the warmer, or more forward sound. Depending on your budget when you get to the amp, rotel has a fairly nuetral sound to it as well, they are not on the same level as a bryston, or levinson, Higher end krell, or classe though. So many combinations, but these speakers as most speakers will not fully sing without quality power behind them. If you are about to spend that kind of money on some quality speakers, do the same with what is powering them, I personally think you will be fine with the anthem processor as some of its signature sound gets leveled out by amp you choose. You are on the right track for sure, and will be pleasantly rewarded after all is said and done.
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Would you recommend that he wait until he can afford the LR5, CC5, or is the LR3 series that good? I has heard good things about the LR3 set-up, but GREAT things about the LR5, CC5...
But, You do have more experience with these than I do.
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I personally would go w/ the LR5 setup, but your also looking at doubling cost. Dont forget cost of stands also, aerial custom makes for their speakers which will add to final if you want those to be included as well. Aerial in general is going to be quality, and you cant go wrong, now its more of what your wanting the system to do, how loud do you listen, what size room, etc. etc. etc.
If youve got the budget LR5 w/ CC5, if close to budget, wait. If the money will be spent before you get either,.......... LR3 w/CC3B!!!!!

Im a huge aerial fan, and have been as soon as I heard them, and when someone else has found them its like I heard them for the first time again! without the additional cost.
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Can you recommend a sub to go with it that doesnt cost $4500 and will still sound like it belongs with the Aerials?
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The DD15 was a better sub IMO, velodyne, but its not cheap either. I currently run a paradigm servo 15, along w/ NHTsw12i-SA2 subs, and its OK, but not velodyne, or the aerial SW12. I would think youd be fine w/ DD12, go have a listen, its an incredibly musical sub. For my personal setup I intend on two DD15s, but thats later this year, and also may change if in the meantime something else can outperform it, which I dont forsee.
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I have been trying to read up on subs, and it seems like SVS subs are the ultra-bandwagon subs on this forum. Most people seem to love them and rave about them. Would somethng like that be feasible, or am I jut selling my self short? I have budgeted around $1000 for a sub. If I spend anymore, I won't be able to get the speakers... lol
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well, youve already found speakers that are definitely not "bandwagon" speakers, and not easily found either, I have only seen peoples posts about the SVS subs, havent actually had a chance for a listen, even at that, Ive heard both good and bad, and with the velodyne DDs I have not heard one bad complaint. NOW obviously not as many people can own the velodyne, but if they could..........................................?
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I have the Aerial LR5, CC5, SR3s and LR3 with one SW12 in a 7.1 system. I am using a Classe amp for the LR5s and ATI for the rest. I am using Lexicon MC12. My room is 13.6 x 28. The LR5s and the CC5 is much bigger than the LR3. The speakers do not have much distance from the walls. I use the IN-WALL setting on the back for the speakers and I have no problem with imaging.

This is a lot of money for this set and I think you can get good performance using the LR3s or 7Bs. I purchased the SR3s as demos and the LR3 used from a dealer on audiogon. I used an Energy sub for 1 year prior to adding the SW12. I got the Classe amp as a demo. So you can build your system over time and focus on getting the left, right and center speakers first. Use cheaper speakers for the surrounds and upgrade later. The Aerial center speakers are known for being an excellent design especially for home theater. The voices from movies are very clear and do not get lost in the mix. The CC3 and LR3 are essentially the same speakers and designed as a set. The CC5 and LR5s are also designed as a set. I know this is difficult since it will be hard to find a demo of the LR3s or 7B since these are older models. I had a friend demo my system and he ended up with LR5, CC5 and SR3s with another sub. He listened to a lot of speakers but was not satisfied unless he got Aerial. I had the same experience at the time. I was all set to get the LR3 system but then the CC5 was released and I compared the CC5 directly with the CC3. I had to get the CC5 system and that led to many other upgrades. I think you would stay on budget going for the LR3 or 7B and CC3B. There is a CC3 and CC3B which was an upgrade to the CC3.

I am not sure what would be a good sub. There are many choices. I was going to get the SVS but they did not have the type of models they have now. The Aerial SW12 is expensive since it includes an equalizer and this makes a big difference.

If you have any questions you can PM me.
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Here is a detailed user review of the LR5 system. You can get similar performance using the LR3 or 7B system.


Aerial review.doc 240.5k . file
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link doesnt work
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go to www.aerialacoustics.com and look under reviews, that should help. I totally agree w/dwien about the upgrades later as funds allow, his classe amp is also very good quality and would match up w/aerials, I personally preferred the bryston, but quality wise, these are apples to apples. I am surprised that the 7B cant be demod though, I live in PTLD, ORE and I was able to demo, as it was still available as well, older model, but not outdated. I was very close to getting the LR5 for L/R but I prefered the fuller sound of the 9s, and I also prefer floorstanders, no choice is wrong in that regard. I also still incorporate my M@K SS150s for my surrounds as they are used strictly for movies and DVD audio, I prefer my music in 2 channel anyways so the only time I think about the SR3s is when audio is in 5.1, then I definitely notice timbre difference. As far as the upgrades go, I too started w/ the CC3B w/the 9s, and within a week, I had upgraded to the CC5, not that the CC3B wasnt sufficient because it is, I just wanted the L/R/C equal in output ability, so the CC3B went to the rear channel and does wonders there. Break out the pocket book, you obviously want quality, and it aint cheap!
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I think I may have to go he route of a CC5 and LR3's in the front hot HT now. Then, i can get the LR5's later and use the LR3 for rears, just like the review...
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Here is the link to the review. It is in the avs archives.

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just looking for an update? have you made any decisions?
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I just got divorced and that B$#CH took everything I had. She knew about my HT love and took the Anthem gear when I was out of town for work...

I have also moved to Tacoma WA for a great new job...

In the mean time, I have the PSB Image 5T, 9C, 10S (my first ever HT set-up)with an Earthquake MKIV sub. All of this is powered by an Integra 6.5 receiver...

I am still looking to get the Aerials (now that I have my divorce money back, and signing bonus for my job) but I think I may go with a Gemstone amp after reading all the amazing reviews here at AVS.

I am probably going to head to Fred's in Oregan to take a listen to the Aerials... I will probably end up running 2 of their amps and bi-amping all my speakers... hmmm...???
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If you do stop at freds, tell Bill Dave Pannell said hey. Man, great guys, Will, Sean, you just cant go wrong with those guys. They also have some Theta Amps (mono) on demo for sale that are powereing their 9s. Also, if you want to hear the combo of Bryston, and Aerial, give me a PM, and I can get you my number, you are more than welcome to stop by and have a listen. For your sub, theyve got both the SW12 (which I just picked up) and the veldoyne both hooked up in the "oh, dont tell the wife what I just spent room"
As far as the gemstone amp, I couldnt say, just looked at the specs, and they dont seem bad, probably real similar to anthem MCA 50, with 2 more channels?
Sorry to hear about the divorce, sounds like it may work out for the best anyway, let me know if you plan to come into ptld, and would like to hear the aerial setup somewhere other than in a demo room.
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Davidpa, Thanks for the invite. I may just take you up on that! I really do want to listen to th Aerial set-up, so we will see what i can accomplish in one day... I will keep you informed!

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Hey DavidPa,

I had a guy IM me about the Gemstone saying that it is a GREAT amplifer but I may want more power for the Aerials. He mentoined Monoblocks like the Bryston, Theta, Ayre, but he also mentioned the Lexicon LX-7 because it is bridgeable. If I were to Bi Amp using 2 Gemstones, how do I know how much power I will be sending to these 4ohm speakers? I am not sure how to calculate that. (The passive bi-amp thing confuses the hell out of me as far as ohm/power, etc...) Can you help?
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HTNG.. I've got 7B's and a CC3B along with Anthem gear if you're just looking to hear 'em. And, I'm local.

My HT room is in shambles right now, so I just have the 7B's running 2-channel right now, but you're welcome to have a listen if you'd like.

I might even be selling the set, but I'm not certain on that yet.

Let me know..
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HTNG- They NEED POWER! I originally had my Anthem MCA50 (200wpc) powering the 9s, simply put........................................for me, not enough. Hence the Bryston 14B SST. As far as the amp you speak of, Ive never heard it, so I really cant comment, but like I said the specs look "alright". The noise levels seemed a bit high for what I would choose for an aerial setup, but without hearing it together theres just no way of knowing? As far as what type of power will be sent to the aerials, I can only say that each channel on my 14B was tested at 639 wpc, and with the load the speakers put on it, I would suspect it to be more like 900 wpc. If I understand correctly, (I could very well be wrong here) when a speaker is say 8 ohm, w/ a 200 wpc amp, its 200wpc. Now same amp, different 6 ohm speaker, it will jump to approx. 300 wpc. NOW, if the speaker presents a 4ohm load, you will double your power? Or close to it? What I would do if I were you is to find out how well the amp you speak of does with a more demanding load, to be certain it is capable of handling the load. I would anyways just to be sure. Also the crosstalk that I saw in the specs was a bit high, as was the THD at .05, not horrible by any means, but also not as clean as a bryston, classe, or ML. That would be a concern of mine, if I were to spend that type of money on a quality setup. If the guy above me is selling his setup, and hes local, I would definately check that out if the price is right?
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I would love to listen to it. DO you think you will have the cc3b up and running anytime soon?
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