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Looking at reviews, I think I'll pass. After Requiem for a Dream, I wanted to go take a really, really long shower. In lysol.
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Picked up Minority Report last night at Wally World for $6.88. This has some good LFE in DTS!
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any new movies to add to the list?
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any new movies to add to the list?

Edit: server is acting up, sorry for double post.
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Not exactly a Holiday movie but I thought it was very good. Oliver Stone left (no pun intended) his politics out of this one and presents a realistic and compelling story that gave me an insight into the 9/11 tragedy that I did not have before. The acting is excellent and the experience of being in the building when collapsing was amazing. Having a big screen and a quality sound system made the experience very personal and begs the question, why is Osama bin Laden still alive?
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Waterworld isn't a subwoofer movie. It doesn't have an LFE channel track.

As for Osama, I suspect that he may be buried in a cave somewhere... Loyal religious fanatics, and a cellular structure to their organization means that we may never know. It's a crying shame that Clinton didn't have him whacked when he had the chance.

The next terrorist activity will probably result in a subwoofer movie too...
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"I don't know where he is. I just don't spend that much time on him anymore."
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Originally Posted by bogie View Post

Waterworld isn't a subwoofer movie. It doesn't have an LFE channel track.

I'm just going on what SVS had in their list.


"Waterworld" A modern curiosity. One of a handful of action DVDs without a dedicated LFE track. A feature sadly missing on this shoot'em up, Kevin Costner flick:

1. "Later cousins" Scene 4 (38:23)
2. "Flare dropped" Scene 12 (1:51:30)
3. "Ship sinking" Scene 13 (1:56:45)

BTW, check out the thread in my sig.
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Even with dedicated LFE tracks, lots of movies have bass running through the rest of the channels. It just gets redirected to the sub by the crossover.
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DonĀ“t know if it has been mentioned, not a movie but the THX trailer where there is a glas sphere with a thunderstorm in it is awsome, when the glass breaks I reach for new underware.
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Yeah, but there's also LOTS of movies where the engineer decides "Hey, you know what? The sub's supposed to do the heavy lifting, so let's let the viewer have his headroom, and send all this crap to the big guy."
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Since this is the thread that just won't go away, I guess I'll post here. I watched " an American Haunting" last week. Holy Crap! (yes this is homage to Peter Boyle and his "Frank" character) What an awesome soundtrack on that movie!! It was probably one the five most impressed times I have ever been with my humble system. It has tons of shots of bass--just quick kick you in the chests/pants flappers as well as some decent prolonged rumbles. But, the thing that impressed me the most was the surround work that is down in the movie. There are HUGE transitions in sound, from almost completely silent to violent ghostly attacks that pack quite a punch. Tons of quite whispers flying around the surrounds. One scene in particular has the camera spinning in the center of a room with several people in it. Each person yelling and screaming--each voice was very distinctly heard travel around you as you spin with the camera. Anyone who loves to show off you system must get this movie. It has about 1 full hour while the "hauntings" are taking place that is totally loaded with show-off worthy material. Not the bassiest, but much more than many movies on the list. Surround sounds that rival just about any other movie I have scene--my two favorites for that are the first crash sequence in final destination 2 and the missile chasing scene from behind enemy lines.
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RMK! told me about this movie and I got Pulse instead. I should have listened to RMK! and you should have posted this sooner. Pulse was a stinker.
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Randy, nowhere did I say it was a good movie--just great sound. Actually, about 75 minutes of it is pretty good. I was rather into it--until the end--which is so often the case with thriller/horror type flicks. The explination left a bit to be desired and how it was supposed to all of happened. Still I would sit through it again, gladly, just to experience the sound whizzing around the room--again the subtleties are great and then wham it hits you full force. It immediately jumped near the top of my desired DVD list.
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Bug's life is good too.
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Originally Posted by ransac View Post

I should have listened to RMK!

Words to live by
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Originally Posted by cschang View Post

So, what I think we are saying is, subwoofer/bass enthusiasts are not necessarily good movie critics.

Or great movies are not centered around fake ubber deep bass.

Imagine these mediocre movies with no special effects! Embarassing to say the least. At least you pop in that new DVD in advance to the section where the shaking and explosions are and voila,impressed guests!
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I assume most of you are familiar with this scene in FOTR. I figured this is a good moment to use for referencing how loud my sub should be, but I just don't know if I'm getting it "right". I turn it low, and it has no impact, but turn it up and the bass sound STRETCHES beyond the moment of the ring making contact with the floor. I'm wondering how long the bass sounds after the drop in your setups? Is this natural? (I have a HSU VTF2 MK2 so I should be getting more of an impact, I think)
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You need to calibrate it with an SPL meter and an appopriate source with test tones (receiver if it has LFE/sub channel tones, or something like Avia), not do it by ear with a scene from a movie.
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Sinc this thread is going on almost a year I figured I would post here. I know it has been mentioned several times, but I finally got to see the arrival scene at the beginning of Polar express with no kiddies around. That is definately show off worthy bass. For about 1 solid minute the whole house was shaking quite violently. Lots of surround sound as well--very good scene. About as good of bass as you will find, definatley a top ten.

Also, interestingly, I watched Star Wars IV New Hope that my aunt gave me for christmas. My uncle hurt his back and is laid off so she apologized that she couldn't really buy me anything--so she tivo'd and burned me SW IV, V, VI off of Cinemax and gave them to me. Honestly it was the best gift she has ever given me. I didn't expect much in the way of quality and honestly thought it was going to suck so bad I wouldn't be able sit through it. It wasn't too bad. The picture was ok and there was definately some sound compression and you can tell when there was dubbing going on in many of the scenes, but the biggest surprise was the shear amount of bass throughout the whole movie. Lost of places that shook the couch--I didn't expect it from the movie, and definately not from a tivo'd/copied version. I am looking forward to watching V and VI now. I don't remember there being tons of bass in these movies--I guess the remastered soundtracks really are done quite well and rather hot.
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for those who missed it Snakes on a Plane came out yesterday on DVD and man did that thing give my whole audio system (particularly sub) a workout - pretty much start to finish. even the opening theme music is extremely bass laden.

I never got to see it in the theatre (wife) but have to wonder how the sound would have compared...

for those who haven't seen it my 30 sec review: the backstory prior to the flight was actually a lot better than I would have expected (thought it would just be a token backdrop). the 1st couple of snake attacks were pretty disappointing but then they got a lot better. Samuel L is his normal awesome self though the other characters are (intentionally) cookie cut stereotypes (they're just there to give the snakes someone to bite anyway) - they're so intentionally two-dimensional it's actually part of the fun (presumably by design).

anyway, if nothing else it's a good disc to let your audio system stretch its legs from time to time...
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Just got done watching SAWIII had some good bass scenes.
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Crank has heart pounding bass
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Originally Posted by kweezr View Post

Crank has heart pounding bass

No pun intended?
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just got done Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, thought the bass was going to pop my subwoofer
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Originally Posted by cyberbri View Post

The subject matter is pretty heavy, but the sound design in Munich is great. There are some great explosions, and a couple of spots where trains go by (off-screen) that you can really hear and feel. The gunshots and gunfights are spectacular as well.


When, one of the team members rigs the first bomb in one of the terrorist's home. Dear god the depth was a blast of air erupting deeply from the centre channel which then moved into the LFE.1 track, nearly practically giving me sweaty palms along with Goosebumps.

Each fabricated explosion just got deeper and louder, practically at the hotel, I should be using JBL cinema PA screen array for this as this is what films are made for, but still on the JBL Control 5 screen array and the JBL 4645 it was a scary LFE.1 moment.
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Originally Posted by skifreak3535 View Post

How bout Alien (Directors Cut)? Great movie and with the dts mix, it makes you forget the movie was made about 30 years ago. Also, don't know if anyone mentioned this yet, but Blade 2's DTS-ES track is quite impressive. Make sure to watch the club scene and every other scene in the movie.

27 years ago!

In fact the first edition of Alien on DVD is the better sounding version. The newer edition the so called dreadful directors cut is poorly mixed with some sounds some discrete sounds like in the centre channel have been merged with the centre phantom which is on the left and right channels.

The result stuck out like a sore thumb where I only use the first edition for watching this classic science fiction horror, it's more exact sounding to the 70mm six-track Dolby Stereo version.

During the rumbling scene inside the shuttlecraft which builds up all over your chest and shaking the chair! Until that is Ripley, hits the airlock switch sending that nasty beast out the door!

Great film, but I would 100%, recommend the first edition.

Note: thou each film has different commentary tracks it's only worthy listening to the different accounts from the actors and crew on the directors cut. The dts mix won't save in million years!
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Originally Posted by bogie View Post

Waterworld isn't a subwoofer movie. It doesn't have an LFE channel track.

As for Osama, I suspect that he may be buried in a cave somewhere... Loyal religious fanatics, and a cellular structure to their organization means that we may never know. It's a crying shame that Clinton didn't have him whacked when he had the chance.

The next terrorist activity will probably result in a subwoofer movie too...

Well I was going to ask this question a long time ago where in the dickens is the LFE.1 track on this film, not to mention Vertigo?

Thou the technical details describe it being in Dolby digital 5.1 it doesn't indicate on the AVR receiver. Vertigo indicates there is LFE.1 but not a single moment in the film that goes by where it shows this off?

Waterworld, I wonder if the dts THX laserdisc has the same encoding with the LFE.1?
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Some shakers from yesterday still grab my attention for this loonacy and craziness into the unknown of the LFE.1.

Earthquake is a classic and would shake the room for over 8 minutes during chapter 8 the big one!

Close Encounters of the Third Kind during the opening there is nice slam of LFE.1 when the music finally comes up to the blinding white light, magically opening sequence.

During the landing of the mother ship arrival where low end moves around and varying up and down with each tone getting deeper as it gets nearer and nearer to the ground.

"If everything's ready here on the dark side of the moon, play the five tones."

Robocop this is loaded with lots of low end in the fronts as well as the LFE.1 during the drug raid attack, ((SLAM!)) Robocop is not going to take no for an answer if they do not comply.

The Black Hole has a wonderful low end that even opens the film John Barry, gives it lots of timpani and brass. During the first moments when the palomino, encounters a huge black hole and a mysterious ship just on the outside of the event horizon, the U.S.S. Cygnus and a mad scientist that likes to travel where no ones dared to travel before

X-Men III The Last Stand 120dbc @ 25Hz during the sequence when Jean uses her powers to raise objects within and around the house!

The rest of the film is just fantastic, when Jean uses her power to left objects within and around the house depth is deep and aggressively dynamic in the LFE.1 with a whooping 115dbc in the centre of the room! At the back of the room it came in at 120dbc, this when the house finally lands which felt like a track hitting the building!

The JBL 4645 THX approved 18 sub bass is a hell raiser of sub bass that is used exclusively for the LFE.1
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