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Sony Press Release: BDP-S1 expected in July at tons of retailers starting 3/17 - Page 2  

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One would have to wonder if $1000 and limited movies is worth the upgrade for awhile.
I imagine the people who jumped at the chance to buy the first $1000 DVD-Audio players wish they'd asked themselves the same thing.

Speaking personally, as tempted as I always am to have the latest swag, I'd rather wait until there's a good selection of titles out there (i.e., at least 100 or so) so I can choose some movies I really like rather than having to buy whatever's out there for the sake of showing off my great picture. Why should I pay a ton of money to watch HD stuff I'm not interested in? I have the high-def PBS channels for that.
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Originally Posted by amillians
Question for anyone who knows:

Does this unit actually decode the new audio codecs, or just the embedded legacy streams contained within?

I ask because of the wording on the specs, and the fact that Sony execs seemed to sidestep discussing advanced audio codecs with CED in today's issue, sticking to the "we output 7.1 LPCM over HDMI" message, again noting they planned to release some discs authored with LPCM.
I'd be interested in the mandatory/optional matrices for both formats.

LPCM (8 channel - 96KHz/24-bit) is 18.4Mbps! No wonder BD has a 54Mbps requirement. Even with that, you couldn't get to video peak (40Mbps) with full LPCM audio.

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Originally Posted by bferr1
According to Electronic Express, the Sony BD player WILL have Dobly Digital Plus, DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD decoding capability. This obviously needs confirmation, but if this is true, July can't come quick enough! Oh, and they claim preordering starts April 1, not tomorrow. I guess we can verify that easily enough.
The Sony rep I talked to at the Blu-ray demo I was at a couple of weeks ago told me the player would not have internal decoders. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Oh well, I have one pre-ordered already anyway, so I'll be getting it whether it has internal decoders or not.
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Originally Posted by ggw2000
Along another line, I read a thread were someone went and saw a side by side demo of HD format (don't remember if it was BD or HDdvd) along side of 1080i upscale from a DVD player and said the difference wasn't as great as he thought it would be. One would have to wonder if $1000 and limited movies is worth the upgrade for awhile. Myself, I would want to see one in action on a similar set to what I have (SXRD 60") before jumping in the pool :D . Gerry
I read a similar post and believe he said the demo (with HD) was with still pictures, and he WAS impressed with a King Kong movie trailer. I expect there will be a significant improvement in PQ. Otherwise, the format war will be won easily by SD!
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Just placed my pre-order for the Sony player at Amazon! Blu-ray here I come! :D
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Update from Sony:

The BDP-S1 *will* play BD9 discs...some of their people gave out bad info at a line show, and corporate corrected things on Friday.
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No CD playback isn't the dealbreaker I first thought it was, BD-9 support is a step in the right direction. Any word on internet capability and built-in DTHD and DTS-HD support?
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Originally Posted by bferr1
SonyStyle now taking preorders on the BDP-S1, and it is expected to ship on or before August 15, 2006.


Looks like it's coming much earlier to best buy..... the websites ETA is 7/2-10/06 for preorders.

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Well, SonyStyle does say on or before August 15, while Best Buy says 7/2-10/06. Could an actual shipping date of 7/2-8/15 be a reasonable guess?
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Best Buy is now claiming 7/2-7/10/2007 as the estimated arrival date. Odd.
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Originally Posted by bferr1
Best Buy is now claiming 7/2-7/10/2007 as the estimated arrival date. Odd.
Hm...that's really odd now..... they want people to preorder more than a year earlier?...

I was at BestBuy today to pickup some DVD-R on the sale item and stopped by the Magnolia area. One of the sales guy told me about BR-DVD demo coming by end of March or begining of April, however, can he have mistaken for HD-DVD demo instead?
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More info on supported audio formats by this first-generation Sony Blu-Ray player from TWICE:

"Blu-ray audio: Sony’s $1,000 player will deliver Blu-ray’s mandatory codecs — Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1 and six-channel 192khz/ 24-bit uncompressed PCM through the player’s single-port HDMI 1.1 output and through six analog outputs, the company confirmed. The player, however, doesn’t support Blu-ray’s optional surround codecs, some of which require future HDMI 1.3 outputs not yet ready for production, the company said.

Although some companies have considered modifying the HDMI 1.1 spec to deliver some of the optional codecs to outboard decoders, “Sony will not go off-standard,†said Phil Abram, VP of the home products division.

The optional codecs requiring HDMI 1.3 pipes, according to the HDMI Licensing organization, are compressed to Dolby TruHD and DTS HD Master Audio lossless formats. HDMI Licensing president Leslie Chard said other optional Blu-ray codecs could be transported over today’s HDMI 1.1 inputs and outputs. They are eight-channel 96khz/24-bit PCM, lossy Dolby Digital Plus and lossy DTS HD.

“It would not be possible in a compliant way†to transport DTS HD Master and Dolby TruHD over HDMI 1.1†and would create “interoperability issues†if suppliers modified the 1.1 spec on their own, Chard told TWICE. Connecting compliant and noncompliant 1.1 inputs and outputs would yield “white noise†instead of surround sound, he said. “We’re not going to authorize that option.â€

The publication of the HDMI 1.3 spec is tentatively set for June, Chard said.

It was unclear whether suppliers could legally license HDMI 1.1 technology and modify it but not use the HDMI logo."
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Are they saying it is not possible to deliver Dolby TruHD and DTS HD over the analog connections? Shouldn't they really be saying that the player will not handle Dolby TruHD and DTS HD because it neither has HDMI 1.3 nor internal processors to output over analog?
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Was hoping this would be out before July 8th so i could bring one home with me.
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It seems like they are differentiating between DTS-HD and DTS HD Master Audio. I thought they were one in the same? Are we dealing with two DTS-HD formats now? And does the player support DTS-HD? The article is very vague on this point, lumping the HDMI 1.1-compliant DTS-HD in with other non-compliant and unsupported "optional codecs." :confused:
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DTS-HD MA is DTS-HD, merely renamed for added oomph:


It's built on top of DTS, up to and including lossless.
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Oh, okay, I think get it now. If I understand the article egcarter posted, the lossless DTS HD Master Audio requires HDMI 1.3, but the lossy DTS-HD doesn't. The same goes for DTHD and Dolby Digital Plus. Is this correct?
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Can I ask a dumb question?

Why is it a good idea to preorder this unit? I looked at the amazon one, they
want to charge you the full price right now. So they are going to have all my
cash till August (or perhaps later). This dosen't seem to be a good idea
unless you think they are going to run out and not have more for months
(like Xbox).

I could see a deposit, but not full tilt.
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Normally Amazon don't charge your card until despatch, I imagine the same will apply
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