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I purchased a Sanyo ECD-HD 1990M off of eBay and last week and finally had it installed today. I'm quite impressed with HD Radio thus far. I can hear a difference on the analog vs. HD broadcasts here in Los Angeles (where there are many stations On Air with HD). THe only major drawback to this unit is it does not receive the alternate channels, but for the price of this unit..I don't care!

The unit also supports mp3 and wma payback from CDR/W, shows CD Text, and even has a aux-in minijack on the front (something that should be STANDARD on all head units!!!).

The MSRP of this unit is $499. I think there is a rule on this forum that I can't say what I paid for it, but let's just say it was A LOT less. iBiquity has their own account on eBay and they are selling them with the current HD Radio $20 rebate. CHEAP, I tell you!!!

If you're interested in an HD Radio for your car, act quickly before people start really noticing this going so cheaply and the prices go UP.