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Home Theater Loft constuction begins  

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Well it is a long time coming but I have started the construction of my home theater loft. You must be saying "why is it a loft." Well, it is really an attic that I have converted and the word loft just sounds better.

Anyways the room itself is 9.75 feet wide and 32 feet long so there has been a lot of challenges designing and planning. Originally the plan was for a projector but the room is only 6.5 feet tall at the peak so it just was not working out. I decided therefore to use a 60 inchish rear-projection TV. (that is to come later)

I have read all the pages on accostical paneling and have plans for a good amount of them along with a large bass trap. The house was built in the twenties and the last owner tried to install drywall but left some nasty seems. I have done my best to repair but I am starting a texterized ceiling to cover up some of the bad taping.

Well on to the picture so far.

The room from the stairs

The room theater area

Looking the other way towards the stairs

My attempt at a texterized ceiling - It turned out good in all honesty

Any advice would be greatly appricated.

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ya get a bigger room

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Are you going to close off an end or keep all 32' of length?

Look like some serious speakers there. Take a look at http://www.tmlaboratories.com/ for a serious of articles on "Building a music vault" It was an attic install of a music room that you might find interesting.

EDIT - I read HDbeat.com - you write there? Also, sure you don't want to consider front projection? That kind of length (and presumably easy light control) might work well for an accoustically transparant screen.
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dc pligram

Thanks for the link to that amazing sound room. It is simply amazing on what people can build and yes, I write for HD Beat.

I was going to do a projector but given the rooms 6.5 peak, it would have to be on a coffee table and that is something I simply do not want to do. That may change in the future but right now it is not in the plans.
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Why does a 6.5 ceiling height preclude a projector? if you mounted it above the seating you might reduce the chance of someone walking into it.

What are your plans for the room? It sounds like you do not want to make any major changes, simply add some finishing touches and some accoustic treatments?
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I had thought about putting the projector above the seating. I guess I just need to take advantage of Office Max's return policy because I am still months away from purchasing a projector but need to know if I am going to do one.

To tell you the truth I would love to do one but there is so many uncertainties I have. I love the idea of a flush mounted wall rack and have the perfect place for one. i.e. the third picture just before the painted chimney.

I plan on installing 4 columns on ether side of the room and also around the ugly chimney. The walls are going to be a deep red or green and I am going to use classic theater carpet with as thick as padding as I can get.

But I guess I need to find out what I am doing with a projector before anything else.
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Just a thought - you could ask Reaper to render your loft with a projection screen and alternatively with a RP set. The renders might make good content on your other site as well. Might help sort out a bunch of other considerations (racks, seating, lighting, etc).

I'll stop shilling for Reaper now ;). Do you have a diagram for your planned layout?

Do you have any sound isolation concerns?
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I'd agree, you have good light control so go with a PJ. I'd recommend a Panny AE900, it has a good picture and has a very flexible zoom so you can place the PJ directly above the seating position and still vary the size you need. I'd highly recommend not sitting closer than 1.5x screen width, but that's just my experience/preference.

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I have the answer to all your questions


If you need any help I can send you the official blueprints :D :D
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Just how will you get that big rear projector into the loft?
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rothgar - Simply amazing. You seemed to catch my vision to a "T." lol nice

Moving on. I decided today that yes, I will do a front projector. It will cost more but I think that it will be worth it in the end.

I have spent a good amount of the evening taping and mudding the drywall so there is really no new updates to speak of just yet besides I received a 50lb shipment today with my center and sub. Made me smile.

Thanks for your advice all and a special thanks goes out to Rothgar for those incredible "renderings"
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The other guys that replied seemed to know a lot more than me but I thought that I would throw in my 2 cents.

I would go with a projection system. You room seems perfect for it. Plus your room is not wide so the only way to get more people in is depth. I would get a 100 inch screen and go front projection that way you can have a few rows of seats and still have good viewing.

I have a 106inch front projection screen currently. I am working on making it a rear projection system. I will give you some details just to get you thinking.

I am going to build a entertainment center from the wall. It will completely inclose the screen and projector with 2 doors in the front at the bottom to access the projector for repairs if needed. You can buy a mirror system so fit behind the unit. The screen will need to be about 4 feet from you wall. This way you can have the altimate rear projection tv. The up side is the room lighting becomes less important and your picture becomes even brighter because your source is not touched by ambiant light and your screen is not reflective so it dose not reflect room light along with the image. The down side is that the rear projection screen is about $1700 and the mirror system is about $1000.
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