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Originally Posted by cavu View Post

You are using a "Sharp notevision PM20X" which I have never heard of and cannot find on Google. Why do you think it will accept a 720p input??!! Why don't you set the D1 to output 1028x762 directly (which is the oddest resolution I recall seeing!)??The Bravo D1/D2, the Momitsu V880 series and the SnaZio 1300 series all meet that spec.

Let's not forget that he's also saying he's geting 420p instead of 480.
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Sorry Guys,
My projector is a PG-M20X and resolution is 1024X768.
I don't know how to set the resolution "directly". I am using the remote and selecting TVMode at the top of the remote. As I do that, there is a tiny little indicator on the front panel. Light blue one reads "DVI" and the orange one reads "480P". I can select it to the "720P" but my projector isn't getting the image or something. I can go into the projector's menu and there is a place that shows the input and when the DVD player is on the 720P mode the projector's image input area shows nothing, just blank. I hope I'm not confusing this too much. Sorry about not getting the numbers right earlier. I agree that 1028X762 would be a pretty odd image.....
You know us n00b's........
Can you let me know how to set the resolution directly? I heard of having a custom resolution, although (now that I'm giving correct numbers) I think my native resolution is standard 4:3.
Also, I have heard of a firmware update that will allow a few extra options. Can anyone provide a link and also the instructions on how to install it?
I've only done a firmware flash to an old satelite reciever a couple years ago and I needed a special J-tag to do it. Not sure what I need to update the firmware for this player.

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Originally Posted by Woodenboater View Post

Can anyone provide a link and also the instructions on how to install it?

It's not hard to find. It is all in the first post in this thread!

I found the specs. It is an odd duck! It will not accept HDTV resolutions (720p or 1080i)!!

Set it up for a 1024x768 pixel-map.
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Got it! Actually after I posted the last time, I went searching and it lead me RIGHT BACK HERE! Yup, first post. Anyway, got the macro off, the region set to 1 (from 0) and now in the custom resolution screen. I'm guessing I just punch in my resolution in horiz. & vert. and VIOLA! ??
I'll try and see, poking around a bit.
You've been more than patient with my D1 challenged brain.

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You need to download the CRV880 program and plug in your resolution to generate the numbers for the D1 setup screen.
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Are these programs the same?
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Maybe I'm not seeing something here on my PDA but what 'programs' are you referring to?
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Is the CR4V880 the same program as the CRV880?
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Well, whether it was the same program or not, IT WORKED! I'm all set!
I havn't noticed much difference on a regular movie (Chritmas Vacation - Chevy Chase) but "Meet the Robinsons" looks alot more "crisp".
I'm digg'n this now!


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I probably made a typo.
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I'm selling my Cavu Modded D1. It is like new with original box and docs. PM me ASAP if interested - Thanks.
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I am selling my modded Bravo D1 because I am tired of the conflict with my Pioneer receiver IR codes It is as new condition (normal quarks aside).

What is it worth?
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About $20.
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I bought a JVC DVD Lens Cleaner for my D1. It has a brush that is supposed to clean the lens and make the glitches go away. Is this safe to use? http://www.amazon.com/Jvc-Cldvdlau-D.../dp/B000BP5LB2
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Maybe safe, but likely not very useful.

You'd be better off opening it up and cleaning it with some alcohol or ethanol. A laser pot tweak may be necessary as well.
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Originally Posted by spyder696969 View Post

A laser pot tweak may be necessary as well.

Can you expand on this? Sounds interesting. Link or something. I am not as technically savvy as you, but maybe the concept is something I could make use of.
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I haven't personally done one with the D1, but here's an image of what you'd do to a 360: http://www.eurasia.nu/wiki/index.php...hiLgLaserTweak

A laser pot tweak is typically done in order to "intensify" the laser's power, allowing for better reading of media. It can "save" a dying laser (at least for a good amount of time) or can fix a laser that has come a tad out of adjustment. However, the higher the laser's "power" the faster it will burn up. The Thompson drive in the regular Xbox quite often needed this procedure. I've done this on many different lasers from lots of different electronics with success.

That said, I have no idea what the multimeter parameters are on the D1 laser.

One should note that a pot tweak is done in the absolute tiniest of increments, meaning 1/100th of a rotation of the screw could be much, much too large of an adjustment. Think back to the days of your youth and playing Operation. "It takes a steady hand! BZZZZT!"
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Is anyone here using a Yamaha HTR-6160 with their Infocus SP4805 and Bravo D1?
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I have a Like New in Box D1 and a New in Box Radio Shack Blue Capacitor if anybody wants one. Used maybe 2 hours.
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