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I just thought I post a link to the THG article about the Sony HDR-HC1. They have some clips at 1080i (1440 x 1080) in windows media video format that were encoded with VC-1. Here is the link:

I think it shows the power of the VC-1 codec, I mean the 1080i clip has a bit rate of about 1.23 mbps and look at the quality. Kind of amazed me at how low you can go and still get decent quality from VC-1. I really don't think size will be a problem with these next two general HD formats, when you have advanced codecs like VC-1 and AVC. I really think the most important thing for quality will be the transfers from film, not the encoding. 100mbps won't solve a bad transfer, so I don't think bit rates will be an issue at all.