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I bought the Pioneer 510H DVR 1 1//2 years ago. Paid 5 PLUS for it! The Total Menu including everything on the Hard Drive side still works perfectly. The DVD Player side (2) days before this writing just broke.

(1) It makes a slight muffled double beep and several grind sounds. This happens when you turn the unit on when it’s on the DVD Record Player side.
(2) It also Displays the "NO DISK" warning whether there is a Disk in the DVD Drawer or not. Refuses to not display "NO DISK"! Only when you go to the Hard Drive side where everything works.
(3) You can not Phase in some Home Menu titles which has the Disk Navigator, Copy, Timer Recording, Disk History, as these are grayed out. Although not grayed out are Disk History, Initial Setup, Video Audio/Adjust & DV Record. The "NO DISK" malfunction continues on. I tried to Reinitialize the unit in several ways, but there is no reaction to correct the device’s situation!

Question? I called Pioneer and they say it sounds like the Drive Assembly Lazer unit. $304.00 plus
tax. Plus labor, Insurance and Shipping. Equals Basically what I paid for the unit. Hopefully their

Has Anyone had a similar experience with the 510H? If it’s the Drive Assembly why pay the $70 to
check it out and $304 plus labor. I’ll side junk it as a gift to a friend just for them to use the HD unless someone know for sure!