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Suggestions for wall hung speakers  

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I am looking for a good design for a speaker that can be wall mounted. I am looking for a 5.1 or 7.1 system for a 18'x20' family room. The wife will not allow floor mounted speakers (she tolerates them in the downstairs home theater but has over rulled me for the family room!) I assume that they will need to be sealed or front ported due to the close proximaity to the walls. This design will also need fit in a rather small frame. I have good woodworking and electronics skills but have not built a speaker before.
I realize that non-obtrusive and great sound do not always go hand in hand. Any ideas or suggestions?
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What is your price range?
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Try the Sonic Impact "stick-on" speakers. These goofy things sound pretty good, I'm going to use them for surround purposes stuck to foamcore panels with movie posters glued to the foamcore.

For more output you can double up and use a pair of transducers per panel.

A know a guy who uses these stuck on the wooden side panels of his desk.

Anyway these things are cheap, sound pretty good and one's imagination will allow them to be used in a variety of ways.

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I would like to keep the price of the speakers to aproximatley $250/pair
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My speakers cost a little more than what your chasing, but the idea is still the same. I did a 7.1 SAT/SUB system with each SAT at just 400mm or 16" high. The LCRs are at ear height and the four Surrounds are mounted off the top of the side walls, (actually ceiling off the pelment) and give a wide spacious sound field...

The idea has worked well in my room. You can see that the back surrounds don't yet have drivers and the risers aren't in yet either...


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Here is a decent site for some wall mount unit's. I cant speak to the quality but some of them look repsectable in terms of materials used.


I recently ordered the Aperion wall units. Ill let ya know how they are when I set them up

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I think these are fs, see what you think. May be a little small for very high output though.

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I think the AV/1-RS wall units from GR Research look like pretty good kits, certainly a reasonable WAF. But IMO they would work best as rear surrounds, not as front or centers.

I can't paste the URL directly as a new member of this forum; hopefully you can find them.
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