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2 pair Advent/1(lots of boomy bass)

Spica TC50(not much bass)(still own them)

Mirage M3
Mirage 260
Mirage Center Channel

Wow! In 27 years I've only had 3 different speakers.
I need to go buy something.
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-Some old Sony's with 12 inch woofers (yeah, I thought they were the coolest).
-Bose (yeah I know)...don't remember the model but they were tower speakers with two bass woofers.
-Canton LE103
-Canton Ergo 900DC
-Onix Rocket 550MKII
-Onix Rocket 750 Signature
-Vandersteen 2CE Signature (I am keeping these forever!!!! )
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AIWA HTiB 5.1 speakers - still have
Sony SS-MF315, 3 way towers with 6.5" woofers - still have
Onkyo HTiB - sold with my house
Mirage omni 250, CC, 50, and FX

AIWA 8" - still have
Onkyo 10"
Mirage S12 - returned because of problems.
Paradigm PS-1000
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1991-1998:Pioneer CS-G403 stereo speakers
1998-2001: Klipsch RF-3's, Center and surrounds
2001-2002: PSB Goldi, 6i center, Energy Veritas 2.0R surrounds
2002-2006: Polk LSi 25's, C, FX
2006- : Monitor Audio Gold Reference 60's, C, FX

I've come a long way, baby!
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1980-1989 Realistic Mach One (I actually still think these are not too bad for Radio Shack)
1989-2006 DCM Time Window Threes (now in basement rec. room)
2006 DCM Time Window Sevens

1990 Klipsch SW-12
2005 SVS 20-39 CS+
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Sansui sp-100's
Kef 103.3's (still have)
Aerial 7b's (still have)
Aerial LR5's in a 5.1 Aerial system (using in total bliss)

Not a bad history going back 35 years required only 4 lines and I still own 3 of my arsenal. I'm very loyal to my speakers
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Wow,where to start?

Mid 70's-no name speakers with a lovely dbx 15" sub that went boom,boom(still have the sub in the garage.

late 70's-ADS mains(dont remember the model) with the dbx sub
80-Advent prodigy 2's with the DBX sub
mid 80's-used DCM timeframe
early 90's through 200)?-timeframes plus the prodigy 2's for matrix surround.
2004-Magnepan MMG,MMGW,MMGC
2005 Magnepan 3.6's and an IB sub
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Large Advents -- adequate sound when mounted on 'Best' stands. Well, sort of.
Small Advents -- when combined with the Large Advents, it's like "surround".
Sold'em all.

Snell E-IV's -- a huge leap up in quality. Metal dome tweeters that'll make your ears bleed.
Snell CR.5 -- Nuts, need a center channel 2 years later.
Snell SR.5 -- and surrounds, too.
Velodyne FSR-12 -- sure, a sub. Why not?
Sold all the Snells, kept the Velo.

ACI Panorama front L/R -- OMG, I didn't know this was possible! Let alone in my family room!
ACI Sapphire surrounds -- Better than my old Snell E-IVs!
ACI Essence center -- audible, accurate dialogue. Cool!
Current system. Sonic bliss... for now.
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1969 - EPIs
1973 - JBL L55s
1979 - JBL L212s (includes the B212 sub)
1991 - added Realistic minius 7 for prologic surrounds in small LR
1997 - used the minius 7s as center and L55s for surrounds in new larger LR
1998 - Infinity center
1999 - added another L55 and used the 3 L55s for the front, with the L212s for surrounds
2002 - 2003 built 3 L212s for front
2003 - added two JBL/Revel sub1500s
2004 - added another complete L212 system for back surrounds and fourth sub
2005 - connected the two B212 subs to the main L/R L212s to run them as "large"with the sub1500s @ the mid-points of side walls connected to the receiver. That is the best setup yet.
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4D----L 212s eh? That's very interesting, I knew the speaker had a cult.
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EPI 90's
Spica TC50's
Velodyne's original 12"
Celestion SL700's
Infinity original Modulus
B&W 801's
Apogee Centaur Majors and Minors
Quad ESL63 USA L&R, ESL63 center [on it's side] 2 pair quad 10L's surrounds. With a pair of DIY subs with dual 12" in each.

Since going to a larger 116" wide screen I've been trying to replace the Quads and of the several quality speakers I've tried the 5 NHT M6's I have are the most likely candidate but I seem to be addicted to the Quads and they may have to stay.
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1975-77 - small Advents
1977 - 83 - large Advents
1983 - 2003 - AR9LS
2003 - 2005 - Onkyo HTIB with sub
2005 - present - Rocket 1ks with bigfoot and MkII 250 in rear, and SVS PB12+/2 for sub.

Just sold ARs and Large Advents today for $100, very depressed now.
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1994-2005: Gerrard Bookshelf speakers (??)
2005.1: Onkyo HTIB
2005.2 : Polk R50/R15/CS1 with PSW10 Sub, Athena AS-B1 bedroom
2005.3 -2006: Axiom M22/QS8/VP150 w/ 2 Rocket ULW-10 subs (kept Athenas only)
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GE Stereo with separate speakers
Electro Voice speakers that came with my "California Sound Company" stereo system
Technics speakers (were actually decent-had tweeter mounted separately on top of box.)
Dahlquist DQ10 - a friend traded me his old pair and turned me into an "audiophile"
Paradigm 60s (a mistep compared to the DQ10s)
MG 2.7QR
PSB Goldi
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Originally Posted by Tom Brennan View Post

4D----L 212s eh? That's very interesting, I knew the speaker had a cult.

They are still being sold and bought all over the world.
Currently I'm in the process of building Coupled-charged crossovers for the main L/R L212s. Those xovers use twice the caps(Solens) @ twice the size, in series pairs, that are connected at the common point, of each pair, to the positive side of a 9V battery. That keeps the signal from going below zero, which eliminates the cap's phase shift distortion.
After I build those, I'll build at least one more for the center L212.

Greg Timbers, JBL's chief engineer, first developed the CC xovers back in the mid '80's for the L250, when they were upgraded to the 250Ti, also using Titanium tweeters.
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1969 - Heathkit JBL (14" 2 way)
1974 - Dual stacked Advents (+ Phase Linear 400 amp)
1980 - Infinity Column II towers

Home Theater
1998 - Bose 701 & 301 (what can I say - I'd been out of the loop)
2002 - M&K 750's
2004 - Onix Ref 2's (still have in family room)
2006 - Dali MS-5, CS-4, RS-3, Phantom

1998 - Polk 300 watt (still have in office)
2001 - Infinity HPS-1000
2004 - Dual PC-Ultras (still have - LFE)
2006 - Onix UFW-12 (family room)
2006 - Velodyne DD-15 (Sub L/R)
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Good thread it brings back fond memories. Thank you.

1976 Bose 301
1980 Infinity RS III
1983 Infinity RS IIIb
1986 Kef and B & W bookshelf spk
1987 - present Martin Logan Cls
1993 - present Rogers LS3/5A
2000 - present Rel Stratta III sub
2004 - present PMC Tb2, Dynaudio contour S1.4

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1971 - Sansui speakers (huge, full-range front speakers - I want to say SP 140s but I really can't remember the model number and large, end-table surrounds with one upward firing and one downward firing 12" speaker in each) with a Sansui QRX 6500 4-channel receiver (used in small living rooms)
1990 - Same speakers but added a Pioneer 5-channel receiver and a cheap Pioneer center channel (small living room)
1995 - Wife took entire system (divorce 8^) so I bought Cambridge Soundworks - front L & R were sub/sat 2-piece speakers, rears were dipole/bipole surrounds and a CenterStage center speaker powered by a mid-line Pioneer 5.1 receiver
1999 - Upgraded receiver to 7.1 mid-line Pioneer and added rear surround speakers, also dipole/bipole by Cambridge Soundworks (amazing for a 10' X 13' music room)
2004 - Listened to a pair of Magnepan MG 12s and was hooked...
2004 - Present Magnepan MG 1.6s for front and modified (crossover and fuse bypass) MG 10s (the historical predecessor of the 1.6) for the rear, running phantom center because I can't find a center with a good timbre match for the 1.6s powered by B&K amps (one dual mono for the front and a stereo amp for the rear) at 350 watts per channel into 4 ohms

Pre-1995 - none, was happy with the low end on the Sansui full-range behemoths
1995 - Hsu VTF-2
2004 - Hsu VTF-3 MK II
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At this point I find myself in an odd sort of dilemma. You see, I am now entirely satisfied with both my HT system and my stereo system. Most people would call this a good thing, but in my case it means I have to find a new hobby (or, heaven forbid, actually start saving money!)

HT system: Def Tech BP10b's (main), BP8b's (surround), Mythos 7 (center), no sub, Yamaha electronics.
Stereo system: Athena AS-F1's (original, not .2), AS-P400 sub (again the original, not the newer P4000), Onkyo electronics.
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Cambridge Soundworks has an extremely liberal upgrade policy that I kinda took advantage of early on. Each of those upgrades was getting full value for the previous return.
1. Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble II
2. Cambridge Soundworks MC200
3. CSW MC300
4. CSW M50
5. CSW M60
6. CSW M80
7. Polk LSi7
8. M&K 850
9. Monitor Audio Gold GR10

I listed my mains which were part of a 5.1 system.
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Originally Posted by PULLIAMM View Post

Most people would call this a good thing, but in my case it means I have to find a new hobby (or, heaven forbid, actually start saving money!)

I couldn't stand it if I actually started saving money... I do not feel right with out my lone little credit card maxed out, even.

So far, to prevent a horrible situation like saving money from developing, I have a complete multiple sub system, 42" 1080P LCD TV, and an SLI computer lined up for before Christmas (in that order).
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Unknown turntable - I grew up listening to Starwars and Hobbit records (they were printed)
Aiwa bookshelf system. Dual tape decks with remote eject and track skip!
Onkyo HTiB
Next: Tannoy Eyris DC-1
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neat thread, and good idea to the OP.

here's the progression of my system:

1. Kenwood Mini-system (the dorm system)
2. JBL ARC 90s, picked up cheap, hooked up to the kenwood minisystem. Eventually fried the Kenwood minisystem.
3. Bought an HK AVR40 for the ARC90s.
4. Replaced ARC90s with Infinity Kappa 5.1 sII.
5. Added Ininity BU2 sub.
6. Replaced HK AVR40 with Onkyo TXDS-838.
7. Traded BU2 sub for Velodyne model ??? ($600 model)
8. Added Infinity Kappa 6.1 sII, moved 5.1s to rear, and added Kappa Center.
9. Added an old Carver two channel amp to front channels.
10. Upgraded old Carver amp to Onkyo M504 for fronts
11. Added Bryston 7BNRBs to fronts, moved M504 to rear.
12. Replaced Onkyo TXDS838 with Onkyo TXDS989.
13. Added a 4BST (bridged) to center channel, replaced M504 with Bryston 4BST for rears.
14. Replaced Velodyne Sub with HSU VTF3MKII
15. Replaced Kappa 6.1s and Center with Gallo Reference 3.1s and Gallo Ref Center, and added Gallo SA Amp to biamp fronts.

Future planned steps:
1. Replace Kappa 5.1s with Gallo Reference AVs for surrounds.
2. Add another pair of Gallo Reference AVs for 7.1 setup.
3. Add Bryston 6BSST and Bryston Crossover, remove Gallo SA Amp, unbridge 4BST on Center, so I have front biamped with a 7BNRB on the main connections, and a crossed over 6BSST on the lower connections on the fronts, 6BSST also driving the center, and the 4BSTs running surrounds and rear surrounds.
4. Add another VTF3MKII, or upgrade to dual something else?
5. Replace Onkyo TXDS989 with ??? preamp? Maybe Parasound Halo or something like that?
6. Retire and enjoy the system (yeah, right...)
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80's - Magnavox boombox
early 90's - Technics receiver/Bose 201 mains/Pioneer surrounds
late 90's - same receiver/Cerwin-Vega DX-7 mains/Bose 201 surrounds
2000 - 2006 - H/K avr7000 same speakers + Infinity CC + Cerwin-Vega sub
2006 - ? same receiver/Aperion 532/533 speakers/SVS sub.
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1975 - Radio Shack (turntable, 8-track) w/ speakers

1981- Onkyo Receiver(not sure what model) probably would be a fine stereo receiver today.
Bose 301 speakers (Fine speakers at the time)

1995 - Onkyo surround reciever w/ JBL center channel

1998 - Paradigm mini monitors, Paradigm cc170, Paradigm ADP 350
Denon 4800 reciever (good machine)

2000 - Paradigm monitor 7's

2002 - Paradigm studio 40's, Studio cc, Studio ADPs

2004 - Sherwood Newcastle P965, Sherbourne 7/2100 7 channel amp, Denon 2200 DVD player

Now looking to upgrade speakers once again.
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JCPenny something er other (blowed up)
Radio Slack something with a horn in it. (blowed up)
Dad's Advents (blown with guitar amp)
Dad's homemade 15" adjustable port subwoofer (made in 1966 with 12watt tube amp and crossover, still have and it still works!)
noname bookshelf (blowed up real good with guitar amp)
Jenson triaxles, car speakers.. in the living room (blown with guitar amp)
Pioneer 3-way with 12" woofer (left 'em somewhere, bad roomate)
Realistic minispeaker things w/ 3.5"woofer, not too bad (blown)
Peavey hornloaded PA speakers with 15" woofer (giutar amp didn't phase these so they lived to be redeployed as an actual PA system)

(right in here some where is when I stopped plugging my giutar amp into my stereo. Don't let anyone tell you guitar players are stupid, I did eventually figure things out)

Klipsch KG3.5's and KG 2.5's (still have as my stunt system)
Velodyne FSX12 Sub (still use)
Aerial Model 6's and CC3B Center (ahhh... I'm felling much better now)
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1984 Homebuilt 5'6" tall 3'6" wide with horn tweeters, horn mid and 15" woofer that I later sold to a bar.

1987 Polk Audio SDA CRS+ (Still have)

1991 Cerwin Vega 1215 (Still have)

2005 Klipsch KSW-12 sub (Sold)

2006 Velodyne DD-18

2006 Paradigm Signature S8 + C5

2006 Paradigm Signature S4 rears.

Next: Undecided between S4/ADP for side surrounds.
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mid 80's Dad's old Pioneer speakers, 2 pair (he bought them around 1970 I think)
1988 Pioneer 3 way's with the 15" woof to rock the dorm with. Added some little Infinities to the rear and got a Pio surround amp.

1989 Paradigm 5se replaced the Pioneer 3 ways (straight up trade basically)

1998 The Infinity rears succumbed to woofer rot and passed on, the Pioneer surround receiver went to a friend, and was replaced by Nakamichi Receiver 2 from another friend.

2004: Paradigm Atoms and Pio 1014 enter the system

2005: Studio 20s front and rear, Adp-470s sides.

2006: Looking for an amp.
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Fun thread! I don't have this kind of history with audio, but it's a cool read. I've always been a bigtime movie guy, but haven't learned to understand and appreciate audio until recent years.

If you want a laugh, here's my progression as best as I can remember it. I've only just ordered my first set of "real" speakers. Judging from this thread I'm in for an expensive and obsessive habit.

1) Advent of the CD...so 1980-something. Realistic stereo system with "tower" speakers covered in ridiculous foam grills (so I have no idea about the drivers) that felt like empty cardboard boxes (and sounded about as good). These are the kind of speakers that come with a receiver that includes an equilizer where pairs of the sliders move together...but it *looks* like you can adjust a bunch of frequencies. The amp even felt like an empty cardboard box.

2) Zenith Allegro 2000's. I have no idea where these (I think) 1970's hand me downs came from. They were free, and they sounded more like a real speaker than the Realistic toys.

3) 5.1 system based on laserdisc and Dolby ProLogic (all Pioneer sources). A 12" downward firing sub and a center both by Olympus, I think. Little bookshelf type monitors by some other goofy company. Purchased at Radio Shack of all places when no one knew a thing about this stuff in general. But whoa! The sound is like...around you! Move out of that house.

4) New place, Sony 5.1 HTiB complete with a set of 5 tiny "plasticubes" and a tiny front-firing "subwoofer" if you can call it that. But again, whoa, now it's discrere!

5) Aquired two Hsu STF-2 subwoofers for a grand total of $300 in an amazing couldn't-pass-it bargain. I learn what a sub is really supposed to sound like and realize fully how incredibly terrible everything else I have is. Shakers go in to support the subs at really low frequencies. The effect is sweet.

6) A friend donates a pair of Sony bookshelves. Two plasticubes get replaced. Tonal match is nightmarish, but at this point it's just funny to try it.

7) Same friend donates a horrendous (but LOUD, hehe) pair of HUGE honkin' Fischers with enormous woofers. I stick them in as mains because at this point the absurdity is amusing.

8) Return of the Zenith Allegro's. I stick one in as a center...and holy cow at least I can hear dialog. Tonal mismatch across the entire soundstage is earsplittingly bad. This is an audio frankenstien monster from hell.

9) Upgrade to a 7.1 receiver while searching for "real" speakers. Displaced Sony platicubes find a new home as a back pair.

10) Ordered a full 7.1 set of Ascends. CMT-340SE's across the front, HTM-200's in the back. Looking forward to finally really having speakers. I'm sure the difference is going to be nothing short of staggering.

Step 11 is get some walls up in that basement, which has been in "prototype" mode for far too long. At least now I'll have something worthy of being somewhere other than in a storage cellar.
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1970s: Sansui system speakers from JC Penney
1980s: Rogersound Labs Mini Monitors + Onkyo 40w sub
1990s: Was more into car audio
2000s: Ascend Classics + Hsu VTF3
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