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That looks so cool. I want one, but I have never played shuffleboard.
I had better not try it, I would then need one and that is where the trouble begins!
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I have played only 20 minutes, I have to adjust it with a wrench. a 3/4" wrench does not fit it...

I will let ya'll know after I get it adjusted. Oh funk, I thought these things should have only been 1K...
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Hey~ I'm trying to build a couple economy level shuffleboard tables for our student center. There is a real interest in playing but I can't afford to go out and get a couple nice tables. I found this epoxy at Lowes, has anyone used it, or do you guys think it would work. Here's the link


If not what works best...thanks for your help!

Sorry for dropping the first 2 w's in the link, it wouldn't let me post the url yet since I just signed up....
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hey...anybody still on this thread??? i'm looking to build a table, but my main question is how is the playing surface mounted/attached to the cradle surface itself??? and where do the climate adjusters come in???
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If any one is still on this, im currently under construction of my own table. I made the playing surface out of 20 1x3x10 maple boards, glued together and planed. I have just finished painting it as you can see in the photos, and I am just about to coat it with a 2 part hi gloss polymer.

Specific question for MercerT if he still exists on here. You said the moat you made around the first table when you poured the poly made a ridge. Is it better to just pour the poly on and let it trickle off the sides? I am worried that the edges will be slanted down and the pucks with fall of easier.

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Looks great, if it comes out well Ill ask you to make me one for $999 OK
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I just finished a shuffleboard / curling table myself. Got a lot of guidance from Dave's website.

I documented the process with pics. If you're a beginner like me, it may be helpful.


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how much did it cost you, and what are the boards dimensions including thickness?

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The project-specific materials cost me $495. I also had to buy all the tools, because this was my first project. With everything it came in at $837.

Dimensions for the playing surface on my board are 16 feet by 20 inches. Full details of the dimensions, blueprints, pictures, etc. are here: http://buildashuffleboard.com.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck if you decide to give it a try!

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Hello...I am really hoping the OP is still on here...

I am currently working on my own shuffleboard, and admittedly am a beginner to this sort of thing.

Here is my issue:

How is the playing surface secured to the structure? From everything I've seen/read, it seems like people are just having them "float", without actually securing them at all. My table is only 8 foot, so it seems like it would move around if somebody bumped it or leaned on it?

Can someone please off some advice here? I thought about using a few dowell pegs to help secure it down. However, being such a beginner, I am worried that I will screw up the entire playing surface.

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My 15' table built from an old bowling alley.

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and the behind the bar shot

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