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Advice for My First PVR  

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I am getting ready to take my first step into the world of PVR and after many hours of reading and research, this is what I have come up with:

Goal: I don't watch that much TV, however there are several shows that I would like to watch, but I am not usually home to watch them. Therefore I would like to build a PVR to replace my VCR. I basically just want something that will allow me to record several TV shows a week onto my hard drive. Then each week I would like to burn these shows to a DVD and watch them on my TV.

Current PC Configuration:
P4 2.8 Ghz
512 MB RAM

Items to be Purchased:
Hauppauge Win-TV PVR-150MCE ($130 Bundled with BeyondTV 4 from snapstream)
DVD Burner <$100 (preferably with Lightscribe technology for labelling purposes)

In the future I may consider buying a decent video card with TV out, but for now my PC and TV are in separate rooms and just transferring video via DVD will be fine for me.

I would appreciate any comments on whether or not this set up will accomplish my goal and if not, what do I need to make it happen. Also, any DVD burner suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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If you want to pay a little more, a stand alone DVD recorder for your TV with a hard drive would let you put like episodes on the same DVD's. It wouldn't tie up you computer and if your computer crashes you are still recording. I'm guessing around $400.
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Originally Posted by FarmBubba
If you want to pay a little more, a stand alone DVD recorder for your TV with a hard drive .

That's just what I am looking for.

My plan is to get the new Samsund HLS**88 with two tuners and cable card. My hope is CC eliminates the need for a Set Top Box.

Then would use the TV turners to feed the DVR. What do you think? What brands should I check? What Input/outputs?


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There are several brands that do almost the same thing:


Some are quite resonable $355 for the Toshiba!

As to which one is better, I have no clue, I have 2 replays with commercial skip and wouldn't trade them for anything on the market right now.
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Or get something like the Sony DHG-HDD500/250. It doesn't have a DVD burner, but will let you DVR and watch analog and/or digital HD and SD cable and/or OTA. It has a cable card slot too. You can't watch something live while recording something else (unless your TV has a tuner and you split the cable, or a cable card slot and you use two cable cards - but then you'll probably have to pay to rent at least one, if not both, of the cable cards. If all you want are the digital locals from cable, then you won't need the card - just limited basic cable), but you can watch one recorded show while another is being recorded. Then if you want to put anything on DVD you can either do that on your PC or a standalone recorder. If it's just a recorder and not a DVR too, I'd get one with DVD-RW and DVD-RAM for easier editing.

Otherwise, a standalone DVD/DVR will only let you DVR in SD (and it only has an analog tuner). At least with the Sony, you can first watch it in HD (assuming you have an HD display). If that really doesn't matter to you, then I'd just get something like the new Panny E55. It's got a nice sized hard drive. You can choose to either use or not use the TV Guide on Screen feature, but if it works well with your source, that's a plus.

Or you can wait forever for the TiVo Series 3 DVR, but you'll have a monthly fee to pay just for the service, not to mention possibly the cable card, too.
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