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DVI/HDMI Output is blocked  

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Hi, I am new to HD and also to this site. I have an Explorer 8300HD that I am using the HDMI output on, going into a Samsung Ht-Q80 DVD home theatre. I am then trying to use the single HDMI output from this ht-q80 going into my sony klvs32a10 tv. I am getting a 'DVI/HDMI Output is blocked' message. If I pass the Explorer 8300HD directly to the TV using HDMI I don't get this problem. My problem is that my tv only has one HDMI input and that is why I bought this little home theatre system, hoping that I could just pass the signal throught it to the tv. Is there any way around this issue? I know that I could use component cables but I would rather stick to the HDMI. Thanks in advance.
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Typical issue with an AV receiver and STB not getting along, some searching here should turn up some past posts on the same issues. Basically the AV receiver is supposed to be acting as an HDMI repeater and the STB isn't getting along with it, I believe it would require SA fixing the firmware on the STB.
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Mostlikely the amplifer is not passing the HDCP to the TV. So the tv sees it as un-protected.

Anyway yes you can use commponet. But it will not be as good.

You could also get an HDMI switch. I think they make 2 and 4 way switchs but they sell for over 100 bucks
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Try component, many have found that hey cannot tell much difference if any.
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