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Elan Debuts Reasonably Priced 8x8 Component Video Switcher

Elan Home Systems is introducing what appears to be the first reasonably priced 8x8 component video switcher.

I've seen stackable 8x4s on the market, and some costly 8x8s, but nothing like Elan's new V883, which is expected to retail for about $2,200. Elan is a manufacturer of A/V, communications and automation systems for custom installation. They're certainly not known as being low-cost providers.

The product can be controlled via RS-232 or IR. Elan also is including a new VIA!Net connector (RJ-45) on this product. VIA!Net is a new proprietary protocol for Elan, which will be incorporated into other Elan products for a more seamless integration.

Click here for more information and photos of the V883.