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Have you ever thought about putting 4.5's all the way around, my buddy just did 6.1 with 5.5's all the way around (center channel is also a 5.5) and it is amazing! Sounds incredible and he did it all for a song compared to buying new speakers. You'd only have to buy 4 more speakers to do 6.1, assuming you have room or a need to do something like that. Matching speakers rock for home theater, actually if you could hear towers all the way around you might wonder why anyone would want to use anything else other than for asthetic reasons. Crossing them over at 80hz is fine, the towers still sound better than a surround type speaker IMO.

Edit: this is a reply to the last post on the previous page.
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Originally Posted by WoodyT View Post

Could somebody tell me, why RF-52 is 34Hz-23kHz +/-3dB but RF-62 is 38Hz-23kHz +/-3dB ?

So the RF-52 has better bass with smaller box/drivers, or it's just typo on their web page?

I'll post this in the Klipsch own forum to see if anyone answers.

If anyone is interested, the subject title is "Mystery" at the Klipsch web site.
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Sounds interesting but i dont think its available in my area and my hall is pretty small to accommodate 6 4.5 lying around lol! Will prefer a new set of speakers though. Thanks for suggestion mate.

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Hi all,
I might have the opportunity soon to buy some KLF-20 speakers and a matching center channel. Probably 2-300 (now sounding like a bit more, we will see). Has anyone ever heard these personally, or own them personally? I have never even heard horn speakers before so am not sure what to expect. Any feedback would be appreciated, though. I am trying to decide if these are worth getting or if my money is better spent elsewhere. I can try before I buy, however, it involves a long drive so I want to find out what I can first.

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Academy Center

Quartets Main.

Insignia's from Best Buy for surround duty (temporary...my apartment is only about 500sq ft now and I have to fight with volume control as it is )

Yamaha HTR-5960 Reciever

Yamakawa DVD288K/VGA DVD

Yamaha CCD-665 CD changer

Dish 508 PVR

Toshiba M752 VCR

Toshiba CX32G60 CRT

It's a nice system...once I get a larger room I will get a sub or two. I will also move the Quartets to rear duty and hunt down a set of Cornwalls or another pair of quartets (with subs I think I may go the quartet route).

I will then decide if I want to go 6.1 or 7.1.

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Originally Posted by mastarecoil View Post

Hi all,
I might have the opportunity soon to buy some KLF-20 speakers and a matching center channel. Probably 2-300 (now sounding like a bit more, we will see). Has anyone ever heard these personally, or own them personally? I have never even heard horn speakers before so am not sure what to expect. Any feedback would be appreciated, though. I am trying to decide if these are worth getting or if my money is better spent elsewhere. I can try before I buy, however, it involves a long drive so I want to find out what I can first.


I own the KLF 20's and the matching C-7 (along with several Klipsch Reference line products) speakers. They are a 3 way design that does both movies and music superbly. I would imagine those 3 speakers would be a steal at $800 in reasonable condition. If you are talking about getting all three for 2 to 300 dollars then that is either a steal or a scam, imo. Good Luck.
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Okay, little survey for Klipschorn owners:

How do you rate the the way that your Klipschorns image?

I sit in the crosshairs on the two speakers, currently 21' apart (but they were 18' in my previous home). They completely disappear from the room. Sound very rarely appears to come from them. Without need for closing your eyes, you can point to the singer, or singers in different positions, and place most instruments in different spots as well. People swear that a center speaker is playing when it's not.

Yet, I come across people who have come to believe that Klipschorns don't image at all. There must be some awful dealer setups somewhere to convey this. See for example:

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I don't own Klipschorns but have listened to them many many times. However, I do own La Scala's with ALK crossovers. I have them in a corner and toed about 20 degrees. Since they share the same mid & high horns they are basically identical in the mid & upper frequency. For someone to say they image poorly is hogwash. They are blowing smoke up your A** because they probably never listen to them even though they say they have or someone told them something.

I have read and the thread you linked to over the last week or so and although I found myself wanting to jump in I decided it wouldn't do any good. The 2 in question that love to argue about how much they know and nobody else knows anything makes me want to just, well you know.

No speaker in the world can solve every acoustical problem and if one could then all the companies makng room treatments, analyzers etc would be out of business not to mention every other speaker manufacturere. I have listened to many fine speakers over the years and quite frankly if I found one that was 10k or under I would buy them. Khorns would work in my theater with some stage modifications but in all honesty I love my setup they way it is, with the La Scala's as the mains. My La Scala's are 18' apart and they Do Disapear!

Over the years I have so many people compliment my system and have folks tell me they have never heard anything as dynamic. These people own some pretty good gear too and its not like they were just introduced to audio.

Every review writen about the Khorn has been nothing but sonic praise. I don't care if the basic design is 60 years old or not! Driver & Crossover tecnology has changed with the advent of better design and materials in the heritage line but the basic cabinet (bass horn) has not.
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Thanks for the input. I guess I have been waisting my time trying to have a discussion where none is possible.
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K-horns are the holy grail, if you've got em, you don't need anything else, I'd hate to have to shell out the money for what it would take to "upgrade" from a K-horn!!! But I'm a little biased, I sure wish my room could handle these babies or I'd never let them go, but it sure is nice having owned them. Here's a pic from the day I brought them home.
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For any Klipsch Ref owners looking...just did an install on the new RT-12D sub. It is everything Klipschophiles have been waiting for. Fast as heck, musical, punchy and puts out HELLACIOUS amounts of energy. And...it gets DEEEEP. We measured 3 db down at 17hz and hit near 115 db at 30hz before the room and our ears gave out...and the sub had more to give. Guys, this one is serious.
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Thanks for the post rushisrighton. Sorry I disappeared over the wekend; busy with leaves and that that fall jazz. You are selling your KHorns?
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Yes, although not "officially" selling yet, I have a ton of pics for them allready, but have to get pallets and shipping estimates ready. But they are for sale. If anyone is interested drop me a pm, no price set yet cause I have to figure out shipping, and make sure that they are packaged well, but it could be speeded up if I knew I had a buyer. I'll probably be able to beat / sell for less than any price you see on audiogon. If I didn't allready have 6 RF-7's and if my room was not a nightmare, there's no way I'd EVER sell them, but you can only have so many things.

If anyone is dieing to get a sweet pair of K-horns in great shape, let me know, I even have some of the original sales documentation for them.
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I fell in love with Klipsch over 20 years ago when I saw a pair of KlipschHorns.
One day i will add a pair of Heritage models to make 7.1.

(5)Bryston 7BST THX Silver mono block amps
Proceed AVP Processor
Klipsch KLF30's x 4(mains and surround)
Klipsch C7(center channel)
Klipsch KSW15(subwoofer)
Adcom GCD750 5-disc Carousel CD
Toshiba 3108 DVD
Arcam Alpha8 Tuner
Mitsubishi HS-U760 S-VHS
Mitsubishi CS-40505 40inch TV
(2)VanEvers Unlimiter Surge/Conditioners
VanEvers Model 85 HT Surge/Conditioner
Tara Labs Gen MasterII interconnects(amps)
AudioQuest Topaz interconnects(a/v)
Nordost Superflatline speaker wire (bi-wired)
(5)ESP Power Flo-Pro A/V powercords(amps)
Salamander Synergy Twin 40 Silver& Black rack
(2)20amp dedicated electrical lines
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The KLF-30 is nothing to sneeze at, and I'm sure that your system rocks, what with the matching KLF-C7. The twin 12" woofers cover a large area. But yeah, if you see a pair of used Klipschorns near you, and your room is large enough (read wide enough!) for them, then go for it! You could use the KLF-30 as surounds and back without too many complaints.
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Hi All

I have been a big fan of Klipsch products since I first tried the promedia 4.1...

I am now trying to find LF-10 and LF-12 subwoofers. The specs on these thing are pretty sweet, and I would love to find one. Does anybody here have any experiance with the LF series subs?

Thanks for any info...

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Vettebob54 all the prices you have listed appear to be list. I love Klipsch but I would have to believe you can get a better price.
Monster Cable tend to be really over priced. You can do better than that for sure. Try Better cables, Bluejean Cables, KnuKonceptz or MonoPrice just to name a few.
Marantz makes some nice affordable receivers and would complement Klipsch nicely. Just shop around, what ever you do don't pay MSRP!
Good Luck!
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Originally Posted by vettebob54 View Post

What do you Klipsch experts think of this system and its price? You advise will be appreciated.

How many times are you going to post this?



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Hey everyone!

I am new to the forum and I need a little advice. I already have my system picked out and I would like some suggestions on how I can get the most out of it. This setup is going in a one bedroom apt., so keep that in mind when you hear what I am getting.

I will be purchasing the Quintet III package with the Synergy Sub-10, and the Yamaha htr-5960 AVR. Since I work part-time at BB, I cannot pass up the price on the Synergy series. This will only be my main system for about a year or so until my house gets built(custom building, no real time table). I just need to get the most out of it until it goes to the family room and not my theater.

I listen to music as much as I watch movies, so balance in my system is a must. The 5960 is a 7.1 reciever, should I get a pair of B3's for music. Would the B3's overpower the Quintets in a theater application?

Any suggestions are apprecitated.

I would go with an entire bookshelf size to begin with, but $2000 for speakers and TV is my limit and the wife wants a 42" Plasma. How can you tell a woman no when she tells you to go get a plasma.

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How about getting your postcount up a bit with contributions instead of calling out n00bs?

One was about the DVD, the other was similar to what he posted here...hardly excessive plus this thread welcomes him posting his system.
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EthanAllen -

I sent you a PM.

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I am considering going with Klipsch for my HK avr-635. Right now Im using Insignias only! :-)
I can get a used pair of RB-61 for $225 shipped and based on my research they seem to be really nice. Has anyone compared them stuff like the Onix X-LS, Insignias, HTD Level 3...etc?
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Hi guys need help, new the avsforum and good sound systems. I just bought a house with a media room and have a sony 7.1 system , subwoofer just quit. Looking to buy new sounds. I notice alot of avs'rs have klisp speakers. I would like to buy the thx2 but price , and wife would kill me . I will probably buy all the speakers from ebay. I am a little confused. I can find the center channel and the sub, but what about the other 6 speakers. Can i just get any surround klisp. speaker for the front L&R, Side L&R and Rear L&R or should i be looking for specific rear, front & side speakers?

thanks wap
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Originally Posted by vettebob54 View Post

I am sorry I didn't think I needed your approval to put requests in anywhere on this site. I am asking similar but different questions on sites where specific individuals might read it here and not there. Like the speaker issue I am not sure if Klipish opwners would of read the 831 site or the DVD site so thats why I am asking here also.

If you dont want to offer any help thats fine but I appreciate the help from those that do. So please just ignore my posts if they bother you so much after all I don't see any constructive information from you. After all I thought this site was the place to get help and advise if needed.

Thank you very much for your advise and help Alkemyst & Hammer I am just trying to cover all bases before making a big purchase and I dont have alot of experience in Audio & Video equipment.

Thanks, but please learn to spell the equipment you are buying, if you have done any research it's Klipsch.
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Originally Posted by alkemyst View Post

Thanks, but please learn to spell the equipment you are buying, if you have done any research it's Klipsch.

He spelled it correctly in his first post and it appears he is trying to do research or he wouldn't be here.

vettebob54--I wish I could help you but I have no experience with the exact speakers you are looking at.
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Wow, what a lot of seriously critical people in here that must always be perfect. I guess this thread isnt for anyone trying to figure anything out only for those that know everything. Sorry for bothering everyone and I am out of here, I would ask that you please don't follow my posts in any other thread if it's bothers you all so much.

I sure hope everything is spelled correctly wouldn't want to get sent to the principle.
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Now don't go overboard either!

You might find some people with relevant experience on the Klipsch web site forums at http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/

I'm into the Klipsch heritage line of products myself, so can't really help you either.
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He's gone. Can't say I blame him either.
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