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26 - 32" HD LCD Monitor/TV help!  

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I am looking at a couple of different models in this size range. What input do you guys have on these models?

Syntax LT32HVE/M
Norcent LT2722
Norcent LT3222
Viewsonic N2751W
Sharp Aquos LC-26D4U

I have a Staples account and atm is the only way to afford an LCD....my monitor on my computer just went out and so I am in need of something ASAP so can't save otherwise.....will any of these do well for me?

My planned usage is 80% computer monitor/pc games (WoW).....10% direct tv usage...10% DVD usage.....also possible PS3 usage once that comes out in November.

Any input appreciated!
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I just recently purchased the ViewSonic N2751W. I just upgraded from the N2750W which was a great tv, but when I found out the newer model had hdmi and a built-in ATSC tuner, I had to have it. The ViewSonic is an obvious choice for you if you going to be using it as a monitor. I use it for this about 10% the time as a monitor for my laptop and it is absolutely gorgeous! I use mine for DirecTV (75%), XBOX360/PS2 (5%), and for my DVD player. (10%) I just don't game like I used to. The menus are nicer and the input switching is finally right. I really use the PIP a lot more now. I can glowingly recommend this tv, not sure about pc gaming but it handles my XBOX 360 at 720p beautifully. I have not had any experience with any of the other sets. Sorry.
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Quality wise, the Viewsonic and Sharp are probably the best of the lot. I *think* that Sharp is made by Orion though, otherwise it would be far and away your best choice. That said, for reliability and service support, Viewsonic and Sharp will be far better than the others.
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I am interested in purchasing the Viewsonic n2751w. Are there any more opinions about it? My budget is limited to $750 USD maximum and I own a ModWright LLC Pioneer Elite DV-59AVi universal DVD player. I will be using it in my bedroom and with my Toshiba Satellite 1405-S171 notebook PC which has a 15 pin D-SUB connector. The other LCD HDTV that I am looking at is the Westinghouse LTV-27W6 / LTV-27W7 or Toshiba 23HL85. Any opinions on these different LCD HDTVs as well? Thank you!
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Sharp LC-26D4U is made by Sharp and Sharp LC-26D40U is made by Orion.
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