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Acer AT3705-DTV 37in Widescreen LCD TV

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Anybody have one in North America yet. I know they have them in Oz and Nz already but those ones are unique to that area. Just want to know if anybody has a North Am version. They are now available in Canada and I am in the process of ordering one . I just wonder if anybody else all ready tried it yet to see if you can get 1080p input/output via DVI or HDMI before I pull the trigger. OR am I going to be the 1st North Am guinea pig .


BTW Its a 1920x1080 display. Inconclusive/conflicting Oz amd NZ reviews/reports if the unit can actually support 1080p.
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I am in the market for an LCD currently was wondering if anyone happens to own Acer AT3705-DTV 37in Widescreen LCD TV this model. Thing that attracts me to it is that it is very low priced; however, it is still 1080p.

Size/Type: 37" LCD TV
Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio: 800:1
HD Ready: Yes
Color System: NTSC
Displayable Colors: 16.7 million
Brightness (typical): 550 nits
Response Time (typical): 12ms gray to gray
Horizontal Viewing Angle: 176°
Vertical Viewing Angle: 176°

Integrated Speakers: 2 X 15W
Audio Technology: SRS WOW®, BBE®, Dolby® Digital

Analog Tuner In - Yes
Digital Tuner In - Yes (ATSC HD for OTA)
Component1(HD) In - YPbPr/YCbCr, audio R/L
Component2(HD) In - YPbPr/YCbCr, audio R/L
Component3(HD) In - YPbPr/YCbCr, audio R/L
AV1 In - CVBS, S-video, audio R/L
AV2 In - CVBS, S-video, audio R/L
AV3 In - CVBS, S-video, audio R/L
AV4 In - CVBS, S-video, audio R/L
AV5 In - CVBS, audio R/L
AV Out - Analog TV-CVBS out, audio R/L
SPDIF Out - Yes
DVI-D In - Yes, with HDCP
HDMI In - Yes, with HDCP
PC D-Sub In - Yes
PC Audio In - Yes
Headphone Out - Yes

My main question is would this unit be fine for xbox360, or would something with a lower response time be better.

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It's seems too good to be true[EDIT]. The Bay carries it. Has anyone seen this TV? If so, is it any good?
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I'm thinking of picking one up next week.
Acer TV products are also available to from computer stores, so check in with them as that is more of a price rat-race.

I recently picked up an Acer AL2416W for my PC ( 24" 1920x1080 ) and it is a sweet monitor and cheap too !

- Andy
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Can the backlight be adjusted on this TV? I know the brightness can be adjusted but the more expensicve LCD TV's have a backlight adjustment setting. I can't see a setting for it anywhere. If not, then that is not a good thing. Is the backlight at full brightness all the time?
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Looking into this TV as a possible purchase, more opinions would be helpful
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[EDIT] BTW The ACER has detachable side speakers.
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Picked up this LCD at The Bay (Canada only) this weekend at a very good price (since I can not post anything about pricing, you will have to go to The Bay to find out). So far it seems that it can not support 1080p via DVI. tried it and it screws up the screen real bad. Tried on HDMI and it seems to do 1080i (real bad image) and not accepatable at all for PC work. The manual states for DVI/VGA the vid card should be set at 1360x768p and it looks ok at this setting. But so far can not get 1080p from a PC output. I am using 7900GTX SLI. Will play some more with the HDMI since thats what some Oz's pple seem to have gotten to work at 1080p. One heavy sucker...even without the side speakers.

No backlite adjustments. Just basic brightness and contrast, color temp (cold, mid-old, standard, mid-warm, warm), scenerios mode (game,movie,sports etc) and noise reduction. Thats about the adjustments on the DVI input.
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Follow up:

Well I was able to get the ACER to accept 1920x1080@30hz but not at 60hz via DVI, no luck with the HDMI port tho. I just let the Nvidia panel set up the rez for HD TV and not for a monitor and the sucker sync right in, even at 30hz the text is sharp, no flicker, rock solid. Now go and do some game testing...happy camper now...

EDIT: well after a game test the LCD is screwed up again. 1080i was sharp now its not any more and I can not seem to get it fix to what it was before the game test. Tried 1080p and the set locks out witht "out of range" message and its a bugger to get it bac to any display since even in SAFE MODE the rez 800x600 or 640x480 is not supported by the TV. Have to hook up HDMI to get a pic back as long as I have screwed up the HDMI settings.
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For those still intrested.

This LCD over DVI will do 1080p but only at 50hz. Some games like BF2 will not run at 1080p@50hz, but PREY and QUAKE4 at native WS mode not at 1080p will run, Oblivion and GRAW does run at 1080p@50hz. Still a little disapointed that it will not run at 1080p@60hz via DVI.

Will support 1080p at 25/29.97/50hz. Now on to HDMI and VGA testing.
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Thanks for the testing and the detailed information Tinker. I was considering this unit but I think I'll pass, since main use would be with an HTPC and no 1080p at 60 Hz is a big letdown.
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Just a follow up. This set will do 1080p. HDMI and VGA will accept 1080p at 60hz but with a LOT of overscan, I can scale it to fit but then I dont get 1:1. But thru DVI I can get a rock solid 1080p at 50hz at 1:1. This was an issue at one point since some games do not run at 50hz like BF2. But by setting the refresh in the Nvidia vid control panel to 60hz, BF2 runs fine. Its funny but the vid card is doing 60hz referesh and the display is set for 50hz and everthing works fine. All games are now working at 1080p at 50hz. GRAW and Oblivion always support 1080p at 50hz with now probm. But by setting the refresh rate to 60hz all games are now working.

EDIT: The games seem to be running at 60hz even tho the display OSD shows 1920x1080p @ 50hz, I have a Logitech G15 keyboard and I programed the LCD display to show the display settings for benchmarking and it shows 1920x1080p @ 60hz and its seems that games are running at 60hz. I just reran PREY demo and I get a locked 60fps.

But Darkstar One demo is locked at 50fps (game maybe?)...so I am lost as to what the real refresh rate is but hey its all working either at 50/60hz fine so I am just sweating the small stuff .

EDIT2: just ran QUAKE 4 with Vsync on and the frames are around 60fps.
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Tinker, do you get any tearing of the image due to the 60 Hz video card refresh played back with a 50 Hz display refresh ?
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Originally Posted by crabnebula View Post

Tinker, do you get any tearing of the image due to the 60 Hz video card refresh played back with a 50 Hz display refresh ?

Yes some but not a major issue since that rarely happens. But I only really happens when I am watching DVDs, so I just set the rehresh to 50hz when I do that. It does not happens often enuf in games so I tend to leave it at 60hz (esp for BF2) where games that do not offer 50hz. Oblivion and GRAW both support 50hz. PREY, and all the other DOOM engined games seem to work since they have their own widescreen settings that just fills the display at what ever rez you set from their offerings.

Just a word of warning if plpe is using Nvidia vid cards. Their 9 series drivers has major issues with DVD play back. The drivers will work (a few mins to an hour sometimes) for a while then goes nuts leaving the display with corrupt image or locked black and white horz stripes. I spent 2 weeks trying to resolve this and finally DL some mod'd 8 series ( http://www.driverheavendownloads.net/zeropoint.htm ) drivers and the DVD issue disappeared. Games were never a prob after the 1st week, after fig'ing how to make them run.

EDIT: just retested the display and with the new drivers I can not set the vid card refresh to 50hz anymore without text corruption (still testing). But at 60hz with the display set for 50hz, tearing only appears when there is a stobe like image on the screen such as in beginning of Starwars 1 (ep: 4) when the door on rebel ship is blown open, there is a tear just at its brigtest part.

EDIT: EDIT: my bad...50hz still can be set, just a little brain dump and now reset and everything is as it should be again .

Note that this is only used with a PC. I am mainly using this display as a monitor. I havent used any other inputs except the DVI, HDMI and VGA for testing. I have mine connected with DVI since both the HDMI and VGA is OScanned too much and both didnt look as sharp as the DVI. It seems that the HDMI is converted to anolog (????) inside the set since the PC image is no where as sharp as when connected by DVI.

Also when running "some" games with the vid refresh rate of 60hz set, the display OSD shows 1920x1080@30hz and some show 50hz. But BF2 regardless of setting runs at its max of 100fps regardless.

EDIT2: Tearing is very minor and its seems I am making it sound worst then it really is but its not. I quess I am still sweating over the small stuff to much...TESTing continues..
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Thanks for all the info, once again!
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My TV turned on yesterday automatically after a electric outage in the area. I was lucky to went home 5 minutes after the outage. I think that will be annoying if I am out-town for 2 weeks or so with the TV burning-in at a blue screen (it was at DVI connection). Is that normal?

When I am not using the TV, should I turn it off using the power button on the remote or TV front panel (which leaves a orange light on the power), or do i have to crawl at the back of the TV and turn off the power switch at the back?

BTW, what's your firmware version and manufacture date?
I have 1.03 (Appc) and 2006 Week 16
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I have it hooked up to my mac pro with a dvi to hdmi cable and only get 1920x1080 interlaced @ 60hz. What does that mean?
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I have this TV and it is primarily used as a gaming TV as it is in the study.
I have the following connected to it:

HTPC via DVI. Need to mess with it to get it to run at 50hz. Currently 30hz but this is OK considering TV is 30 frames anyway. Don't play games through it on the PC. Picture is nice and sharp. Looks great. Zero overscan.

Xbox 360 via VGA. Perfect picture quality with zero overscan. This set was made for Xbox 360. VGA is the best signal for the 360 (sucks to not have DVI or hdmi) and it looks great.

PlayStation 3 via HDMI. 1080P goodness here. PS3 might not have the technical power of the Xbox 360 (those who say otherwise don't have any real clue ), but it does have HDMI and 1080P. Games like ridge racer look super sharp. In fact you can see some jagged edges on the visuals. Zero overscan and great image.

Overall the set is about $3000 AU here in Australia and its a great set. Currently will use it for Blu Ray as well until new tech sets in and I'll look to replace the Pana 50 I use for home theatre.

Edit: here is an update on the TV. The aliasing errors I had noted were a result of the panel not accepting a 1080P signal properly over HDMI. It appears that it does not like the signal possibly because the panel was released before HDMI v3 was finalised. Who knows. The end result is that HDMI is not useful for 1080P. Back to using component (which does 1080P) but it has issues with image clairty in comparison with the HDMI signal. Time to investigate shielded component cables for PS3 or to look at returning the TV.
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Hey all,

Has anybody been verifiably able to get the AT3705-DTV (North American version) to run in 1080p using a PC with a DVI or HDMI connection (preferably DVI, as the video quality is vastly superior)... I've tried all of the settings I can find around, and none of the custom resolutions (1919x1080, 1928x1080, 1912x1080) give any results, nor do any of the refresh rates (50, 55, 60). The best I've been able to get is the TOP of the image to be stable at 50Hz, and the BOTTOM of the image vanishes into nothingness (can post pic if needed).

Using standard DVI from a Geforce 7900GS and 1920x1080@30Hz, the image is totally messed (fonts are unreadable, the interlacing is horrible). Strangely, using an old ATI Radeon 9200SE and a X800XL, I am able to get nice output on the DVI, but it's still interlaced - when there is motion, interlacing artifacts are visible - but at least the image is much better than with the Geforce.

Setting the screen to 1366x720 works fine. The TV firmware ("2, 3, 4, 5, Menu" on the remote) is v1.03.

Any help, anyone?

Thanks a lot!

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I can get 30hz to work fine on the DVI input and 60hz to work on HDMI via DVI to HDMI cable. The actual res is 1928X1080. Try and mess with powerstrip until you get the right settings.

A note to the PS3 doing 1080P I have since discovered that this TV does not support 1080P via HDMI properly for PS3. Upon closer inspection there is interferrance on the left side of the panel with messed up pixels. In addition the frame rate stutters on the panel at 1080P almost as though it is only processing half the frames or signal. It is therefore not recommended for HDMI for ps3.
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Ok, I've successfully gotten it to run over DVI at 1920x1080 at 50Hz, non-interlaced. DVI->HDMI was awful, the picture quality was abysmal; my DVI method worked rather well and got a verifiable progressive image, no more of that stupid interlacing junk.

A note: I was NOT able to get it to work with a Geforce 7600GS, no matter how much I tried. Switching to an ATI Radeon X800XL worked wonderfully.

I did post up two images on Imageshack with the Powerstrip settings, but the board doesn't allow me to add them until I get to 5 posts. But if anything, just try adding a custom resolution of 1920x1080p@50Hz with default settings, it should work.


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Well I am going to see what I can get out of the whole mix. The plan is to use a DVI cable to my Dell XPS 1710 with the nforce 9250gtx. Add on some wireless and have a killer setup.

The hole cable thing seems confusing but from what I read DVI is the way to go for a PC. Now does lower res. work better?

For audio sake do you see any gain using one over the other? 1/8 sterio vs RCA vs what else?
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What kind of cable do I need for the DVI on the monitor?

Sorry for the dumb post but I do not have access to the monitor nor found the information I wanted on Acer's site. Also I don't know the difference either.
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Have any of you tried using the S-video inputs at the back of the TV? I tried using mine last night and it's almost like i dropped down to using RF instead... there were artifacts everywhere and the edges were all smudged out.... even the same source but using composite instead of S-video gives a much sharper and cleaner image...

any one come across this on their AT3705-DTV?
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Has anyone calibrated this set yet? I'm wondering what settings you guys are finding useful.

Also, my image is slightly off centre to the right (like 2-3%) any tips for fixing this up?
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OK I just switched my computer connected to the TV from one with ATI Radeo 9800 Pro to a Nvidia 7600GT.
My Result:
on ATI (driver 6.9 - 7.2) , I can get 1920x1080 @52fps through DVI, but DVI->HDMI didn't work
on Nvidia (driver 93.71 - 93.81), I can only get 1920x1080 @30fps through DVI, but the text is messed up and unreadable. After reading other's result, I think I'll try DVI->HDMI. Is there any custom timing setting that you guys can provide (Nvidia or Powerstrip) for 50fps or even 60fps?

Now I have locked in to 1920x1080 and couldn't see anything when I turn on the computer...guess I have messed something up... may have to uninstalled Powerstrip in safe mode and try again.
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Hi All,

I just picked this up at a decent price (open box, floor model). They handed me a form for a mail-in rebate, but I need the UPC from the box!!!

Does anyone have one I could buy/trade for??? Please let me know!!!
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I have two of these TV's and both are hooked up to my Home Theater setups. In neither case do I get sound when I try to use my OTA antenna.

The sound must be coming out from one of the outputs because the headphone jack has sound - any ideas? Should it be the SPDIF (which I hope is not the case since neither of my receivers has a SPDIF in)?
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