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Extend Bose Speaker Wire  

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I have a friend who wants to use his Bose Lifestyle 20 setup for surround sound on his new plasma. However, he wants to place the two rear small cube Bose speakers in the back of the room. This will require wire to be ran through the wall and ceiling. I know Bose has all their proprietary stuff, but will I be able to splice into the regular wire, and run standard 14-2 or 12-2 to the location, then crimp back the Bose connectors at each end (speaker and receiver)? Please let me know. I know the Lifestyle 20 doesn't switch component video either, so I was just going to use that for the audio, and run component from the DVD->Plasma and HDMI from the DirecTV->Plasma for the video. How does this sound?

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That will work. I did this at my old house.
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Can anyone else confirm this? I just want to be certain before I go splicing into his Bose system. Thanks!
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Wouldn't the worst case scenereo be to just re-splice the old wire back together if it doesn't work for you?
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BOSE makes extension wire for their systems. Call them...they sent me some free of charge several years ago.
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Yes, tell your pal to purchase the extension wire. Even better, tell him to buy some better speakers. :D Sorry, I had to.
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Splicing the wire will work just fine. Make sure and get the polarity right though. Bose wire has little ridges on the negative side.
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