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I just read through your entire construction thread and you left us hanging.

1) Did you resolve the painting of the screen frame supports problem?
2) How do you like the sheerweave 4500 screen material?
3) Did you finish the trim work on the riser, stage and walls?
4) Did you finish applying the wall fabric?
5) Do you have any updates and photos to share?
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I am guessing the janus line from dazian.com?
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Sorry all for leaving this thread hanging like I did but life got in the way as it always seems to do. The basement took a back seat to school, work, sports, and life in general but I am back and ready to finish this thing off. I am tired of adjusting the lens every time I switch from 16:9 and 2.35:1 and my wife is ready for closure on this beast

I can not believe it has been a year since I last posted anything. And unfortunately for me not a lot has gotten done in this last year in the basement. Last time I posted I still had the following left to do:

- Carpet had just really gone in and I was getting equipment in.
- There was a ton of trim work left to do in the main basement and in the theater room
- Only a small part of the fabric in the HT was up and none of the soffits we completed
- Finish the HT celing
- Massive painting effort on trim work
- None of my HVAC stuff was installed
- And a myriad of other things that however small add up to a lot of work to get them done
-Wanted to do a MAME cabinet but had not started yet, etc, etc, etc

You get the idea. Well, I have finally started getting the remainder of the items completed and feel that I can be COMPLETE within 2 weeks. My wife and kids are heading to Ohio for a couple weeks this coming Friday and I will be all alone with nothing to do so it is high time I get things completed.

First up will be the MAME cabinet. Here is a bit older set of pics of the cabinet and the control panel.

All that is left on this is painting and finishing up/installing the marquee. I will be working on the marquee tonight so I can get it over to the printer for printing. I am going to back light it with a black light so it should look fairly nice. I might be able to get the thing painted tonight as well. High gloss black. I need to figure out what I can do for side marquees

Next up will be the anamorphic lens. I have the prisms but I need to take the projector down and set it up in the living room so I can get the angles set up properly. Building it will be easy once I get the prism angles set.

Some things I can do with little work are things like light trims. I have 7 cans that I do not have trims for but all it takes is a trip to Lowe's to get them done.

I made a pretty extensive list of things to get done and I have already begun to make a dent in the list. If I just take 1 hour each evening after my daughter goes to bed I can get a lot accomplished and things will be done before you know it.

One thing I think I may be regretting is the seats. Not a comfort issue mind you, just a noise issue. They are not the quietest things in the world and any movement causes squeaks and such. They are simply not what I was hoping for. A couple of the backs catch on each other when you lean back but that may be a poor installation problem as my stanchions may be a bit close together even though I measured twice. I may also remove all my seats this weekend and reinstall them but I am afraid of how the current screw holes in the riser will affect re-installation.

Keep an eye out as there will be a lot more pics to come soon.

To answer some of the questions in previous posts.

1. I did get the painting of the support post issue resolved. I used black velvet wrapped around the posts from behind and stapled in. Worked perfectly.

2. I love the Sheerweave 4500 material. Looks great and no sound issues at all to my ears. Electronics might say otherwise but I likely could not tell anyway.

3. Trim work on the riser and stage is getting completed this weekend, including painting.

4. All wall fabric is up and looks great. Had a couple ripples in the upper fabric but they disappeared once I got the AC hooked up downstairs. I think it was a humidity issue.

5. More photos to come

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Oops, I forgot to answer a question. The black fabric I am using is not Dazian. It is a black fabric purchased at Hancock fabrics. Very thick with a white backing that does not show through even under direct lighting. I was concerned about that before but after testing I was confident it would look great and does.

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Well I haven't posted any photos in a while so here are a few. I am 98% complete with the basement and only have a few minor issues to deal with.

This is a shot of the wrestling wall. The plan is to have all of our HS wrestlers sign it.

Looking out into the basement from the wrestling room

And a view of the TV viewing area

My wife's scrapbooking area

The bar area

Winmau Blade 3 board. Nice!

Down the hall towrd HT (on right) Sewer piping and cleanout behind curtains at end of hall

Stairs to upstairs

Full basement bathroom

And the theater room. Still some work to be done in here. I need to paint the ceiling and all the trim, make some panels for the crawlspace and subwoofer areas, extend outlets and add stair nosings. I may be changing carpet to something darker but not sure yet. We'll see what my wife thinks about it.

I am planning on completing all painting this weekend which will help darken up the room a lot. Tomorrow night I am going to get my anamorphic lens built I hope.

More photos to come soon.

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No new pics to show but I did finally get to painting the trim in the theater room black. Got about 2/3 of it done last night. I should finish the rest this evening and get the ceiling painted as well. Painting the ceiling is a temporary measure until I get around to make them starfield panels. More pics to come tomorrow I hope.

I also got my home-built anamorphic lens partially built but I am not happy with the picture quality. Too much visible CA and a serious loss of focus toward the sides. I have tried all orientations of prisms and none help at all. So I am re-thinking the 2.35:1 idea now. I can't afford an aftermarket lens (took a 10% pay cut a couple months ago) so I am considering changing from 2.35:1 back to 1.78:1. I am starting to think that masking for 2.35:1 would be better than zooming. Now don't get me wrong; I love the scope screen but to do it right would cost me more than I have to spend.

I can afford a new piece of material from Seymour AV and can build a new screen fairly cheap so I will probably go that way unless someone else has any ideas. Ideas are always appreciated.

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I don't remember what projector you have, John.. is it <1080? If so, it may be worth an upgrade to an AE3000 that can do automatic zoom which I think could be considered "almost right" (certainly from an ease of use standpoint). At least the cost is much more justifiable than an anamorphic lens, IMO.
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Are you using trophy prisms? You may want to consider prisms from surplus shed otherwise known as the french prisms. Here's a link to the thread about them.


I've never had a focus issue.

Here is a link to the website.


If you decide to go this route you should call them first and make sure they have them in stock. If they don't they wait till they have enough orders to get them produced. Good luck.
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I am using trophy prisms. Again the cost (they were really cheap) was why I went with them. Maybe I should order some french prisms from the site and try those before I commit to changing screens.


I would love to change PJs, but again cost is an issue. If I were to choose from a new PJ or a new lens, the lens would win. I like my Sanyo PLV-Z4 a lot and I can use that with a lens. One day I'll get my 10% back and life will be good again. Or maybe I'll get a new job one day for even more money and do another theater LOL

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Well I got all my trim painted in the last couple days and tonight I am installing ceiling registers in the HT and getting the ceiling painted black I bet it really gets dark in there after I do that! All that will be left to do in the HT is:

1. Install sconces
2. Make removable panels for sub-woofer and crawlspace access
3. Paint faces of stage/riser/steps
4. Install stair nosing
5. Install stair lighting
6. Finish fabric panels for columns

Note to self on #5: plan to need these. Several people have tripped when the lights are off so I NEED them. After all the research on HT stuff at AVS I still neglected to plan for step/riser lights so there is no power to the riser and carpeting/seats are installed. Tonight I need to figure out what to do. I would hate to tear anything out when I am 98% done but I may have to. We'll see. I hate when crap goes wrong.


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