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LG 42 inch LCD with built in DVR  

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Review of LG brand; Model: 42LB1DR

This is the best large screen LCD I have seen yet (next to Sony of course). I have had 3 flat panel LCDs in my house in the last 60 days.

First, a 37 inch Philips which I really liked, but it had terrible (almost non-existent) PC hookup (we do about 30% PC and Xbox and 70% TV and movies). So I took advantage of Best Buys 30-day in-home trial and returned it.

I was just in time to bring home the new 42 inch Westinghouse LCD we were all waiting for. It was great - for 15 days. Looking back now, it is a great monitor and an OK TV. I downgrade it due to poor side viewing. It starting not turning on with the remote or when pressing the side button after about 8 hours of being off. I could get it on but had to unplug and replug it. Not something I wanted to do long term. So off to the Best Buy and their repair shop.

I was informed 2 1/2 weeks later is was not coming back as it had a bad main board, but to come in pick out a new TV. Wow, maybe I can get something even newer. The LG 42 inch LCD with built in DVR had arrived the day before. Wow!

Can I say, if you have a large screen LCD on your shopping list, run, don't walk, to your closest Best Buy or electronics store and buy this baby. I have never been real crazy about the image of big TVs, but with this unit, I feel like my life is now complete.

Where do I start? It has 178 degree viewing. It is bright, clear (remember it is an LCD, so a plasma [who knows how long they will last] may be a bit sharper) but this unit has deep, rich color beyoond anything I have ever had in my house. HD TV is awesome. It comes with a built in HDTV DVR and Tivo similar features on menu with no subscriptions. Media records to its own 160 gig HD and can even record direct to the hard drive without the Cable card when connecting direct to cable coaxial.

It has a downloadable on screen TV Guide, and is Digital Cable ready so the cable box is not needed unless you have to have Pay Per View. Cable card comes from the cable company at no charge for me. My wife has been commenting on high bright and clear this unit is. I could go on. Third time is a charm for me. PTL!
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Congrats on the 42! I love my 37 inch LG LCD it's basically the little brother to your TV. Very clear picture, not a bad seat in the house, TV guide is sweet and works well. I have absolutely no on axis/off axis problems with viewing, and the purple tint/haze thing doesn't exist. If it ever did exist, LG took care of it with the S-IPS panel. (search for my thread "new 37LB1DA"). There are some people who have had problems with your TV in this forum, but take everything with a grain of salt. Most of them are nay sayers. Everyone I talked to outside this forum love your TV and have had no problems with it. Do you have the cable card hooked up and does it work well with the DVR?

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Cable card is on the way in 2 more days. Had to be scheduled with the cable company. They charge a nominal fee for install (15.99) but the card is free of monthly fees. I don't do Pay Per View or find the Comcast "On Demand" of any interest, so with built in TV Guide on the TV, HD viewing, and the DVR working well, I am set. Hoping to wall mount this baby soon. Just bought an extendable mount good for up to 130 pounds. Later...
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So tell us - how is SD on this set?
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Originally Posted by Rammitinski
So tell us - how is SD on this set?
SD picture is good to very good. No complaints.
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Again, my third flat panel in less than 45 days due to issues (see my first post). This unit - LG 42LB1DR - LCD has the best pedestal stand I have seen yet. It has got the coolest and sturdiest swivel by far. If you have to, or choose to, wall mount this beautiful unit, you may have questions on removing the stand.

I called the 24/7 LG Service at 1-800-243-0000, and of course they had no answers. This was a real question, right?

So, to remove the stand you will need to remove 6 bolts/screws along the near bottom edge on the back. These are all in a horizontal line. The stand is well-fitted in the center slot of the frame. Once these 6 six "screws" are removed the entire pedestal stand will slide down with a twist or two. Don't let it drop on your foot! It was a bit scary pulling out so many screws along the back bottom edge thinking, oh my!, the LCD screen might be dropping out any moment, but you are nowhere close. It was removed fairly easily, and of course it was meant to be removed to be wall mounted. Happy viewing!

PS The wall bracket install was a piece of cake with 2 people, good tools, and actually reading some instructions. Installed on an interior wall. Used a standard door holesaw (2 1/8 inch diameter I believe) and ran cables into a storage closet so I don't have to be too fussy on the back side. I cut 2 holes at each spot - 1 inside and one on outside of wall. Any of these holes can be covered over with a standard sized wall plate. A bit of patience and about 2 hours later, it was pretty much done.
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Has anyone in Canada tried this set? Wondering if the TV guide would work...
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I bought the LG set a couple weeks ago. I choose an LCD since it is in a sunroom and I didn't want to have glare issues. I choose this LG model since it had the CC and a DVR. Perfect for the wall mount.

So far I love the TV. The picture is great and sound is very good. Even SD content with CC is very good and changing the picture ratio is quick and easy with one button (under the slide in the remore). The picture with CC is better than with the HD box. My only negatives are the TVGOS (spotty updates and inability to easily list based on channel numbers) and the fact that the V Chip/parental controls do not work with a CC.

*** Marine - to take the stand off, do you just remove the four screws which appear to hold it on. I couldn't find 6 screws aligned horizontally across the bottom. Thanks.
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