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Comcast DCT-6412 claims it's out of space?

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I've searched but haven't come up with anything, hoping you guys can help out. My Comcast HD-DVR recently had it's firmware upgrade by Comcast which changed some menus, etc.

Several times since that upgrade (and never prior to it) the DVR has mysteriously claimed that it is 100% full and has stopped recording or failed to record scheduled shows.

If I go into the recordings menu the unit will show that it is 100% full even though there might be just a few programs there. If I delete any of the programs the capacity indicated will show correct and it will start working properly again.

This is a really obnoxious bug and when I reported it to Comcast they begged ignorance of it. Is this a known problem and are there any known fixes or workarounds?

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Noone else is having this problem?
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Try rebooting it? Pull the plug for like 30 seconds, that has fixed many weird little quirks that come up.

Just curious, do you have a phase II or phase III box? What firmware update did you get that changed the menus all around? Where are you located?
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Try doing either/or of the full reset procedures found here:


click on "resets" under "Major Sections" for the step-by-step.
You might also want to look under the "Bugs" section to see if anyone else has seen this problem.
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Thanks for the link and recommendations. I have been considering a full wipe anyways to see if it would clear up the issue, I figure since noone else has the problem it's either a full reset or a new box for me.
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I have a somewhat similar problem. If I have no recordings, it indicates 0% full. But the first recording, even if it is just a 1/2 hour analog SD program immediately changes the indication to 30% full.

I think there are some file fragments taking up space somewhere but I don't have a way to delete them. Some programs I had recorded were mysteriously truncated about the time this problem appeared.

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Yeah, I'm thinking that disk fragmentation could be causing these problems as well, but I'm not aware of any way to force a defrag.
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It could also be a software issue: A certain amount of the HD is used at all times to record the current rewind buffer, for overhead, etc. That could be factored into the numbers when there are items recorded, but without any, some non-techie developer or QA person might have thought we wanted to see 0%, even though that wasn't the case.
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I first noticed the 30%-used-on-first-recording problem around the time of the recent Comcast firmware update, which may or may not be relevant. I'm certain it hasn't always behaved that way.
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Mine never had a problem like this until after the update happened. Three times now it has gone from showing 40% or so full to having a warning screen pop up that says that it is 100% full and that it cannot record anything until a program is deleted.

More than likely I will do a full wipe on it this weekend in an attempt to fix it.
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I've recently seen this problem as well. Don' t want to lose my recordings just yet, but if it happens again I may just have to.
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Well, I was getting into the habit of shutting my box off at night when this problem started to occur.

It occurred to me that it might be happening because the machine wasn't getting time to defrag the disk, etc, so I just leave it on 24/7 now and the problem has not recurred.
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I don't have Comcast, but I have 2 6412's...

The one does not have this issue. The other one does...

I use my box mainly for HD recording and transferring and the wife uses hers for daytime SD shows...

Her box has the issue. But it's not fixed by simply deleting a show (since she watches shows every day...), we just got in the habit of rebooting the box every couple of days...

Eventually I think the box is going to blow up and then I'll have to trade it in for a new one...but she doesn't want to lose days of recordings until she has to...

Both boxes have the exact same firmware and software so it's definately something wrong with the programming of the box, or just the box itself...

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YES I have the same problem (near Chicago) AND the things the people told you to do have been done OVER and OVER... boxes have been changed 6 times. Resetting will only work at best 4 days....then "it is FULL".....
Comcast has changed ALL cables ALL fittings...ALL connections...THEY can't find (or didn't admit to ) the problem until I contacted Motorola.

There is some sort of "conflict" in their firmware. by resetting the BOX it can or will clear all out BUT then when reconnected...the box automatically downloads latist firmware.............DA (comcast)..........the problem is IN the last firmware.

Now since the last tech was there (1-31) it shows 47% full even when there is 2 minutes on it.

Here...this will really upset the apply cart.....I was told (by a Comcast tech)...when the boxes are taken back to warehouse they are "reburbished"......
Now keep in mind this is an intermittent problem...meaning is happens once in a while....when they try to test to find the problem with THEIR diagnostic equipment...it shows OK (for that few min)...then the box is put back on the pile and goes out tomorrow as a "New" or reburbished box...UNTIL they try to install it the 5th time,...then it clocks out...as being too many installs.

Real class operation they have going there huh.

IF I should hear of a "fix"...I will pass it along to all
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One thing I noticed with this problem is that if I never turned off the box it seemed less likely to run into the problem, almost like if it was turned off I was interfering with it's ability to "defrag" the disk.

Sadly the 6412 box died a couple of months back and Comcast replaced it with the newer version, which has an entirely different set of problems.
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That sounds like what any company would do under the same circumstances. The fix, actually, needs to be implemented by Motorola (or a contractor), and then provided to Comcast. Again, very typical.
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I posted a message in the 3412 thread about this a while ago, and no one answered.
There was another thread also recently, with little response.

My relative was having a lot of problems with this before with weekly series recordings on the 3412, but now it is less often, except for usually not wanting to record daily series recordings.

I had this problem for a short while, still happens once in a while on a 6412.
Also, it would cancel daily recordings.

The 3412 was reset and it helped somewhat.
I didn't reset the 6412, and it subsided by itself.
Neither tried the reformatting, though; I don't think it would help, but maybe it will.

Movies always record.

Also, deleting a program isn't always necessary, usually just entering the recordings list, exiting, then pressing record works. But what good is it, if it isn't automated.
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I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're saying the problem is.
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Originally Posted by bicker1 View Post

I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're saying the problem is.

The problem is the DVR will be at less than 100%, not even close to 100%, and when a series recording is suppposed to start, it says the DVR is full, and when one checks the recordings list, it is falsely now shows 100%, sometimes requiring a deletion or two; the problem being that it won't record, if one isn't there.
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I've never had that problem on any of my Motorola DVRs. Sorry.
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I was just told that I should record a 3 to 5 minute clip and then when this problem occurs, erase the clip and the problem will go away. Then record another 3 to 5 minute clip for the next time the problem occurs.

Seems kind of hokey, but I'll give it a shot.

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Originally Posted by David Baldwin View Post

I was just told that I should record a 3 to 5 minute clip and then when this problem occurs, erase the clip and the problem will go away. Then record another 3 to 5 minute clip for the next time the problem occurs.

Seems kind of hokey, but I'll give it a shot.

Actually, once we needed to delete two programs. Sometimes one deletion is fine, but, often just going to DVR Recordings, and exiting allows it to record.

But, that doesn't solve the problem, because the biggest benefit of a DVR is unattended recording.

Their answer is unstisfactory. They should have said for the time being, to have a program to delete, and that Comcast and/or Motorola is working on a firmware fix.
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I'm really surprized that you haven't been experienceing this. Up here in Shawland (Canada) it is a very common occurrance.

I don't know of a solution but the workaround we use is to always have a couple 1 minute garbage recordings. It seems that once you delete 1 of them then the space returns to normal.
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