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This is going to be depressing to add up how much I have spent, but here we go. I am only including what is in my main system rather than all of my other amps, DVD players,etc...
1) Martin Logan Vantage: 5,695
2) Martin Logan Stage: 2,999
3) Martin Logan Vista: 4,295
4) Martin Logan Montage: 1,500
5) Paradigm Servo 15: 1,750
6) Parasound HCA-2205: 2,000
7) Aragon 8008BB: 2,700
8) Sony KDS-55A3000: 2,300
9) Pioneer BDP-05FD: 800
10) OPPO DV-980H 170
11) Pioneer BDP-51FD 600
12) Sony PS3 60GB 600
13) Onkyo TX-SR875 1,700
14) Kimber Kable 2,000 (All Speaker Cables/Interconnects)
15) Audioquest HDMI-X(5): 900
16) XBOX 360 Elite: 500
17) Denon DVD-3910: 1,500

Total: $31,409.00 at retail. Given how frowned upon discussions of equipment below retail is, I will just post current replacement value. Sadly, much of this was purchased close to these prices.
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My VERY modest system:

Denon AVR-1910 - $549
Sony Playstation 3 - $399
Apple TV - $229
AT&T Uverse for TV
Samsung HLS-5687W 56" DLP TV - $1949 (2.5 years ago)

Looking to get a dedicated Blu-ray player maybe by years end (Black Friday deal?)

Speakers: (Will be here this week)

Energy C-50 Speakers (Front and rear)
Energy C-C50 Center Channel Speaker
Energy S8.3 Subwoofer

Got the whole setup for $399 shipped

Replaced some old speakers I wish not to name.
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Originally Posted by gts007 View Post

My modest 2 channel system:

Wilson Audio Grand SLAMM Series II ($78,000 /pair)

DAC5 Signature ($64,000), M10 preamp ($68,000), Ongaku amp ($79,000)

Ayre C-5xe stereo universal disc player ($6,000)

22x20 dedicated listening room featuring $19,000 invested in acoustic treatment.

I hope to upgrade soon; I will be doing a complete overaul of this system and the room.

My house is just under $100,000.

Yeah, you need an upgrade. I am sure the bad sound sends chills up your spine.
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Originally Posted by Raymond Leggs View Post

An emerson AS2680 All in one stereo fom 1992 $5.00 used (no speakers)
A pair of fullrange soundesign towers $8.00 Used (loose back panel repaired by me)
A technics Graphic equalizer $3.00 used. (works and looks like new)
A JVC tape deck $10.00 Used. (works like a charm)
A JVC double cassete tapedeck $3.00 used
A pioneer SAV-700 integrated amp $1.00 used (broken I wish I knew how to fix it)
a Durabrand Home theare system w/o DVD player (new) $39.00
A pair of RCA bookshelf speakers $6.50 used
An old electrobrand micro stereo from around 1998 (MIB) for $10.00 at a pawn shop

I bet someone is going to ask where i keep getting that good old used gear!

Brings back memories of my Army days (1986-1991).

I recall having 2 Carver power amps (cheapest they had) and ran them each in mono.
A Carver Pre-amp
A Carver Am/FM Tuner
A Nakamichi Single well casette deck
A Teac dual well casette deck
A Sony 5 disc cd changer
A Sansui audio timer
A Reverb amp (can't remember brand)
A 10 band graphic equalizer (brand?)
A DBX range expander

And a pair of JBL 4312A. Had that stuff stacked all up on each other. Called it Mikes Tower of Power.

A wiring nightmare. Kept moving around and finally did a wiring diagram after the 3rd move, otherwise it would take 2+ hours of trial and error to get it right.
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My lowly system compared to most of yours....

Home Theater:
AV123 Rocket Signature RS850 Fronts
AV123 Rocket Signature RS450 Rears
AV123 Rocket Signature RSC200 Center
AV123 MFW-15 Subwoofer (and it works!)
Total Paid: $2600 shipped

Onkyo TX-SR876 ($1000)
Sony Playstation 3 ($340)
Denon DVD-1940CI ($80)
Samsung HL67A750 67" LED DLP TV ($1700)

Not going to include furniture and etc..

Desktop System:
AV123 ELT525M Monitors ($42 - only had to pay shipping =) )
Harman Kardon AVR-247 ($220 shipped)
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RCA RT2600 receiver- $159.00 Used

Sony SSB 3000's $100.00 ( I plan to go 7.1 in the future)

EPI model 110 Series 2 speakers $5.00 used

Insignia NSHT51 speaker package $159.99

Sony DVD player $25.00 Used

TV- didnt pay for it with my own $$

Sharp CDP $25.00 Used

JVC dual cassette deck $3.00 Used. I still occasionally rock the cassette!

Zenith VCR $3.00 Used

Speaker selector $3.00 used.

Other audio junk (no telling how much I spent)
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Ino audio i32s
Ino audio profundus Y-4
Ino audio cr80s
Nad 208
Rotel RB-1090
Denon 2106
Pioneer DV-668
VPI HW-19mk4, RB-250, Ortofon OM-40
Morello phonostage

Most are bought used and the total cost is 13,000$. Retail are little over the double, 27,000$.
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Alright, I'll give this a go...

Receiver: Denon AVR-5700 - Purchased new in 1999 for $2000.
Speakers: B&W DM601S3 - 3x LCR, B&W DM600S3 - 4x Surround - Purchased new in 2006 for $1750.
Subwoofer - Velodyne HGS-15THX - Purchased used in 2005 for $1500.
Blu-ray Disc Player - Pioneer BDP-51FD - Purchased new in 2009 for $250.

Total price paid = $5500. This does not include cables and my display, of course (Pioneer KRP-600M). I'm all about getting the most bang for the buck, so I try and seek out the best deals when I can.
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Okay,here's mine.
Sony-mf550h towers bestbuy sale $199
Sony-cn550h center bestbuy sale $99
Sony-sb1000 surrounds bestbuy sale $49
Hsu Vtf-1 Online sale $499
Pioneer Elite 92 $1500 amazon
Samsung bdp-1500 $199 bestbuy sale
SonyBravia kdl32m3000 899 i think when i got it back in 2008

not bad,but i like it. total $3444
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It is sad when I add it all up. Maybe I should of stuck to sports cars instead but I was the same addict with upgrades to cars....grrrr maybe I need to take up butterfly collecting?

Dynaudio Confidence C1 in piano black (20% surcharge) $8400 (got a deal)!
Dynaudio Stand4's for C1's: $500
Dynaudio Confidence Center in piano black: $8400 (got a deal)!
Dynaudio Focus 110 surrounds: $1500
Dynaudio Stand1's for 110's: $300
REL B1 Sub: $3000
REL B2 Sub: $2500

Rega Saturn CDP: $2500

Simaudio Titan Amp: $9400 (got a deal)!
NAD Masters M15 pre/pro: $3000
Musical Fidelity X-CAN Headphone amp and X-CAN Power Supply: $1000
Sennheiser HD650 Headphones: $500

Synergistic Research power cords: $2600
Shunyata Research Hydra 6 Power Conditioner: $1200
Nordost Blue Heaven IC's/Speaker Cables: $1500

Sony 55XBR8 Display: $5000 (purchased before current price drop)
Denon 3800 blu-ray: $2000
BDI Avion Noir cabinet for gear: $2400


And I still need errr want to upgrade my NAD M15 to a new pre/pro and I really want to move my C1's to the rear and add C2's to the front..and maybe even a dedicated stereo preamp with HT pass-thru.

It goes on and on I suppose.

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My system's

Main HT:
Samsung Plasma HPS5073 - 3,599.00
Marantz SR5003 AVR - 799.00
Sony BDP-S550 - 399.00 (I think, close enough)
Apple TV 169gig 320.00
Denon 5-disc cd FL8400 100.00
Mitsubishi HS HD2000U S-VHS 400.00
Motorola HD DVR (Comast, I get screwed monthly)
Klipsch RF-82 mains - 799.00
Klipsch RC-64 center - 390.00 (I know, I got lucky!!)
Klipsch RS-42 surrounds -300.00
Klipsch RS-42 rear single - 130.00
AV123 MFW-15 Duals - subwoofage 950.00 (plus 120 each shipping)

Total - 8,426.00

Second bedroom HT:
Samsung 26" LCD, forget the model - 899.00
Marantz SR-18EX THX Ultra - 350.00 (on eBay, last year)
Denon 1930CI DVD/DVD-Audio/SACD - 300.00 (2 years ago)
AV123 X-CS L/C/R - 117.00 (this was for all 3, plus 40 shipping)
Klipsch KT-DS surrounds - 200.00 (bought 10 years ago)
Klipsch KSW-300 subwoofage - 499.00 (10 years ago)

Total - 2,405.00

Basement 2.1 system:
Marantz 4270 Quad receiver - 398.00 (bought God knows how long ago)
Radioshack Mixer SSM-1750 - 179.00
Onkyo 5150 Amp - 100.00 (20 years ago)
Technics SL-2000 turntable (gift 28 years ago, RIP Bruce)
Technics RS-TR575 Dual Cassette Deck (gift)
AV123 X-LS mains - 69.00 (plus 20 shipping)
AV123 UFW-10 minus amp - 190.00 (plus 20 shipping)
Dayton SA240-B Plate Amp 109.00 (free shipping I believe)

Total - 857.00

I have enough stuff around to put together a few other systems, man this was an eye opener!
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Here's my 5.1 system:

FL/FR/SL/SR: Polk Audio R150 ($80/pair=$160)
Center: Polk Audio CSR ($100)
Subwoofer: BIC H-100 ($260)
AV Receiver: Sony STR-DG1000 ($540)
DVD/CD Player: Sony DVP-NC85H ($100)
VHS/DVD Recorder: Samsung DVD-VR330 ($180)
HDTV: Samsung DLP HL-S5086W ($1,300)
HD STB/DVR: Motorola DCT6412 III (from COMCAST)

Pictures here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...4#post16151494
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Realistic Electrostat 2 speakers
Realistic receiver
Fisherprice turntable
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Harman Kardon 2,000 AV-R55 & Scott Speakers 4 way,6 Driver 15" Woofers (1987) No idea how much these were maybe 6 or 7 hundred on up?
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Legion of Boom:

Center: DIY dual 12" woofer speaker, $500
Fronts: Cerwin Vega CLS-215 $800
Rears: Cerwin Vega CLS-215 $800
Front Wides: Bic Realta $250
Surrounds: Cerwin vega VE-15F $525
Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR1000(older flagship, not 1007) $800
Amplifier: 3 Behringer EP4000 $900
Equalizer: 3 Behringer FB:1502 $300
Sony Blu-Ray player $200
12 gauge speaker wire from Monoprice $200
Bagend Infrasub-18 $340
A/V racks $60
Looking for second sub

Spare Speakers: DIY downfiring 18" woofer speakers $1000
JBL Pro Speakers $850

Will blow the walls off at -51db.
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HK AVR254 used as processor only $162.50 delivered (new refurb)
Nady XA1100 amp $190 (new)
Nady XA1100 amp $200 (new)
Nady XA2100 amp $230 (new)
Behringer EPX2000 amp $290 (new)
Denon 3300 amp for surround speakers $500 (new)
12" TC Sounds driver for DIY sealed sub $162.50 (new)
12" TC Sounds driver for DIY sealed sub $162.50 (new)
12" Shiva-X driver for DIY sealed sub $220 (new)
18" Maelstrom-X driver for DIY sealed sub $350 (used)
Three Behringer MIC2200 for parametric EQ of sub $50/ea. (used)
JTR T8 mains & center $1,275 (used)
JBL 8340 surround speakers $100 (used)
HD DVD player $400 (new)
PS3 for BD $200 (new)

Second HT system
Onkyo 805 AVR $900 (new)
Four RBH SI-760's & one 661-SE speakers $1,500 (new in 1999)
Two RBH 661-SE speakers $1,000 (used)
ED A7S-450 18" sealed sub with 1,300 watt amp $760 (new, first one sold)
PS3 for BD $200 (new)
Butt kickers and amp $300 (new)
TiVo III (free)
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Just ordered this 3.1 (for now) setup. All in about $1450 including some minor accessories.

Onkyo HT-RC180 ($508)

Infinity CS350 Center Channel ($199)

Infinity P362 Towers ($199) x2

Infinity PS212 Sub ($285)

I originally set out to do a reasonable home theater setup but quickly moved it into a multi-purpose setup. I wanted my setup to have enough mid-range as I cannot stand thin sounding heavy metal or rock...which is the primary music I would use it for...but also older 60's, 70's, and well, I guess movies as well .

Curious on opinions for what my next 2 speakers should be. Bookshelfs? Tweets? Something else? I planned to listen to this before deciding on the next 2 anyway but figured there might be some knowledgeable folks that could spot the shortcoming in sound of my setup.
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Originally Posted by penngray View Post

Why do people post their TVs/Displays etc?? The guy asked for sound systems!

I guess we could start seeing who has the most I have $15K (back when purchased) in displays alone....4 panny 50", a JVC 61", a Panny AE900 projector, Two Westy 42". Of course that is pointless to this thread isnt it now

As for my sound system, which room?

DIY = priceless

I think this guy has no need for magnum condoms!
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LG 60PK550 $1,200
Denon 1508 $230
Homebrew Front mains $250
Monoprice 8" in-walls for surrounds $50
HTPC $500

No monthly TV bill priceless
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Hmmm, let me add my 2 cents worth...

Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Fronts ($249/pr.)
Wharfedale Diamond 9cc Center ($179)
Wharfedale WH-2 surrounds ($69/pr.)
Wharfedale Diamond SW150 ($349)
All the above purchased on e-bay

Sony KDL-40z4100b display ($1399)
Denon AVR-1909 receiver ($399)
Denon BDP-2010ci blu-ray/cd player ($299)
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System #1 in the Bedroom
1. Denon AVR 3300 $600
2. Def Tech BP 2006 $750
3. Pioneer 950 HD TV
4. Basic Pioneer DVD player

System #2 in the Living Room (man cave)
1. Mcintosh MX 134 Pre/Pro #3,000
2. Mcintosh MX 126 Amplifier (run it in 3 channel, so 275 w/ch clean)$2,000
3. Def Tech BP 2000tl $1,200 or so?? can't remember
4. Mitsubishi 65 inch rptv
5. Basic JVC dvd player
( this system wows everybody and even me still).

System #3 in the workout room ( I mean spare bedroom I'm never in)
1. Sony cheapo receiver and dvd player
2. Klipsch KG2 speakers and a real big klipsch 12" subwoofer (all from about 1993 that I just can't part with)
3. BIG panasonic 34" hdtv
Probably in the $15,000 area if I include the boat and car stereos.

Like most, I am bored and want new speakers in the bedroom. Focal 836s but don't want to pay $3,000 for them. I know I am pissing off Ultimate Electronic employees because I demo these speakers every 1-2 months, but NEVER buy. It's hard to see if they are going to be 3K better than what I have, and I hate buying stuff and returning it. Indecisive am I.
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