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Got a paradigm cc350 and pair of mini monitors for 280. If I was to fleabay purchase them along with the shipping, they would have been well over 400 bucks. Very happy with the purchase. Thank god for Craigslist! Powered up the speakers with my ipod and T-AMP in the 7-11 parking lot after meeting the seller and almost wet my pants! Not the steals that other folks have but when your soul is stirred by audio bliss, you feel complete (until the next round of upgrade-itis!).
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Originally Posted by eddie100 View Post

Powered up the speakers with my ipod and T-AMP in the 7-11 parking lot

You know, that's a hell of an idea for a mobile test setup!
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I once picked up B&W PCS8 sub (you know the odd trapezoid sub with L&Rs that bolted on top) for $99. It had been lost in a dealers warehouse and looked a little worse for the wear, but still sounds great. As best I can remember the sub alone sold for $1200.
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3 months ago I picked up an M&K MX-2000 sub for the cost of a decent lunch.

I took it into M&K for a complete refurb.At under $300 complete,I now have a sub that retailed for $1895.00.
And yes,its a monster
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Pioneer VSX-516K new for $159 last week. Not half bad.

I think my Insignias for $38 were pretty decent, too.
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4x new black Infinity Beta 40s for $374 (retail $1600).

Now I need a c360 to go with them but have a hard time paying more for the center than the beta 40s
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Lets see, I got the Infinity Beta 50 speaker system with 2 beta 50s, a C250 and 4 beta 20s for $600, it retailed for $2300, plus an IL120s subwoofer for $200 shipped that retailed for $900. I got a H/K 3480 receiver for $150 and it retails for $549, I also got my adcom GFA 5500 for $200 shipped, it retails for $1500. Oh and lets not forget the system I bought for my housemates, Bose Lifestyle 8 home theater, I spent $90 on it and I think it retailed for $1300, but somehow I didnt get quite the same bargain sensation from that purchase.
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Another deal I just picked up is an Onkyo TX-SR603x Silver for $180 while it still sells for $270 refurbished or $380 new. Originally retailed for $499.
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I don't know if you consider this a deal - and would actually like the input from the elders here
Klipsch rw10 (not RW10D) for 250.
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A couple years back when the local Ultimate Electronics was going out of business. I picked up a Krell KAV1500 (300x5) five channel amp. Regular price 10 grand, my price $2500
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Remodeler friend said he was building new casework in a house that had old stereo built in, told me to take it for free. Marantz 10B tube tuner, Marantz 7C tube preamp, 2 x McIntosh MC40 tube power amps - sold all on eBay for $4600.
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got the advent heritage center for 18 euros.
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got my B&W CM4s for under $860 were 1 month old and never hooked up (guy upgraded without even listening) they retail for $1500
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I just returned my rw10 - and purchased a BRAND NEW IN BOX - not damaged rsw10 for 400...
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Not sure how good this is with the new formats set to hit but, just picked up a demo Denon 3910 for 500. Full warranty and all.
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Thanks to Craigslist, I picked up the following:
Athena AS-B1 pair - $60
Athena AS-B2 pair - $50
30" silver alloy stands - $15
B2's were cheaper because they were missing the grills, but both pairs were NM.
Also picked up a brand new AS-C1 center for $60 on ebay to complete the package.
$185 to replace my second-rate Onkyo bedroom setup.
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Used pair of Carver Amazings for $400 off craigslist
Used pair of Polk SDA SRS 2s, plus a decent Klipsch center, for $200
Hafler 220 amp for $15
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I got the following online.

1 ERA Design 4 center channel brand new for $300. Retails for $500
1 Yamaha HTR-5790(110 Watts per channel x 7 20Hz-20Khz) $150
1 Rotel RB-985 (100 watts x 5) $331 total! no shipping because I picked it up locally.

And the best deal ever was that I sold an Athena WS-60, A Bose VCS-10 Center channel, 2 Bose 201 Series IVs, 2 Bose 161 surrounds, and a 3 year old Yamaha HTR-5660 for $580. That is most of what I paid for the other stuff. I would say that is a pretty good swap! Don't you think?
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I still like seeing the deals people get posting here. I just picked up another bargain. I picked up a NAD stereo receiver for $15 at a local garage sale. It was late in the day, shocked that i was the one to get it..

I thought the Denon HTR I picked up for $25 couldnt be beat, happily I was wrong.
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Just bought a new Arcam AVR300 a/v receiver for $1500CDN taxes included. It retails for $2500CDN plus taxes but the dealer had a special on that he was selling it for $2000CDN plus taxes. So with the deal plus trading in my Onkyo TX-SR701 receiver, which was 4 years old, and an old Acoustat Trans Twin Nova 200 power amp, don't how old that was but old, I was able to get $675 for both pieces. I think I made out okay and the Arcam AVR300 is unbelievable!!!!
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mythos one def tech bRAND NEW - at best buy for 400 $
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Just picked up a Denon 4802R flagship AVR in mint condition, along with a Sony Blu ray S300 player off Craigslist for $600 cash. Both work flawlessly. Also picked up two HDMI cables, 14 gold plated compression banana plugs, and a 25' subwoofer cable at monoprice for $55. Finally joined Blockbuster online for $9.99 3 at a time rentals for the BD player.
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