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6412: How to use IR jack on back panel  

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My Comcast Moto DCT6412 has an IR jack on the back panel.

Is this IR jack an input for IR receiver or output for IR blaster?

Anyone have a link to the 6412 manual?

My 6412 is in a cabinet and it's a pain to open the door to use the IR remote.

I understand I can get a complicated setup with an IR receiver outside the cabinet plugged into an IR control box with IR blaster/emitter controlling the 6412 inside cabinet.

But if the IR jack on the back is for an IR receiver, it sure would be easier to plug the IR receiver directly into the IR jack on the back of the 6412 if I knew what kind of IR receiver to get.

I have Hauppage PVR 250 PCI card which comes with a remote IR receiver which a jack which plugs into the PCI card. That's what gave me the idea to look for an IR plug on the Comcast <g>.
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Here's the link to the Motorola product page. You can download the pdf user manual at the bottom of the page. I hope this helps!

Ooops, sorry, forgot the link, but I don't think you can post links here, let's see, you'll need to cut and paste:

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I couldn't see your link but I searched the Motorola website and found the 6412 manuals. I'm unable to include the direct url due to forum restrictions.

According to the manual, the IR port on the 6412 is an IR blaster which can be used to control a VCR or other device.

So unfortunately, an IR receiver/sensor cannot be plugged directly into the IR port as I hoped.
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Has anyone found any solutions for your cabinet problem mentioned in the original post? I am having the same problem!
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Hi cukko42,

Given the IR jack on the 6412 is an output for an IR blaster rather than an IR receiver,
the other solutions I see require external solutions which do not plug into the 6412.

If you search for IR receiver and IR sensor in the forums you'll find some threads
which deal with this.

There were two simple recommendations I liked:
Leapfrog LFIRX remote control extender
Radio Shack wireless remote extender
I'm sure there are other similar products.

These both convert your IR signal to an RF signal in the sender unit, which is
placed outside the cabinet. The RF signal is received by the receiver unit
inside the cabinet, which converts it back to an IR signal. This allows you
to control all the IR units inside the cabinet. These units are intended to
control units which could be as much as 150 feet away. Kind of overkill for
my application but no reason it wouldn't work within a room too.

The other industrial solution for serious home systems involved IR control
boxes which have IR sensors in one room, and drive IR transmitters/blasters
in other rooms. There are numerous threads dealing with these systems,
which are sold on sites like smarthome.
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