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Advice on LCD HDTV's please  

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Hello everyone, I have been reading the forums for a little while now but just signed up to ask some questions.

I will be moving into an apartment for college next year and i have convinced the parents that the old TV down stairs will not cut it. So i have been searching around trying to find some LCD HDTV's that fit what i am looking for.

What ever LCD HDTV I buy will be hooked up to a W.O.W (Wide Open West) HDTV and DVR cable box along with some DVD player.

you can see what the back of the receiver looks like on W.O.W's site. Can't post a link because or the forum rules

I was looking at the HP Pavilion LC2600N 26" LCD HDTV(suggestions welcome). From reading many places it seems like a good monitor for the money. I am trying to stay in the 25-32 inch range. It has a bunch of inputs (always good). I was thinking i could hook the receiver up to the TV via DVI.

Then i could find an upscaling DVD player (suggestions please) and hook it up via HDMI/COM. I saw the Sylvania DVL-1000F in meijer when i was there with the parents and thought it looked good but i read on here that it lacks DTS. I am kinda new to this stuff so if someone could please explain what DTS is (i know it has to do with surround sound but besides that i am kinda lost).

I would like to spend not to much more then $1000 for the TV and DVD player as the HDTV and DVR is going to be kinda expensive per month. I will also be getting a universal remote for this setup (probably a harmony) which will set me back about another $100. Eventually...or if i work enough hours this summer i will be buy a surround sounds system also (feel free to through some suggestions out now).

And while i am asking does anyone know of a 20 inch or smaller TV that has a cablecard slot?? I ask because i would like to put a tv in my room but don't want to have to pay for an extra receiver. With the cable card I could get the digital channels but not be able to order movies and that kinda thing. that really does not bother me cause i would rather watch movie on the bigger screen anyway.

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Anyone have any suggestion or pointers for me on LCD's??
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Originally Posted by prostuff1
Anyone have any suggestion or pointers for me on LCD's??
just got a westinghouse 27w7 from best buy for my son. Very happy with it.
I too was looking at the HP2600N, but one of the problems was I couldn't figure out if Wal Mart had them in their stores, or just online. A word of caution, all the pics I saw of the 2600N did NOT show the side speakers on the TV, which some people compare to Dumbo ears.
The Westy is a very good looking TV, and I am very impressed with Xbox, computer and DirecTV SD images on it.
Check out Sunday's Best Buy ad.
There is a huge thread on the 27w7, and the 32 and 37, which are all the same innards.
Good Luck!
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Don't assume you need an upconverting player. Much to my surprise, my plain old Toshiba progressive scan looks better than my Oppo on my new 42" Syntax Olevia. While the Oppo has nominally smoother picture, the Toshiba has much better contrast. This was a surprise going in, because the Toshiba always looked exceedingly mediocre on my Zenith 32" HDTV CRT.

So the gist is, don't assume you need to get an expensive DVD player.

BTW, with HDTV, bigger is always better. I don't care about the size of your room or anything else, if you get anything less than a 32" you will just want to be upgrading in the near future. In fact, I don't recommend anything smaller than 37". Remember that you can sit real close to a big HDTV and still get a great picture.
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