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I just picked up the LT32HVE at over the weekend and have it mounted on my bedroom wall.

I'm currently running only SD level sources to it through my Denon 1804 receiver using the S-video monitor out. The only two sources are Dish satellite signal going through a ReplayTV, and a DVD player, also using s-video (this is somewhat older gear), but both feeding through the Denon.

When I use the Denon to switch inputs from tv to dvd , for example, the image on the Olevia comes up in B&W with a kind of rainbox streaking across the screen.

If I then use the LCD remote "TV" button to cycle through all the sources and come back around to S-video 1, then the picture corrects itself. Same thing applies if I'm using dvd and switch back to satellite/replay as the source on the Denon.

Is this normal behavior for this kind of setup? I'm leaning towards switching out my dvd player for a newer one with component connections anyway and just feeding the video directly to the LCD inputs. Same thing for the SD tv connection. That would leave the Denon as strictly a sound processer and not a "hub" for everything.

Anyone else have any ideas?