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LCD TV Opinions....  

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Hey, I am planning to get about a 37-42" lcd tv within the next month, and I just have a few questions that I can use opinions on. First, in your opinion, which brand/model display analog tv the best? Because most channels for now are still in analog, and I do want them looking as good as it looks on a regular tv. I know Samsung uses DNIe which supposedly makes analog channels look good on flat-panel tvs. Also, I am planning on getting one with a 1080p ratio. Is that THAT important, or is 1080i okay? I do want this to last for a while, and look as good as possible with bluray and hd-dvd disks, and whatever comes after that.

Any opinions I will really appreciate!
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Well I have owned two LCD's a 32" JVC and a 37" LG. Both looked good to very good on SD depending upon the station. To be quite honest I don't know if there is that much of a difference between most major manufactures to really tell. As far as input all flat panel LCD's are progressive displays (p) so your choice is between 720p (768p) and 1080p. There are no 1080i displays (Flat panels). Just my personal opinion but at around 40" it may not be that distinguisable. By the way all displays currently cannot accept a 1080p signal but can a 1080i , the TV de-interlaces it to 1080p.
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