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Need help to pick new Pioneer Plasma  

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My Pio 503CMX is 3 years old. I had a $1000 repair done a year ago (as well as the power supply upgrade), now the same problem has returned. I'm told it needs a new panel for $3000. Yeah, right. Anyway, Pioneer is going to work with me. I need to pick a couple of models I'm interested in to replace it and they will let me trade mine in. I did my research when I bought the original Pio, but now I'd like to rely on your opinions. I want another 50". What do you think? Thanks. :confused:
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2 options:
Pioneer PDP-505CMX (Click Here)

Add the Key Digital Xplorer Card and you will have a Pioner Elite picture quality with alot more inputs. Click Here


There is no other panel on the planet with these kinds of inputs:
4 hdmi (supports HDCP)
DVI(supports HDCP)
2-VGA, Component

or the

Pioneer PDP-5070HD
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Personally, I don't know all of your specifics but if Pioneer is willing to work something out with you and you are more than satisfied with the Pioneer product then I would recommend that you stay with Pioneer.

Maybe try the consumer line. A lot of satisfied members here already with the XX70s.

You are already familiar with its features and picture characteristics.

There is no guaranty that you would not have any issues with any other model you select.

Good luck.

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see how well they really want to work with you on a fhd1 the new 50" 1080P model :)
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I would get the Pioneer PDP-5070HD.
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I just bought the pdp5071 from bb and all i can say is WOW, the picure is amazaing and thats coming from a 480p dvd player i havent gotten my Toshiba HDA1 yet. Basic cable looks very good too.
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Thanks everyone for your input. I will talk with Pioneer today and see what kind of deal we're talking about.
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