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Westinghouse LVM-37w3 weird flickering (not the 1080p/24fps problem?)  

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Just to preface, I'd rate my "HD know-how" about a 5 out of 10, this is my first HD set ever, so I'm pretty "new" to all this.

So I've been using the Westinghouse LVM-37w3 1080p monitor for the past two weeks in my home, without problem.

Until this morning.

I'm watching The Salton Sea (on my Xbox 360, connected via component), and about halfway through the film, the screen starts flickering, lines of pixels flashing black, whole portions of the screen going a little whiter than the rest of the display. If any of you have seen an older TV displaying an image that has a LOT of bright white in it, you'll know what I mean.

At first I thought maybe it was the DVD, so I changed inputs to the cable TV(not HDTV, just digital cable, connected S-Video), and turned on my Xbox (also component) just to compare, and each time i changed inputs, the lines were still present, but changed their flickering, as if being affected by what was displayed on screen (again, just like an old TV when it suddenly has to display a lot of bright white). The lines seemed to clear up a bit when I changed to cable TV and left it there for a minute.

So I decided to finish watching the movie anyway, and for roughly the last 15 minutes of the film, the flickering stopped (it was intermittent to begin with, clearing up and coming back) and I proceeded to watch some of the extras on the disc, without any more flicker.

Cut to now, after having gone away from the TV (and waiting for Best Buy to open so I can go purchase my warranty plan, I'm on the last day of my 30 days) I'm trying to reproduce the problem, and its not happening. Thinking maybe it has something to do with how long the TV has been on (i.e.- Why it started flickering halfway into the film, and not right away) I'm leaving it on for awhile to see what happens. However I and my girlfriend have been using the TV quite a bit for longer periods of time than a movie, and this is the first time I've noticed/seen it. I've also watched several movies on the TV via my 360 all without problem.

I played the same disc on my regular Xbox, specifically the scenes that seemed to "trigger" this flickering, and nothing happens. Of particular note, I'm in an apartment complex, and my idiot neighbors, at 6:30am were playing music fairly loud as they often do anyway, and although I wasn't paying total attention, their music seemed to stop around the same time the flickering on the TV went away. Something to do with power then? (The TV is connected to an 8-plug surge protector, and not directly into the wall. However, seeing as how I cannot accurately reproduce the flicker, I haven't changed this setup.)

I did take some pictures of the flicker, the site won't let me post links or images yet.
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To clarify:

I didn't actually change what input the 360 was on, I meant to say I merely changed WHAT input I was watching and the lines were displaying across all 3 inputs I have used right now (Xbox and Xbox 360 on component and the one S-Video), I haven't actually switched any of the connections because the problem is not limited to JUST the 360.
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