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Are there 1080i plasmas/lcds?  

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I'm rather new to the boards and was wondering if there are any plasmas or LCDs with a native resolution of 1080i or if the leap pretty much goes from 720p to 1080p? I am in the market for a 40-46 inch tv for HDTV, movies, and gaming, and have been reading about the new 1080p LCD sets that are coming out relatively soon. I guess we won't really know how these 1080s perform for a little while, but I'm just trying to figure out if they will be worth paying the extra money, or if a good 1080i or 720p (plasma) would be the way to go. My viewing distance is about 9-10ft and with a little bit of sunlight that comes in from a patio door (which is one thing I love about the LCDs I have seen.

By the way, the main 1080p LCD I have been trying to find info about is the 40/4695D series from Samsung, whom I hear make some pretty damn good sets for gaming on the 360, etc. Any input is appreciated...thanks.
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there is no such thing as "1080i native display". It's either 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolution panels. Even some cheap digital CRT tube TV supports 1080i.

The Pioneer Pro FHD-1 (1920x1080p plasma) will rock your world at the suggested retail price of $10,000. This is probably the one that will deliver best IQ viewing 1080i/p contents. Also great for computer use since the desktop resolution could be used at 1920x1080 with full clarity.

For your viewing distance I don't think you really need 1080p panels(whether it's LCD or plasma) since you will be watching it 10 ft away for your little 42" TV. If your viewing distance is less than 5 ft then you could more benefit from 1080p resolutions.

So I would say a good 720p plasma will do you best. Have you seen a 1080p content downscaled to fit on a 720p plasma? It will knock your socks off. I have so many screenshots spread a part all over the forum so you'll have to search under my name.
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Both 1080i and 1080p are the same resolution: 1920x1080.
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Hmmm...well thanks for the info. After re-thinking some things, my viewing distance will be pretty varied. At the moment, the TV is for my bedroom, so if I am laying down forwards on my bed, the distance will be about 5 feet. If I am back at the headboard, the distance will be about 9 ft. So, perhaps a plasma WOULD be okay for most things. Pretty much, the only time that I am laying down forward is when I am playing my xbox 360, which might be for an hour a day or so...nothing extreme, so i would hope that burn in would not be an issue. I'm headed to a home theater store to check out some plasmas. I just want to lay EYES on a fujitsu to see the quality. Barring any major PQ differences, I would assume one of the Panasonic models (dunno the model #s) would be a good way to go? I was planning on spending around $4k for a 1080p set, so I imagine that I could get my hands on a good quality plasma for that (or even less). THANKS
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Actually, ALiS plasma panels are technically interlaced displays.

To my knowledge, there are no interlaced LCD displays though.
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