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I posted in a thread yesterday about comparisons between the Hitachi 42HDX62 and the Panasonic TH-42PX60, and didn't properly stress my biggest concern.

The Hitachi I'm looking at is a significantly discounted open-box model. The store employees informed me that there wasn't anything wrong with the TV, just that the person who had bought it was able to get a better deal somewhere else. My concern is that they've had it on display (not sure how long) using some aggresive settings (100% contrast, 50% brightness, 50% picture). I'm not terribly concerned about burn-in, because the feed they're sending it is pretty good (varies quite a bit, not a lot of static images).

But I'm wondering if there are any other isssues that I should be concerned about having the TV in these aggresive settings during its first 100-200 hours of operation.

Thanks all