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50" plasma and DVD, 42" EDTV better choice  

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hi, basically i am starting to get nervous about spending over $3,000 on a pioneer 50" pdp that may not serve my specific purpose. i need advice

i have Meridian 596 DVD player, 480p using component video. i am not willing to sell this Meridian b/c its also the best CD-player ive heard. i have a fairly decent DVD library and i am planning to buy more (titles that may NEVER be released on HD for all i know) so i am not dismissing this format.

i have decided to hold-off on HD-DVD untill i can afford a +60" true 1080p panel... so i figure 2-3 years and by that time the HD-DVD/Blu-ray mess should be sorted, there will alot of HD titles available, and high quality fully functional players as well. SO THATS THAT :p

i dont watch TV (SD or HD), its not a factor in my purchase.

now my concern is viewing distance. i have good eyesight so figure at 8-9' the pixel structure on a 50" HDTV will be unnoticable. to me this is a huge benefit, it will be immersive. figure i would need an extra 2' for a 42" EDTV, less immersive for sure.

BUT, what im worried about is that DVDs will look terrible on a 50", not b/c the DVD or the player are poor, but from artificats and softness from scaling. at that close distance with the large 50" panel it may be impossible to overlook and ruin the movie experience, this completely defeats my purpose.

on the other hand, i am confident that a 42" EDTV will look fantastic with DVD as long as i respect the viewing distance limitation, no matter how much that may suck!

THERE IS A $2000 PRICE DIFFERENCE, but that is not my deciding factor, i just want to enjoy watching DVD movies for the next 2-3 years until its time for an upgrade, if i am truely over-reacting about the potential pitfall of the 50" then please ease my pain, i would love to be lost in a 50" HDTV at 8'. thanks in advance for any experience/suggestions.
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Bring 3 dvd's along with your dvd player, your component video cables, to a store and demo them yourself.
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it may eventually come down to that but i feel bad b/c i would have to go to a smaller-type shop to set up a demo, but i will definately be buying online, the price difference will be up to $1000 after taxes.
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