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Vrm60 Boston Acoustics?  

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I was looking at these on the net, no where nearby to listen to them wonder if I could get some feedback thanks
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Good solid speakers, they have a real cherrywood finish that HAS GRAIN.

They have a clean elegant sound, they are not powerful, but if you play at low to moderate volumes, they are a decent choice.

And on black stands, they look like a million bucks!

2 things to think about:

1. I hear they are upgrading the VRM line .... its actually about time, they are probably a decade old design.

2. The center channel speaker in the VRM line is kind of wimpy, its only got 1 mid-bass driver. Still a nice sounding speaker, I used to own BAs...
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thx I let a pair go on ebay they went for 320.00 should have grabed them, it was the quality of the cabinets that grabed my eye I have to admit, thx for the reply, gonna try a pair of the beta 20's everyone seems to like well almost everyone, got a pair for 275.00 new in the box including shipping, heck cost me over 50.00 in gas just to make it to a bestbuy lol
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