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Purchased my tv September of 2006. Five years later I check the lamp hours and it's only 2900. Though we don't use it like our bedroom set, only during football season and new blu-rays, thought the hours were much more than this. Was thinking it was time to change the bulb, but the PQ is still looking very good. I wanted to get a 3d tv to replace my 7178. After serious thinking and research, I'll just replace the one in my bedroom.
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I need help with a fan replacement! Lost the link I had with good instructions/guide!!
Samsung HLS7178W
And I only see one " colling fan" spelt wrong on ebay for 32usd
seems like the right one but lost my bookmark i had when i replaced my bulb on how to replace lamp housing/fan
any help would be greatly appreciated
It's not color wheel as it stays on BUZZING after power off tv for 1-2 mins and you can see it spinning and when it finally stops
the sound stops

ALSO WONDERED there is more then 1 fan in this dlp but it seems like only 1 is making alot of noise
should/can we replace the other one that I can kind of see and is it easy?
Same fan?
Thanks going to research the forums and hopefully check back for some wicked info asap smile.gif
long time lurker didnt even have a login anymore wanted to post and ask so thanks again!!
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seems like fan #1
looking at the back where inputs are
the right side behind the lamp is the noise
Press power on the tv and 30-45 seconds after lamp goes out it continues humming buzing then u can hear the click and power drains and u hear "it"slow down and stop the noise also
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sorry meant to say is it fan #1?
color/pic is very nice since i recently replaced the lamp with a phillips
Wouldnt we have bad pic/color/black and white if it was color wheel not just noise? :c
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It has been months since I looked at this thread. This might be the thread you ask for (I did not test the link)

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Booted hl-s7178w and found no noise :c
and then saw Check fan #2 on screen :c
anyone have stats links to the exact fan
would love to buy one locally if possible today
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Fixed fan no 2 ! It is the fan behind the lamp so you need to slide that whole piece out
Soon as I replaced it and hard reset it booted and sounds amazing!
thanks to all
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what are the 2 bulbs #'s.....I'd like to replace both of mine

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