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I just fired up my old M80s (I've been on The Wharfedale Evo2-10s since I last posted in this thread) and they sound great. They need a little coaxing out of the bass/treble knobs as the amp I use now is only about 30w/channel (Marantz PM5004) and they are pretty hard to drive but they sound awesome. The bass is very punchy and tight and they image well. I wish I had a more powerful amp to try them out with. Good stands make a big difference too, I remember when I had these before there was always some upper bass distortion which I think was due to the crappy wood Sanus stands I was using....I now have very heavy Focal (rebadged Target MR60, 4 post steel loaded/about 80lbs each) and it doesn't seem to be there. Could be the Marantz amp over the old Onkyo HT receiver I was using back then too. I've tried both vinyl via a Rega RP1 and digital via my computer and a Marantz CD5003 and everything sounds really nice.