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RTR Series IV-C speakers??  

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I have a pair of RTR Series IV speakers that I bought perhaps 25 years ago (yes, I'm getting that old). They are in great condition and they sound great. However I don't know anything about them in terms of their technical configuration, etc.. I also don't know what they might be worth in terms of resale value. Is anyone here familiar with this speaker and would you please provide some information if you do. Thanks a lot!!
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My Father also owned a pair of RTR speakers from the early/mid 70's and last year gave them away.

Large speakers with electrostatic tweeters. They actually needed to be plugged into wall/AC to run properly.

RTR is now owned by BIC America. There used to be some sort of RTR site dedicated to the older speakers, but no longer seems to be operational.

You can find some info on RTR on this site under electrostats.
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Thanks for the quick reply. These Series IV's don't need to be plugged in to AC. They are very large and heavy. Looks like a tweeter, a mid-range and a bass driver??
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