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hd direct view crt & pc gaming  

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can you simply connect them to your pc through hdmi/dvi, or do you have to use the component output from your video card?
if in 1080i mode, is the image very clear and small text readable? and when gaming, do you have to run the game resolution at 1920x1080 or can you run them at lower resolutions like 720p and have that upscaled by the video card?
anyone with experience, please let me know. thanks!
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no one plays pc games on these sets? :(
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i'm wondering the same thing.
anyone who has any experience, please take a few secs to answer.
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The easiest solution I've found is with the dvi connector on my Sony 30 inch widescreen set. I'm using an nvidia card and have always found their drivers (with the exception of the last release or ESCAPE depending on how you look at it) to be pretty good keep in mind it will be very difficult to find a resolution that fits the set PERFECTLY, there will be compromises. As far as the readablility of text adjust the DPI setting in windows once you have settled on a resolution.

A final word BE CAREFUL WITH CUSTOM RESOLUTIONS , you could damage your set maybe.

I've found that FPS, driving and platform games work best RTS games belong on the small screen IMO the inherent fuzziness and size of text means that these games look better on a standard size monitor, also try to find games that adapt well to game pads (this does not apply to FPS games)

you might get more responses in the crt forum as well
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I have owned a 34 inch panasonic tau crt hdtv set for about a year and have EXTENSIVE trial and error knowledge about this subject

my set is 1080i and i use a dvi to hdmi cable and i keep my desktop at 1696x956 with a dpi setting af 135% you also have to use darker shades in windows to eliminate the flicker associated with 1080i sets... my card is a ATI x800GTO2 custom resolutions can be made with ATI's drivers rather easily

this produces a perfect picture with only some minor text unreadable(good use for microsoft magnifier) most text is perfectly readable ..internet and web pages require firefox with its increase text size option to be readable

gaming is hit and miss ..like the poster before me FPS driving games and such look great and if possible i run them at my native resolution(1696x956) if not 1280x720 works fine too(i use this most) im assuming its upscaled in some sort because my set is not 720p capable... but any games with lots of small icons and or text arent so good (i.e AOE 3)

these games are playable assuming your set can handle lower resolutions

I lucked out and my set can do 1024x768 with no overscan but it stretches it to 16x9 ratio which isnt so bad after u get used to it


These are the ONLY resolution my set can display with no under/overscan and if a game doesnt support widescreen/custom resolutions im stuck at 640x460 or 1024x768

anyways i hope any of this info helps dont hesitate to ask questions ill try my best to answer them
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