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Help! LCD Panel for MBR  

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I'm looking for some advice on an LCD panel for my MBR. Basic criteria I'm looking for are as follows:

Screen Size: 32 to 40 inch

Built-In Tuner: Doesn't matter since I plan to use HD DVR from cable company

Cable Card slot: Would be nice but not required

Speakers: Must have because I don't plan on using an audio system with the unit

Inputs: Needs to have HDMI plus other standard ones. I plan on hooking up a HD DVR and most likely a DVD playaer

1080p: Not required but would be nice if price were right

Other particulars: This unit will be about 10 ft from the end of the bed flush mounted on the wall. Not sure what will be the right screen size from that distance. Hoping a 32 will cut it but I'm not so sure!

Price range: Would really like to keep the TV cost at 1500 or less but can go more if it makes sense to do so.

Any help that all of you smart guys and gals can give would be much appreciated.

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Check out JVC's LT-40FH96, LT-40FH97, LT-40FN97. I believe they will meet your requirements. They are more than $1.5k though...........

They also offer some 37" sets which may fit in your price range.

You can find threads on these sets in this forum.
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What the heck is "MBR"?
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Master Bed Room?

The only 40+ I can think of around that price range is Westy and Sceptre.

37 There are a few choices, LG, Philips, etc....
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Check out this link. Great Value. Has everything and more. Cable Card, HDMI, 2 component, card slot, pc connection, & much more. I've had one for a year in my office and love it and the price now is almost 50% less than I paid.


If your thread runs long enough, you will probably get at least 10,000 posts on your question.
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Yep, ,MBR = Master Bedroom. Sorry, my military time forces me to speak only in acronymns
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