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Need help picking an LCD Widescreen.  

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Hey all, I'm looking to spend around $1000 for an LCD TV/Monitor.

This is all in Canadian funds BTW.

Basically, my setup will include a 5.1 sound system, an Xbox 360, and coax cable.

Since Xbox 360 games are 720p, and some support 1080i, I would like a TV that supports 720p nativly, of course, widescreen.

Does anyone know of a decent sized tv (24"+) that supports all of this?

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For a 1000 dollars... maybe a Vizio or a Viewsonic will do you well? There are LCDs of those manufacturers that get up to 32 inches around that price range. I have heard great bang for the buck value with these LCDs, but have yet to try one myself.

I am sure there is a bunch of articles you can read.
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Since no where around me has Vizio or Viewsonic, I was looking at the Insignia 27" ($899.99)


I'm also thinking the Dell 2407WFP is worth the $999
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Olevia LT37HVS 37" 1366x768 / 1600:1 Contrast Ratio / HDMI / PC Input / HD Tuner Built In / LCD TV w/Speakers - FREE SHIPPING TigerDirect

Samsung LN-S3241D (Stretch your budget a llittle) Probably the most eye popping Panels are these LNS Models. Sharp just announced price cuts two days ago buy $1K still doesn't go very far though on name brand panels in home theater sizes but a 32" used to sell for close to $3K not to long ago. Good Luck! :)

Rules prohibit us from linking or listing prices other than MSRP. ;)
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TigerDirect.ca does not have the LT32HVS, but they have the LT32HVM for just a bit over my budget, it's 32" which is fine for my setup. (Actually more than I expected)

the size I'm looking for is 24"-32". I don't have the most room for what I'm buying, so I'm not looking for HT sizes.

The samsung can be found on ebay for around my budget (although shipping is steep) so I might stick with the samsung, unless the Olevia is of equal or greater quality.
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