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Originally Posted by bubbawilly View Post

I auditioned the 816's at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest a few months ago. The Focal rep discussed the 700V series with me, and he stated that the only difference was the cabinet.

thank you
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Found a review, a short one, of the new 716 V

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Alright Focal fans. Start saving your pennies. Enjoy!

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Originally Posted by emorphien View Post

Mike this topic came up on another forum and it seems we're unsure of the differences between the 706 and the 806 (as an example). The tweeters may not be different after all. I wonder if we can get an official response from the company.

You can go back to that audioplus website and go to contacts. There you will find emails and you can maybe find out some info from them that way.
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Originally Posted by AudioArchitect View Post

Alright Focal fans. Start saving your pennies. Enjoy!


I know. Sweet looking speaker . But we need a translation of what it is saying.
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Originally Posted by AudioArchitect View Post

Alright Focal fans. Start saving your pennies. Enjoy!


Is that price right? Using current exchange rates, that comes out to $5315. Of course that could be an "Each" price instead of a "Pair" price.

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That would most definitely be each. My 1027's list for $7500 a pair. They still look great though.
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Originally Posted by MIkeDuke View Post

That would most definitely be each. My 1027's list for $7500 a pair. They still look great though.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

Yeah, I love the look of the Electra 1000 series. Haven't given 'em a listen yet.

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My 1027's are simply amazing. They are some of the best I have ever heard. But, at least in my room, very sensitive to placement. You really should try and check them out.
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Hi, I'm new to the forum.

I'm thinking of a nice front speaker then add to build a home system

Then I sawa nice Chorus pkge F 716s , R 705s , sw 700s & cc70s for $2000.00 tax in.

I only have an Onkyo 2 channel receiver presently but would buy a 5.1 to run these speakers.

Would an Onkyo or Denon be capable of driving these speakers?

MAn I can see this whole endevour getting costly.

BTW I listen to albums, CDs , radio and could make do without a home surround system, I don;t have a HDTV or watch many movies.

Thanks Wayne
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Hello Dr. Woo
I think a receiver should be fine for running a chours speaker system. Either the Denon or Onkyo should be fine. If you really only listen to music then I would just start off with a good 2ch system. Then you can take the money you were going to use for the other speakers and fold it into a nice 2ch system. But you may find that with these speakers that you start to watch more movies. Either way, it would be a nice setup. Let us know what way you go so we can give the correct advise.
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Probably a naive quuestion:
How important are the amplifiers for sound quality in a HT and music system?
Is the processor function that dictates SQ?
Thanks everybody.
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I have discovered that really it is a combination of everything that dictates SQ. When I changed preamps I noticed a positive result in my SQ. Also, when I upgraded to a better cd player I noticed a change for the better. It seemed that I was getting more detail from the movie and sound track. But this can sometimes be hot topic so lets try to just focus on JM in here. I say this only because there are many people who feel that all amps sound the same and then the entire thread spirals out of control from there. Do you have a question about what goes good with JM?
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yep discussion of power amps and pre/pro should not be in speakers section, especially in focal jm lab OWNER'S thread
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I got official word from Audio Plus Services today (quick response!)

It essentially states that in the particular case of the 706V vs the 806V, everything is identical except for the cabinet. However the point was made that there is actually a slight weight increase with the acrylic plates which may add some mass and damping to the cabinet which should improve sound a bit. All of the other 700 V and 800 V series speakers do have varying degrees of dissimilarity, as witnessed by the different bass response specs. And of course, there is no 707 V
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I have decided to purchase the whole HT set up

836 fronts
800 center
807 surround

I am confused on the size of the amp to use..

5x200 or 5x125...which one? This always confuses me!

Probably Outlaw or Emotiva
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First off a big congrats on getting some very nice speakers. That should make a fine system. I think I would go for the 5X200. From the specs it looks like the can handle power without a problem. I mean, the 836 is a 5 driver speaker. When you look at all of the specs for the speakers you are getting, you ohm ratings that go down to at least 4ohms. With 200 watts they should sound great. You have to post how they sound when you get them with the amp. Again, great job on getting some great speakers.
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Thanks for the update. Yea, they are pretty good with getting back with you. So does that info sway you one way or the other?
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Not especially if I still intend to go with the 807 since there is no comparable 700 series speaker.
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Thanks Mike.

I wanted to do a dedicated two channel but the wife wants everything to match...doesnt want speakers all over that look different. Guess it sucks I need to spend more to get her what she wants!! LOL

I will let you know when I get it up and running...I have to order the speakers because I like the Mocha and Black...Probably be january before I get everything finished and up and running

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Wow, the 1037Be looks nice. But would be a little bit of an overkill in a 5.1 system with 1037Be's in front and back.

The good news is that now they can get started on the 1017Be's we were speculating about earlier.

I'll probably wind up with the 1027Be's though anyway. Just need to get around to negotiating and then pulling the trigger...
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If anyone is willing to donate some 1000 Be series speakers to me I'd be more than grateful.
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Take my word for it, the with the 1027's you will have a great setup. The 1037's should be stellar but they would most likely need a real nice size room to do them justice. I have 1027's in a small room and it is fine. The 1037's might be more at home in a dedicated 2ch setup. The 1027's work for me because I have an integrated high end 2ch/HT setup. But they still sound great for HT.

Emprophine, the only reason I have these is my dealer gave me a killer deal on them. Other wise I would still have my 927Be's. I am not made of money. It takes me alot of time to get my gear. If you really want them, the just try your best to save up. No matter how long it takes.
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Well I ordered my Focal set up today.

all Mocha and Black

Got 15% off MSRP from Tweeter....$3740 total
I am incredibly happy with that price!

Now, I need to have a pre/pro-amp recommendation??
Anyone...50% music 50% HT

I alo listened to a Arcam AVR350 today at another place. I know its an AVR but it sounded great with B&W 704's, and I actually dont even care for the B&W speakers.

Any suggestions??

Also need a sub suggestion for HT, will not use it for music!

Pre/Pro doesnt have to have video capabilities, I contact direct to source. I would like memory settings between HT and 2 channel though....

Any info would be helpful!


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Again, that is a sweet setup. A great price for what will be a great sounding setup. OK. So now we need electronics and a sub. Can you post a budget for both. In order to give the best advise we need a budget so we don't recommend over it. There are many options in all different ranges.
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I am thinking between 4-5000 for the both sub/subs and pre/pro-amp or AVR

I did listen to a Arcam avr350 and it sounded good, but only 100wpc..all channles driven

Not sure
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actually I can go 4-6000 for my budget
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OK so lets start at the top. If we start with the Pre/amp combo
one choice would be Arcam AVP700 Controller and P1000 Multichannel Amp
Together that would total about $4500 retail leaving $500 for a sub.

Parasound 5125 $1800
Model 7100 Surround Controller, $3,000
That might be cutting it close. But remember these are list prices. You should be able to get a better deal at the store.

Or I know that Outlaw audio should be fine as well
You could get
990 $1099
7500 $1599
That would leave over $2000 for a sub.
Here are some links

Now for subs in the $500 dollar range you could look at Outlaw, HSU, SVS.
If you want to go the outlaw electronics way, there are a ton of options. If that is what you want, then we can talk about that as well.
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As I was posting I just saw your update. So with that update, I would look at the parasound and arcam equipment. Then just take the difference and add it to the sub budget.
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Thanks again mike,

I listened to the Arcam AVR 350 so I am really leaning toward Arcam equipment...the only thing im not sure of is that the P1000 is 135 wpc, is that enough, or will these speaker want more? I loved the 'musical"sound of the Arcam AVR, so I really am leaning toward the AVP 700. Just not sure of the amp...

Outlaw may be an option, but will it sound close to Arcam?

help again!
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