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I have no shame...

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Originally Posted by kubich View Post

My husband and I have spent the last 3 weekends listening to PSB (Platinum Series), B&W 704/705s, Paradigm Studio 60/100s, and Focal Chorus 800s (we live in Austin, TX). After much deliberation we have decided to become part of the JMLab family. Our local Tweeter sales rep is quoting us 10% off list. However, he shows the list price for the center speaker CC800V to be $999 and everything I have seen on this thread is that it should be $599. Can anyone confirm?

The configuration we heard todays was two 826s with no center speaker or sub woofer. The sound was amazing. They then added in the Chorus SW 800V center speaker and a couple low end focals in the rear with a non-descriptive focal sub woofer. To say the least, we were impressed.

The configuration we are considering purchasing is below.

2 - 826Vs (front) ; List: $2249.99
2 - 816Vs (rear); List: $1799.99
1 - 800V (center): List: $999.99
1 - SW 800V (sub woofer); List: $999.99
Pioneer Elite VSX84TXSI

Our room has 22 ft. ceilings and is 16' x 23'.

Note: we have 2 Infinity wall speakers about 12 ft high on the back wall that will round out the 7:1 for now (eventually, we might replace).

We are considering whether we should go with the Chorus 836s in the front and keep the 816s in the back. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? The sales rep didn't actually think it is necessary since we will have the sub woofer. Has anyone heard this sub-woofer? It seems underpowered compared to the Paradigm Seismic 12 we were considering with the Paradigm Studio 100s.

Also, based on this forum, it seems that Arcam is recommended over the Pioneer Elite (supposed to be a 7x140watt). I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have on a receiver. And, finally, should we ultimately consider adding an amplifier? If so, what brand/specs should be considered?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Not sure if you are set on buying those from Tweeter or not and are willing to take a short drive, but Sound World in Houston may be able to get a bit more than 10% off for you and will be able to confirm the speaker pricing. I don't work for them or anything..they just treated me well during an audition of the Chorus 716s two weeks ago. Here is their info:

9788 Bellaire Blvd. Suite #C
Houston, TX 77036

Phone: 713.778.9120
Fax: 713.778.9145
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Would love to hear any more reviews/info on the JM Lab 1007 BE. I have ordered a set in Classic finish, and am going into my dealer this Sat for my final demo before I collect them

Will be pairing with a MF A5 Integrated amp

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Heard the 826v's and matching center today at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Needless to say, there were many exceptional speakers at the show. I went back to the Focal room 3 times. I just couldn't believe that a $2200 pair of speakers equaled or bettered so many cost-no-object designs. The sound, fit/finish and style of these speakers is nothing short of amazing at their price point. They were fronted by an Arcam FMJ processor/amp combo. If an AVR 300 will get me at least 90% of what I heard at the show, then I'll be exceptionally happy.
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The 826v's seem to be hitting a sweet spot. That's cool. If you get them with that Arcam let us know how it works out. I am sure many people want to know how they sound with a receiver.
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Originally Posted by KrisKeen View Post

Would love to hear any more reviews/info on the JM Lab 1007 BE. I have ordered a set in Classic finish, and am going into my dealer this Sat for my final demo before I collect them

Will be pairing with a MF A5 Integrated amp


Here is a pro review
All in all it was a very positive review. With 250 watts that MF should sound fantastic. Definitely let us know how the whole set up sounds. What player are you using?
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Hi MikeDuke,

I've read that review, about 50 times :P Would be good to hear more about them

I'll be auditioning the MF A5 with the speakers this weekend, along with the Krell 400XI and whatever else they may have in stock.

Player, for now I'll be using my Pioneer 989's analog outputs straight into the Intergrated. In the future the 989 will be a transport into a DAC which I've not yet decided on.

I want to avoid buying a CD player so it looks like eventually it will be a 989/DAC/Intergrated solution and I'm hoping for a excellent 2ch system
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if only you have compared 1027be with 1007be using the MF A5 pre and power !!!
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Hi cpu

tell me more

The issue with the 1027be is, size.

My room is quite small 3x3m and I just ridded my 603 S3's to something smaller. I simply dont need the power and size of the 1027

do you suggest I dismiss the A5 integrated and look at the A5 pre/power combo?
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oh with your room size 1027be would be overkill and stay with a5 integrate.

just thought you would have a medium sized room. my fault

are you in america?
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No, na in Sydney, Australia

Is there anything else I can look at in the intergrated range that would perhaps have a DAC onboard with say 150 to 250 wpc for the Focals?
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Kris, I am sure the MF stuff would be great. But if you want another option here is one. If your max for power was 150-250 but I would try and look at stuff from Cambidge. In case you did not know, JM Labs is under the umbrella of Audioplus services
Under that same umbrella is Cambridge audio. I have talked with the east cost rep for audioplus services for a long time now. He said that the 840a is a fantastic intergraded amp. He said that it just sings with jm speakers

That is the site. You can see that they have some place in Australia. Just click on it and goto dealers. That is one that I thought of at this sec.
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kris is in sydney down under

here they listen to focals with tweeter and mid/bass upside down :-)
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I am for what ever it takes to get good sound. You gots to do what you gots to do.
I can see it now. A new "custom" edition of all JM speakers. I think I need to email my guy and let him know about the idea .
I know that Sat seems like forever and a day. I have no doubt that what ever integrated you get, you will not be disappointed.
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old dynaudio used to arrange tweeter at bottom and bass up top

mike hows your 1027be going?

with 800v series going well especially the 2 1/2 and 3 ways i would like to see a 3 way center coming out
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They are still kicking major butt. I am getting into different kinds of music now. More Jazz. But what I get from them is simply incredible. Eventually I am going to get a dedicated pre amp but I am sort of committed on getting a new sub first. But I will say it again, any one looking for speakers in this price range HAS to check out the 1027's. It is the best move I ever did. Would you consider the Center Utopia 3 way? Is that what you mean?
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i have heard the 826v and 836v. they are amazing too. while i looked at cc800v it is only a 2 way shielded. also noticed that they all have crosover at 3000hz above to the tweeters

at this moment i have no desire to upgrade. still using the old cc30 center
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I am still satisfied with my 901 center as well. I am glad that Focal is getting great sound and quality all the way down the line.
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hahah cpu! wise ass


Cambridge arent easily attained able. MF, Krell,NAD,Sim Moon, Classe are

The Sim I5.3 looks nice along with the Classe 2100 but i think the Classe is outta my budget
Thoughts on the Plinus 9100 with 1007s?
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After listening to the 806v vs 807v in my home, I find the 807's to me sounds more open and dynamic. I haven't managed to hear the 800v center yet, anyone care to comment? I am slightly concerned that the larger driver of the 807 might not match the sound from the center as opposed to the smaller 806 which uses the same driver as the center. Also Has anyone compared the 807v to the 816v? The cost of going from the 807 & matching stands to the 816 is only a couple hundred more. My local dealer dosent carry the entire line yet and had to special order the ones I got and I dont have the funds available to order the entire line for an in home demo.
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I currently have an Arcam AVR250 going to a full set of Focal JM Labs Chorus S speakers. 714's up front and 705's in the back. I have a Hsu STF3 subwoofer to round things out.

The system sounds most excellent and is definately at the entry audiophile level. Since the Chorus 800V recently came out I am thinking of going with the 826's up front. I have a smaller room at 16x18 but like the music loud and clean.

Only other speakers I have considered where the new 800 series from B&W, although a bit pricey for me$$$. I also am considering the new CM series but having spent three years with my beloved Chorus S, don't think I can break away from that sweat focal sound.

I also heard the 1020Be with the Lexicon equipment and thought it was a bit laid back for me. Although the speakers were phenomanal in over all reproduction I felt as if something was holding them back a bit and the full dynamics were not being released.
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"I also heard the 1020Be with the Lexicon equipment and thought it was a bit laid back for me. Although the speakers were phenomanal in over all reproduction I felt as if something was holding them back a bit and the full dynamics were not being released."
I think the issue may have been the equipment. I have the 1027's with a Halo C2 and a bryston 4b-ST. All I can say that the sound is fantastic. On all kinds of music it shines. Let me put to you this way. I never used to listen to jazz. Now I do. I think you should try and hear them again with different equipment.
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Thread Starter 

Curious is you have tried Simaudio with your speakers. We are currently running Bryston and Arcam with Focal, but we are getting a Simaudio Titan in very soon to pair up with the 1027Be.

Supposedly it is a killer pairing.
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No. I have not tried Simaudio with my speakers. I have only ever had the Bryston. What are the specs on that amp? Price?
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simaudio titan. very nice

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Just looking for some feedback.

I shall be collecting a pair of 927Be's and 907Be's this coming weekend. I'm very much looking forward to getting them hooked up, although for the moment I shall be making do without a centre speaker.

I'm curious to hear if anyone has used these speakers with TAG Mclaren hardware?? I have a DVD32FLR, a AV32R-DP (pre) and a 700:7r (power). The power amp is set-up to bi-amp the 2 fronts.

Any comments appreciated.
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i thought tag mclaren is rebadged audiolab and now out of action

with that high price of tag mclaren i would consider other brands to pair with focals
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My post wasn't clear....I already own the TAG Mclaren kit. They were some of the last items to come out of the factory, about a year old.
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Knowing in advance that the JM Cobalt line was being discontinued I nevertheless bought the 826 S new for 60% off. Essentially I'm not overly interested in 5 channel but since the line is now out of production it might be wise to try and find the CC 800 S in case I change my mind later. This has been a challenging task to say the least. Then I found this web site. Do any of you Focal owners know where I could find a center that matches the 826 S? Could I use the Chorus 800 V instead or does it have to be within the Cobalt line? Any information regarding my problem is greatly appreciated. BJB
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800v is entirely different from the 800s so if i were you i would stick with the old cobalt range for seamless integration

as always if you are not in a hurry just use phantom center and wait until cc800s comes out in gon or bay
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